Friday, January 29, 2016

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek - January 27, 2016

While it continues to be important to maintain a balanced presence within every moment of the Now, the ongoing activity of transformative energies coming in as photonic light through the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun system of Alcyone continues to gradually expand the Earth and humanity in frequency. Depending on how much DNA you have activated through all the light downloads and upgrades, the more light you will be able to maintain within your Aura and morphogenetic field. This awakening into a fully conscious multidimensional being is determined by the level of light quotient you uphold and maintain, which activates you into a light body expression.

It is important to know that while your Higher Self knows all there is to know about reality and all that exists, yet you ask the reason behind why you have incarnated on the Earth in this Now and what it is that you came to do on this plane of existence.

DNA Activation allows you to access this information through daily going within the heart in stillness. This is all that is necessary to activate your dormant DNA. Cultivating stillness increases your light exponantially into higher levels of awareness, activating energy blocking potential and your original divine blueprint.

Upon activating your DNA, which your light will as it increases, eventually reaching its climax and activating you into your highest state in consciousness; you will begin to be more open to your extrasensory abilities like clairvoyance, direct cognition, intuition, and telepathy where, with practice, it will all feel natural and you will get used to using the abilities daily.

It is important to know that while the frequencies being radiated to the Earth through the Great Grand Galactic Central sun system are raising at a very fast rate within every moment, many on the ascension path are experiencing these intense 12d and higher density in consciousness waves in many various manners of being.

Many on the ascension path are experiencing an awakening in consciousness, while feeling more at peace, grounded and balanced with an intense feeling of lightness in frequency while the lower ego mind is dissolved. It is natural to feel preasure on the head and tingles of vibrations throughout the body, seeing energy, and feeling more intuitive with an inner knowing without any doubt, along with an increased feeling of joy and unconditional love.

While many living in the mind are feeling stress, with endless challenges, anger, sorrow, feeling confused and lost in 3d everyday drama's where the lower ego mind is in constant bombardment of these individuals, many are always fighting in an endless conflict of the mind fighting themselves, feeling sorry for themselves in endless suffering and limitation and much ignorance and fear. This is where you can see why these beings are in a low frequency, insisting to live in this state of separation. You can see just how one cannot ascend to the 5th dimension with all these blockages, as fear does not exist within our hyperspace community of ascended beings. It is seen as a virus.

I am aware that there are individuals who have been propagating the various information that has been released on the Internet about ascension from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command, in which these individuals have convinced many who are awakened that this is all a hoax and an Agenda that is part of the government's plan to take over the Earth. I just want to clarify that this is in fact the government spreading fear in their last attempt to hold onto power and control all of you. These beings are claiming that those who are aware of their nature as unconditional love in being the Light are confused and programmed by the government's psy-ops program sent through electromagnetic radio frequency. In conclusion, they are saying that even I am programmed for giving out the truth to who we all are and how we claim our power through love and peace. These, ladies and gentlemen, are merely scare tactics. If you look deep within your heart to see if what I say to you is truth or illusion ,you will find that I have never mislead you.

One such individual is the channeler known as Greg Giles, in which this individual has written a long paragraph confessing that all the information he had so far channelled from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command were messages he had rather been recieving from the C.I.A and the U.S government; that he was confused and takes full responsibilty for misleading his followers. This is all to create confusion in those who come across these messages. Before I read this last message from him, where he had even said that he would take his blog down, I had been informed by my brother and ally, Jose Contreras, through Anne DeHart from the Hollow Earth network about this, that the real Greg Giