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Sheldan Nidle Update - December 29, 2015

12 Akbal, 16 Mol, 12 Manik

Selamat Jalwa! The world rejoices as the deliveries finally begin to manifest! A new era for surface humanity begins. In the first part of this coming Gregorian new year, you are to see a series of astounding events. New governance is to alter your world's current international patterns and along with the rise of global prosperity is to push your eons- long concept of debt slavery into the trash bin of history. This is only one of many primary beliefs that are to be abandoned by you. You are to reconnect with a belief that you possess an inner power and this combined with a collective ability to support each other is to thoroughly reorder each of your many regional societies. This rise of personal empowerment is to enable you to swiftly solve most of your present problems. These include the current power and resources difficulties as well as those that involve food, housing and redistribution difficulties in many parts of your world. In short, you are about to reinvent how your world operates. This is just the start of what you are to quickly accomplish. This realm is as well to see a new birth of freedom and equality!

This process of reeducating yourselves is to be ongoing. The purpose of most of the world's education is simply to create a world filled with a common set of realities that are inculcated into everyone. The purpose was to forge obedience to a monetary system and hierarchy that put the masses at a serious disadvantage. This process is to be globally abandoned. In its stead is to be a system that emphasizes the power of the individual and gives you the means to achieve your dreams. This is to be revolutionary at first, as each society needs to begin a massive process to alter its very core. This is not to be done easily as most still think in the older more familiar ways. Governance needs to explain the efficacy of the new ways and encourage the development of these ideas about freedom and equality. Once we are formally recognized, we intend to aid the work of your Ascended Masters and plant important new seeds. These are to emphasize the new opportunities given you by your prosperity and growing freedom.

This new set of societies that you are to build is just one of your many coming accomplishments. At present, Gaia is being poisoned by radiation; polluted by emissions from your cars, trucks and factories. In addition, you are in the midst of a vast extinction of your flora and fauna. This horror is further escalated by an immense worldwide misdistribution of your natural resources. Your persistent mining and culling of this land and its various living resources further exacerbate this misdistribution. You are to begin to resolve these problems before we land. At that time, we are to assess your progress and quickly finish what you have started. Gaia wished for you to correct what is now wrong with your societies and to begin to prove that you are committed to forging a new realm. This is to allow you to better understand the sacred relationship between this global society and Gaia.

This new set of realities is to be brought home by what your Ascended Masters are to teach you about your sacred origins and what has occurred to you since you were plunged into the amnesia of limited consciousness by the priest/scientists of Atlantis. The Anunnaki and their minions largely misstated this history over the past 13 millennia. We wish to quench any remaining doubts that you have when you meet your mentors. It is vital that you thoroughly understand what erroneously happened to you. This odd journey of yours has cast a strong shadow on how you think and act in this realm. It is important to completely correct the lies and mistruths that you now possess. You are wise in how the dark operates. The part that is to be added is a series of truths about you and a thorough restatement about how realities actually function. This knowledge can prepare you to move more easily in the wondrous realms of full consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on what is promising to be a most joyous occasion for everyone! The dark is beginning to fade from the scene. We bless all of Heaven for this most gracious time. What you are next to do is to prove to all in Heaven what a truly brave and courageous group of souls you are! This past year began in an ignominious manner and finished in a most magnificent way. You are on a path that is to allow you to re-enter the realms of the Light and to bask in the joys of triumph! This time is when you can use your wondrous newfound focus to envision how this realm is to be altered. We are preparing a series of special presentations to guide you regarding who you really are and to know what happened to you over the past 13 millennia. This set of glorious facts is to permit you to finally grasp the full extent of your history and how it relates to your grand destiny.

These sets of true stories are to help you get a bigger understanding of what the Anunnaki did and how their minions operated. We have long wished to be allowed to explain this freely to you. When we began our various missions, we were told of this tale in great detail. It is not to be judged; only to be told. Many of the artifacts that you have unearthed over the past few centuries have been manipulated by the dark. It is time to remove this veil and bask in the Light of the great truths that these items represent. You are a great people who have survived a most arduous journey. We are here to reveal a number of truths and to explain what a series of so-called "secret signs" mean. The twisted origins of numerous things are to be revealed. It is this that can begin to set you free and squarely on the divine path to your enlightenment.

In this vein, let us repeat a great truth. You are a most sacred group of Souls. We have the privilege of supervising and guiding you. This is something that we do not take lightly. Long ago, we were designated by Heaven to watch and use the ways of divine grace and mercy to move you toward the Light. This task has taken us millennia to achieve. At times, each of us has been born, lived and died among you. We are to employ this worldly knowledge to achieve our sacred goals. We know in detail what the Anunnaki and their minions have used to manipulate the truth. We know what it is needed to move you toward your momentous times when the power of the dark is to quickly dissipate. This process is permitting Heaven to change you back into full consciousness to renew your connection with your spiritual and space families.

Today, we know that you are on the verge of a great victory that is to end your massive ignorance about how these physical and spiritual universes operate. You are to be readied to meet your inner Earth families as well. You are to learn how this realm is connected to the upper realm that governs inner Earth and to begin to know what you are expected to do and be prepared to do it! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele - December 29, 2015

Dearest friends, we come with joy and best wishes in this holiday season.

We observe some of you experiencing sadness and a bit of confusion because you are not experiencing the season as you are used to. For those of you who are feeling this way, rejoice in the understanding that your consciousness has changed and thus the holidays no longer resonate in the same way.

Since last Christmas, many of you have evolved and integrated more Light which in turn is affecting the way that you experience, understand, and live every aspect of daily living from the mundane to the most profound.

Somehow the seasonal music you loved in the past now sounds a bit tinny. Frenzied promotions for bargains of all kinds are often just plain irritating and no longer hold power over you. Some, who never noticed before, find themselves painfully aware of how commercial Christmas has become.

Everything feels different this year, but it has nothing to do with age or responsibilities. It has to do with the fact that you have become more enlightened.

Because of your increasing attention to intuition, it is now much easier to recognize a commercial intent behind the seasonal hype of nostalgia and fake sentiment. You easily see that most of it has nothing to do with the true loving essence of Christmas and everything to do with your purchasing power. You are learning to pull aside and look behind the curtain of “Oz”.

We remind you of the true meaning of Christmas and the New Year. This season is very powerful with meaning because it represents profound Truths still unrecognized by the world in general. As with all things, Truth manifests third dimensionally according to individual states of consciousness. A consensus consciousness is formed from the majority belief of individual states of consciousness.

The so called “Second Coming” as well as the birth of Christ at Christmas is actually the personal experience of awakening that awaits every individual at some point in their evolutionary journey. It refers to the birth of the Christ Consciousness within, and does not solely refer to the birth of Jesus/Jeshua 2000 years ago who attained the Christ Consciousness in its fullest while on Earth.

Gradually through many journeys, experiences, and lifetimes of struggle, the humble personal consciousness (the manger) is prepared for the baby (Truth) to be born. The Christ is always born in humble circumstances for an ego of separation consciousness is simply not open to birth the Christ Consciousness.

At first the new-born Christ Consciousness is weak and needs protection as it could easily be pushed away through fear or snuffed out by the opinions of others. A world consciousness of duality and separation is very threatened by the Light of Awareness and would like it not to appear at all, often taking actions toward this.

The new-born Christ Consciousness must be held silently and secretly within the heart until it grows ever stronger and more confident, eventually becoming a fully mature enlightened Christ Consciousness which no longer needs protection for it now knows that it is the very substance and essence of protection and that there is nothing needing protection from.

Thus follows a New Year (life) for the awakened individual – the Second Coming has arrived.

Celebrate the season with all the Love and Joy of your new-born higher awareness and you will be a blessing to everyone around you. Life is meant to be joyous, for separation is a myth – a belief having no law to support it. Embracing a deeper realization of Christmas and New Year will serve to bring Love and Joy into everything you do, all year long.


We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. December 29, 2015.

Prayer Vigil For the Children

Please Share This Far and Wide
Prayer Vigil For the Children
James Twyman to perform Peace Concert
in ISIS controlled Syria



Interesting Image

Click the picture above to see the 2 minute video inspired by this prayer vigil.


We believe that focused, affirmative prayer is the most powerful force in the Universe, but we need your help to "gather the tribe."
Our goal is to have millions of people stop for 15 minutes
the same moment James Twyman is performing
The Peace Concert in a village beside ISIS controlled Syria. 
Imagine the impact of such a gathering. Begin by clicking on the picture above to see the video we've prepared to attract people to participate.
Then, after you've seen the video, use the link below to register. (This allows us to instantly alert everyone to the exact day and time of the concert/vigil.) 
Finally, and most importantly, PLEASE share this email far and wide. It's the only way we'll gather enough people and have the impact we desire. Scientific studies have proven that when massive numbers of people focus on a particular situation or event, the situation or event shifts. When we employ an ancient formula for prayer to this equation, the energy increases profoundly. 
Once again, click on the picture to watch the special video, register for the vigil, then share this email with everyone you know. Together we can use the power of love to overcome the ideologies of violence and death.

James Twyman


James Twyman to perform Peace Concert in
ISIS controlled Syria
NY Times Bestselling Author James Twyman, also known as The Peace Troubadour, has been invited to perform his peace concert in many war-torn countries over the past twenty years, beginning in Bosnia and Croatia in 1995 during the Balkan war; then in 1998 he was invited by Saddam Hussein to perform at the national theater in Baghdad. These are just two of the many peace missions James has conducted over the years.
“Performing the peace prayers in ISIS Controlled Syria will be the most important and dangerous peace mission of my life,” he explained.
Join James in a Massive Worldwide Prayer Vigil in January
Help Bring Peace to ISIS
“Every peace mission I’ve been on has been dangerous, but this journey is without question the most perilous, and in my opinion - the most important. People everywhere are concerned about the escalating violence in the Middle East, especially with the rise of ISIS, but they don’t feel empowered to be part of the solution. That is what we are about to change.”
The Miracle of Affirmative Prayer
The Most Powerful Force on Earth
Millions of people have participated in worldwide prayer vigils led by James and others, and miracles have often occurred as a result. For example, in 1999, along with Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue, Twyman organized a vigil to coincide with the escalation of violence in Iraq. It is estimated that at least two million people joined James, Doreen and Gregg, focusing their prayers at the same moment air strikes were ordered to begin. Miraculously, in the face of such overwhelming spiritual energy, the air strikes were abandoned. This is just one of many stories that show the power of millions of people joining together in prayer, focusing their energy on world events. It’s also why many believe that this type of focused affirmative prayer is the most powerful force on Earth!
We Need Your Help In Two Ways…
1. Please join this massive prayer vigil to counteract the violence of ISIS. We will send you more information on how to use this Affirmative Prayer on the day James will be in Syria. (James will be traveling the middle of January, and we will send the exact day and time he will be performing the Peace Concert as soon as we have it.) TO JOIN CLICK HERE!
2. HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. This wave of prayer will only be effective if it is supported by massive numbers of people. Please send this email to EVERYONE YOU KNOW. The more people who forward this to their own email lists, the quicker we will have the momentum we need.
Scientific studies consistently show that large numbers of dedicated people focusing on a particular situation or event can directly influence that situation or event. We promise that we will not add your address to any other lists.
Be Part of This Historic Event
James will be risking his life to bear witness to the reality of peace. Will you commit to join him and many others from around the world for fifteen minutes when he is in Syria? YOU ARE SO VERY NEEDED!
We will send you more information on the power of affirmative prayer as well as the exact day and time of the vigil as soon as we have it.
Thank you for spreading the word!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mystery Solved — The Connection between NWO Globalism and the Criminal Underworld

By Preston James, Ph.D  on December 24, 2015

We now know for certain that the NWO Globalists have deeply infiltrated and hijacked the Criminal Underworld and harnessed it to buy, bribe, own, and control (by extreme force if necessary) almost every USG elected and appointed official.

In America the Federal Government has been getting bigger, more powerful and more encroaching all the time.
The USG’s most notable increases are the size and power of American Law enforcement agencies which have now been consolidated into the new Stasi-like Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
When a nation is transformed into a Police State, this means that the government has been completely hijacked by the Criminal Underworld. But that is not the whole story.
There is a secret hidden hand, historically referred to as the “black hand” which first has to hijack the Criminal underworld before they can use it to hijack the whole USG and then the American Institutions. This is done over many years as a Fabian-style process in small progressive baby-steps, thereby preventing massive blow-back by the American Populace.
This article is going to explore that process and how it has occurred in America since 1913. It is a process of the systematic penetration and progressive criminalization of the USG, all American institutions and the large corporations.
This process is based on the merger of the of the ancient Black Arts of Babylonian Talmudism (Synagogue of Satan) with the Underworld, followed by the infiltration and hijacking of the State by agents of that now powerful underworld who then infiltrate and seize control of the USG. The powering force was of course the underworld’s capture of the power to create and distribute FIAT money as interest-bearing debt-notes which yield ever increasing returns based on extreme financial criminal fraud.
This second merger, one that occurred between the Bankster-backed underworld and the USG is best referred to as Luciferian Fascism. It is the merger of the Criminal Underworld with the State, with Luciferian Abject Evil in total control over both the Criminal Underworld and the State.

DHS was set up by former head of the East German Stasi Marcus Wolfe two years before he mysteriously died.
Naturally one should expect DHS to have a hidden agenda to oppress, tyrannize and spy on all Americans and engage in the same Stasi practices of kidnapping with no trial, torture and murder which often took place in the basement of Stasi headquarters.
The Stasi tyrannize all of East Germany and created on of the most repressive regimes ever. Glass jars were kept in massive storage rooms at Stasi headquarters with many citizens odors stored in them apparently so their police dogs could then track them by scent if necessary.
Millions of innocent person’s lives were ruined or lost by the murderous unimaginably evil Stasi. Unless stopped by the American masses, expect DHS to progressive increase their Police State tyranny until they resort to the usual Khazarian Mafia Bolshevik-style unimaginably evil practices.
These Bolshevik-style practices consist of rape, torture and mass-murder like they did in Armenia in 1915 when they gang-raped and crucified 1,000 of the most beautiful young Armenian teenage girls; in Russia in 1917 when they raped, tortured and mass-murdered 100 million innocent civilians and then up to another 100  million later on; and in East Germany at the end of WW2 when they went into every town, gang raped all females then murdering most afterwards, mass-murdering over 8 million innocent Germans, many by starvation and exposure to the elements in Winter denied warm clothing in open aired prison camps.
There has been an exponential expansion of DHS’s statutorily provided capabilities to investigate and prosecute crime under RICO, the Patriot Act, the NDAA and many more such unConstitutional deeply encroaching Draconian laws. FBI agents have been given their power to hand write their own search warrants on the way. They can break in with no warning and no warrants under new national Security rulings by the secret FISA court which is a fraud and actually a fascist kangaroo court run by Khazarian Mafia owned Judges who are traitors to America.
And yet crime in America is at an all time high, especially high level white color crime and USG based RICO crime. DHS, FEMA and especially the FBI and certain faction since the Pentagon and the CIA are actually Terrorists that should all be arrested and imprisoned until trial with no bail because it is they that are a true National Security risk, not dissenters or We The People.
You would think that the USG’s Law Enforcement capability would have reached a level so great and so all powerful that all major crime and corruption would be eradicated and all corrupt politicians (which is almost all of them) would have been brought to justice by now.
With the extreme size and power of DHS and American LE, you would think that all terrorism would be eliminated before it could gel.
And yet many investigative journalists and researchers have discovered that not only does DHS not use it vast LE powers to stop terrorism, it spends millions of dollars searching out retarded or mentally ill immigrants often Islamic Somalis. It then mind-kontrols them to act like terrorists and provides them bombs and weapons in various kinds of entrapment stings.

So now we know that DHS uses the FBI to create terror to justify their budgets and assist in the creation and continuance of the Big Government Lies, False-narratives, and USG propaganda necessary to support more air and ground wars in the Mideast.
And so we see corruption and crime which should have been reduced and eliminated by this tremendous buildup in new USG enforcement powers just continues to increase any way and seems to be supported by Big Government and an ever expanding increasingly powerful State.
Could it be that this tremendous increase in state enforcement powers is actually due to the same reason that that crime and corruption in general is growing in America? Could it be that this tremendous increase in the State’s LE powers has actually been used to foment and increase corruption in the USG?
Could it be that the same folks that infiltrated and hijacked the USG is the same that also infiltrated and hijacked the Criminal Underworld and uses it deep underbelly to serve their needs that could not otherwise be done?
The answer to these questions is a resounding yes.
We now know for certain that this increase in the size, scope and power of the criminal Underworld is due to a secret long term association between NWO Globalists and the Criminal Underworld. They work with the Criminal Underworld and then use it to dirty up and corrupt the institutions and agencies of government.
Once the NWO Globalists gain control over the government, Law Enforcement and Intel, they parlay its LE and Intel capabilities against the Underworld and then “rescue and protect” the Underworld from the government LE.

Often they do this by arresting and then providing immunity if the arrestee becomes a secret informant. This informant is often allowed to persist in their criminal activities with a governmental wink and nod, while serving the needs of the government LE to provide eyes and ears, and set up various entrapments in order to take down honest citizens in order to hijack their successful businesses. The Whitey Bolger case is the modal example of this. he was allowed to run his crime family and commit murders as long as he did some for the FBI along with other favors.
The classic case for this was when US LE and Intel being used to set up a pedophile network through NAMBLA, the FBI, the CIA and the Satanic underground (aka the “Church of the Process of the Final Solution” (aka the British Hellfire Club) of John Dee, Aleister Crowley, Alice Bailey, Lucifer trust, Jack Parsons, et all).
This notorious case was called the Franklin Cover-up of Omaha Nebraska and Washington DC.
Investigative Journalists and researchers have claimed:  it involved now murdered Craig Spence and his protected roommate Barney frank; the midnight “Pedophile tours” of the White House; the Beltway party houses with after house pedophile sex parties using young underage boys from Boystown and Omaha where some were tortured and murdered besides being pedophiled along with some young underage girls, and some underage young NAMBLA kidnapped boys. GHWB (and the Bush Crime Cabal aka the “Fourth Reich”) was deeply involved and made sure that everything was video’d to serves a means to coerce and human compromise anyone straying from their accepted parameters or refusing orders.
The Omaha Legislature hired Gary Caradori to investigate this but his plane was blown from the sky murdering him and his young son as soon as he received a huge cache of photos and absolute proof implicated GHWB and the CIA. The FBI worked hard to cover this up, threatened and even murdered some young witnesses. The FBI works for the NWO Globalists and is their cover-up arm.
According to the Library of Congress it has no charter and no legal basis for even existing. because all the Major mass media is controlled and serves the NWO Globalists, none of this was ever allowed to become headline news nor was any official federal investigation begun with an appointed special prosecutor. Why? Because the whole US Congress (except for one or two members) is owned and controlled by the NWO Globalists. We now know for certain that the FBI, the CIA are completely controlled by the NWO Globalists and are part of a very large RICO crime Syndicate.

So now we know for certain how this process is used by the NWO Globalists to take down the whole World and how it works effectively for them.

mobsters-11-sized (2) 
They infiltrate, hijack and consolidate the organized crime families of the Criminal Underworld, use state powers they have hijacked to threaten these crime families. Then they provide protection from state LE powers for them in return for their compliance and support and their willingness to do dirty work and ops for their new masters, the NWO Globalists. And in return the Underworld receives protection and shares in the profits of joint criminal scams.
What then evolves is a hybrid Underworld system that engulfs the government and most elected and appointed officials. The Criminal Underworld serves the needs of the NWO Globalist secret leaders who are the folks that really run things from behind a curtain (in this case in America the CFR). And in return the NWO Globalists provide protection to the Criminal Underworld from the ever expanding more powerful LE mechanisms of state which are controlled by the NWO Globalists.

It’s a partnership forged in hell and empowered by abject evil, actually a group psychopathy by folks who are actually criminally insane and completely evil. And technically when you distill it all out the NWO Globalists are actually a bunch of soulless two-faced psychopaths who hate humanity and are dedicated to its destruction.

The illegal narcotics trafficking connection.
Thus a strategic but deeply secret partnership has been created between the NWO Globalists and the criminal underworld which now serves the deep needs of the NWO Globalists.
The Criminal Underworld is used to distribute the NWO Globalists illegal narcotics and drugs for huge “off the book” black budget revenues. In return the Criminal Underworld gets its fair share and is protected (with one exception). Periodically certain crime family or Underworld organizations that get too powerful are “slapped down” by Federal or State LE agencies to let them know who is boss and to keep them from getting too powerful.
The NWO Globalists build up the drug Cartels in Mexico, Central and South America and all over the World and then set them against one another to keep them from getting too strong. But for the most part their distribution systems for illegal drugs are protected as long as the NWO Globalists get their share of the profits which they launder through the largest Wall Street Banks.

GOTTI1In America they have traditionally used gangs and Cosa Nostra Kingpins like John Gotti to distribute their drugs and share in the profits.
Paul “Big Paulie” Costellano, aka the gentleman Mafia Kingpin, refused to deal in drugs, wanted his family to morph specifically into hidden white collar crime only with legitimate businesses and dual-sets of book books. For his new approach he was assassinated by his associate made-man John Gotti (also known as the “Dapper Don” or the “Teflon Don”) at Sparks Restaurant in NYC because of Gotti’s new association with the CIA and offers to distribute Cocaine from Mena, Arkansas.
When the CIA was done with Gotti and he got too big for his britches and spoke iout too much, they dropped the hammer on him with an indictment and evidence guaranteeing a conviction as a slam-dunk.
After is conviction Giotti was jailed in underground solitary at Marion Federal Prison, never allowed interviews and then was given CIA Flu consisting of throat cancer so he couldn’t talk and then died soon enough.

Long ago the NWO Globalists discovered the best way to infiltrate and hijack any nation is to first form a strong partnership with the Criminal Underworld elements. Then use them to bribe, buy and human compromise the elected and appointed officials to gain control over the LE and judicial powers of the state.

LBJ was owned and empowered by the NWO Globalists. He developed a vast crime network for the CIA often using his wife as a front owner of numerous defense related and CIA proprietaries. He was deeply involved in the JFK Assassination and when he became Potus on November 22, 1963, he used all his new powers to order the FBI and the CIA to run a full cover-up and murder any witnesses deemed a threat to this cover-up.
Once control of the LE and judicial powers has been gained, then state power is brought against the various Underworld crime families and they are forced to consolidate into a partnership with the NWO Globalists to gain protection. These Underworld families do criminal favors for the NWO Globalists, harassments, shakedowns, blackmail and even murders and in exchange receive protection from American Law Enforcement (FBI, State Police and Local Police and Sheriffs, who are all told to stand down.
These stand-downs are all claimed necessary under “National Security” which is like a magic wand that puts all LE to sleep at the wheel. Police and Sheriffs all understand that to go against Intel who have invoked the false-cloak of national Security, find their careers immediately ruined by child porno planted on their computers, drugs in their cars, or in many cases like Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever, murdered in cold blood by allegedly by local police associated with a drug crime cartel, and with fake autopsy and crime reports filed. Sheriff Dever refused to compromise his commitment to honest LE and his obligations as a LE official, and he never ceased to represent We The People. That is why he was murdered.
The Rule of Law now only exists as a tool to serve the NWO Globalists and their Criminal Underworld and oppresses the average honest moral American Citizen.
This means that the average American Citizen and the good police are just plain screwed by the system.
A system which has been completely infiltrated and hijacked and is now serving only the needs of the NWO Globalists “behind the curtain” pulling the strings of government and their Criminal Underworld associates, as well as the elected and appointed officials they own (which is almost ball of them as of late 2015).
Then turn the powers of state and Intel against them to force their consolidation. Once their consolidation is attained and they have been completely hijacked by the use of state power, their hijacking is complete and the now consolidated Underworld becomes the exclusive tool by which the NWO Globalists enforce and increase power.
This consolidation, capture is followed by intermittent slap-downs to keep the Underworld in line. This is then followed by protection of the Underworld which is given by the NWO Globalists. This process is used as a covert way of capturing more and more power from the Underworld and then use that now harnessed Underworld to assist their continued infiltration and hijacking of various elements of the USG and American institutions.
This is actually incredibly and unimaginably hypocritical because the very excuse used to increase the size and scope of the USG Law Enforcement related agencies is claimed to provide an increased means to fight crime and corruption as well as terrorism and  to serve the purposes of justice.

Actually these massive increases in these LE agencies and their new statutory capabilities does just the opposite and increases the amount of crime and corruption in American Society and the strength, power and size of the Criminal Underworld and acts of staged false-flag terror.

Now for the real kicker here. This same process of working through the criminal underground is deployed all over the World by the NWO Globalists to start illegal wars and destroy individual nations, make huge war profits, and provide cheap access to natural resources for favored international corporations.
This is the same process which produced ISIS/ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra, Al CIA Duh, etc.
These were all created to serve as a justification for a new major air and ground war in the Middle East to assist in the attainment of the Greater Israel Plan.

And we now know for certain that the Greater Israel Plan is secretly designed to first take-down, occupy and asset strip the whole Mideast. And then proceed to do the same to the whole World including America using DHS to transform America into GAZA II and make Americans the New Palestinians to be completely asset stripped and then genocided.
These NWO Globalists are actually Neo-Bolsheviks and unless stopped they plan to rape and then murder all the good looking American women while their newly disarmed men sit by helpless to stop it, just like they did in Armenia in 1915, and again in Russia in 1917 and then to innocent Germans in East Germany at the end of WW2.
I certainly hope that all law abiding armed American men refuse to give up their guns and use the Solzenitzen Solution if DHS starts going door to door like they did in Boston after the fake Boston black puffer bombing with no-one dead or wounded.
The Tsarnaev brothers were innocent patsies and were murdered by the FBI to cover this staged synthetic terror up. It is important to realize that those who set up and run DHS have a deep hatred for Americans and want to degrade and rape their best looking women.
Do you think it is coincidence most corporate food is so non-nutritious and we have Fluoride added to most of the public water supply? Both have both made young American women so obese and increased their health problems and need for drugs from big Pharma and frequent treatment from Big Medicine.
And besides being used to infiltrate and hijack a nation-state, these Globalist NWO Luciferian black arts of abject evil are also used to create, train, supply, support and pay mercenaries to act as terrorists.
This engineered terror is needed to start major air and ground wars in order to provide vast profits for the private central banks and the defense related corporations and Big Oil.
World Piracy is the operational system of the NWO Globalists.
Their game is to engineer terrorism as a excuse and justification to sick the Pentagon and CIA War Machine on any nation the NWO Globalists want to destroy and genocide in order to steal their natural resources, often Gold, precious or strategic minerals like Lithium, Gold, Silver, Oil or opium. That is why the US Military was sicked on Afghanistan by the NWO Globalists who have hijacked America and most of the Pentagon. It was to get the farmers once again growing vast amount of opium, outlawed by the Taliban.
The US Army protects the crop and the USAF flies it into European nations and America using their remote controlled Global hawk drones. This illicit opium trafficking yields at least 500 Billion USD per year according to insiders who know. This is about 1/2 of the visible National Security and Defense budget.
Evey where the NWO Globalist gain power, they engage in the most base forms of piracy which is mass-murder, torture pillaging, rape, sex trafficking, sex slavery organ trafficking, etc.Their most extreme expression of this piracy was when the Bolsheviks were financed, built up and empowered by the City of London private FIAT Banksters and Wall Street Banks and attacked Russia in 1917. This pattern was repeated to create Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.
We now know for certain Hitler was a British Agent, fully mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute and deeply embedded with abject occult evil at that time. New incontrovertible evidence shows that Hitler did not die in the Bunker but escaped with the help of Ian Fleming and his commando team. And now many believe that Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter and also fully controlled by the NWO Globalists. Doubt this, then study the photos that are available and do some deep web searches and then see what you think about this allegation.
Nothing has change since they ran the pirate ships of the seven seas when the British Empire was rising to power. that is because Piracy was secretly authorized by the City of London NWO Globalists and used as a form of terrorism to weaken their enemies like Spain and France.
Now for the biggest secret of all. Who exactly are these NWO Globalists who are now activating and working hard to attain their age-old inter-generational “Bloodline Family” plan to create and implement their New World Order of the Ages, their Novus Ordo Seclorum?
Thanks to the pioneering historical research and deep Worldwide Intel connections of VT Financial Editor Mike Harris who now has his own VT Radio Program (“Short End of the Stick”) twice a week on the VT Network, we now know who they are and what their proper name is.
It is the Khazarian Mafia (KM) which started out as soulless psychopathic two-faced murderers, robbers and thugs.
These KM family Bloodlines had received and carried the secret Luciferian Babylonian Talmudic Black arts. These included: the secret knowledge of how to make money from nothing using Babylonian Money-Magick which is the creation of counterfeit FIAT fake-money as debt-notes and the collection pernicious usury for allowing their use; and the association with, infiltration and capture of the Criminal Underworld which provided them a crafty subterranean means to infiltrate and hijack societies and take down nations under the radar of most of the Citizenry.
It is Christmas, the New Year is fast approaching and there is actually some very good news. All over the World the Truth is being rapidly diffused to the masses thanks to the alternative media of the Worldwide Internet and to the incredibly astute checkmate which Putin and the Russian Federation have created  against the Khazarian Mafia aka the NWO Globalists in Syria.

Right now Intel Cowboys have arisen all over the World from just about every Intel organization that exists and are doing the best they can to leak and expose the abject evil of the NWO Globalists and stop them.
Yes, there are even some Mossad Agents, former and active, who are sick of World Zionism and know it is big KM lie. They understand the evil of the Greater Israel Plan and all the staged terror and war-making for profit.
These men and women like so many other American Intel and other Intel Cowboys all over the World are sandbagging and leaking, secretly but fully rejecting the World Zionism of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and their NWO Globalism.
We now know for certain as do many of the Intel Cowboys that World Zionism is Luciferian “Synogogue of Satan” black art of mind-kontrol. It is a non-Hebrew system used to mind-kontrol Judaics, deployed in order to use them as highly rewarded, privileged major action-agents and then lead them to slaughter when they are no longer needed, which is fast approaching.
All over the World Intel Cowboys are waking up and doing the best they can to stop the NWO Globalists in their tracks without throwing themselves on a sword. the bolder We The People become in this fight, the bolder they will become. If We The People reach a critical mass and serious attack the NWO Globalists with truth on all fronts, the Intel Cowboys will assist us in numerous creative ways unimaginable to the NWO Globalists.
As some VT readers probably now realize, VT itself has a number of senior Intel Cowboys who have been around a long time, risen very high in the system and are now creating major covert firewalls against the NWO Globalists on numerous fronts.
Some have risen so high that they are actually involved in a new International form of the organization that handles all Alien ET and crashed, recovered and back engineered anti-gravity craft (AGC) matters.
These folks have attained a certain stature and Power in the International Intel Community which so far makes them untouchable. If this was not true the USG would have already attacked Syria and Iran at least two years ago for the Khazarian Mafia and Israeli Likudists, and America would now be deeply involved in another major air and ground war in the Mideast with thousands of fine American Soldiers once again being used as cannon fodder for the NWO Globalists.
Now it’s up to all of us to do our part to attack the Khazarian Mafia at every point we can using truth as our weapons of choice. The KM’s plan is to hit us hard at every point they possibly can to overwhelm us and confuse us. Let us do the same to them, only more. Remember we outnumber them and if they want to attack us door to door to disarm us we outnumber them greatly and Armed Americans are now the largest well-armed army in the World. Right now their geatest point of weakness is Sandy Hook and all their lies about the DHS/FEMA Capstone Drill where Nobody Died. A large number of professional Crisis Actors were used.
The term “Capstone” means that the whole town of Newtown was involved and so was the Governor of Connecticut, the Connecticut State Police and the US Attorney General who resigned because it was feared he would be found out and this would discredit the Administration. this was two-day live shooter Capstone drill and we have their actual official script created by a private Intel contractor. You can now download this excellent book by six PH.D. scientists and seven experienced researchers for free. It was first published by Amazon but is ow banned apparently by a DHS National Security Letter (NSL).
So download it, read it, copy it on disc, and distributed it or email the download reference to all to all your friends and family and ask them to do the same. If everyone jumps on this bandwagon we can bust open this case and take down the whole state of Connecticut one of the most corrupt states in the Union.
And never quit in your resolve to defeat the KM or give up your guns. Defend our greatest resource our women and children from these evil monsters walking free among us, the scum that have hijacked our institutions of government and Law Enforcement.
Let me leave you with this one thought to ponder. If you wonder why our USG has morphed into a deeply two-faced unimaginably evil organization with a nice public face based on lies and deception and why the Criminal Underworld continues to prosper and expand even with such huge statutory increases in LE and Police State powers, consider this.
They are both empowered by the same evil force, the abject evil of Luciferianism and its Worldwide Satanic network which form the basis of the NWO Globalist System, best referred to as the World Zionism of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).
The Khazarian Mafia are the folks that hijacked monetary creation and distribution system in 1913. They use it to create what is best referred to as “debt-notes” while charging us illegal pernicious usury to use what should have been our own real Constitutional Gold and Silver backed currency in the first place. This is their main empower force and if we expose and remove that we can beat them back and defeat them.
Yes, they are so ingrained, having hijacked our institutions of government, LE, Intel, Defense and Business, that it is a great struggle. But if we all work together and attack them on every front with nuggets of truth, we can defeat them and take back America.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Galactic Intervention in World Affairs

It is high time for the Galactics to intervence in behalf of the people of the world to bring about the much needed changes. 


Timely Message Today From Catapust, Through Anakhanda Mushaba

Nancy Tate: Bob and I received a very interesting message today from our dear friend, Anakhanda Mushaba. As I was reading it I felt that there would be something to add to it that would come through me.

Here is the original message, and then the addition.


Anakhanda: December 24, 2015

I come to you at this time because I have a bit of news for you. This is the time when all of the chances that the present government of the USA is coming into tender. That is to say that it is being called by invitation to make a change, to present an acceptance of change, to make proper compensation for their actions against the people. I am speaking of the Galactic Federation, which in this instance, is headed by the Mushaba Group that have been overseeing earth and its evolvement along with other federation members. If the present regime does not give the people that which they rightfully have coming, there will be a coup take place between the Federation and the present branch of the government, and it will cause them to see what it is that they have been doing. Basically there have been meetings on the Mushaba Mother Ship the Nexus with members of the Federation concerning making a move against the present regime if they do not submit to change. This is what we mean by a coup.

They will experience the heartache and the sorrow, the despair and the rendering of the display of lost lives that is so prevalent in today's society. With this display they will find that certain memories will arise and they will find themselves laboring in the forces of destruction upon themselves unless they come to an understanding of what they have done.

This is all their doing, and it is not something that the Federation can do to them, for they do it to themselves. Through their reckless meanderings through time they have built and accrued a tremendous amount of karma, and when they see what is before them in their administration of what they have done, they will see one of two things. They will either step out of their roles with complete and total surrender to the Creator, or they will forever ride the wheel of karma until they come to see that they have fallen in a way that was unmistakably due to their refusal to open their eyes and hearts to the truth of the Creation.

Realize that this karma I speak of does not begin on earth. It began when they agreed to come and do what they have done, beginning at the onset of their existence. That was in place long before this sojourn on earth.

May heaven help them and assist them through their journey, for they have accrued an unspeakable journey, and through their own maneuverings it will come back on them.

The people are demanding this within their own hearts and soul and there has been a building of strong energetic intentions for change to happen. There has been an agreement by the federation to give the present US Regime a short time table to make it right or the federation will step in according to the will of the people. A Plan is in place that will come into being from these meetings. It will be the event that has been spoken of, and yet another event will follow. We have already issued this decree to the US Government and their time is nearly run out. One way or another, this madness will end so that the people of earth can move ahead in a timely manner into their new age of prosperity, love and spiritual evolvement.

I ask that you all reach out and touch their hearts with your love and light, for they are the ones who are imprisoned by their own deed.

We have been given permission by Creator, and so it has been decreed. We are anxiously watching the last droplets of sand run out the hourglass. When the moment comes then there will be an appearance by St. Germain, myself, and others that will enact the will of the people. I am by the way one known as Catapust of the Mushaba Planet and a prime member of the Galactic Federation.


Through Nancy, from St. Germain:

I am St Germain, and I have come to this message to add one thing. I am a member of the Galactic Federation, and I am here to oversee that what has been said here will happen if need be. I am going to let you know that since time began on this planet there has been a continuing justification by the ones who are in the area of the darkness of the planet. I am seeing that in this darkness is the root of what has been grown and displayed for so long. It is the item of the beginning of it, and it is the spot of Love Light that originated from the Creator. It is where we all originated.

That has never been put out, that Light of Love origin. It is always there and always ready to invite all of us back to the seed. There is a possibility that the ones who are in the darkness now will be returning to that origin of Light. There is also the possibility that they will be able to see that spot of Love Light and realize that they have not accessed the end of their beingness, for it is their choice. I see that they have chosen on their own original level of Creation that they have in their original plans to return to their love energy. Then they will be able to join the people of the Loving Earth and go on to the next evolvement in the oneness in which we all began. 

Nancy Tate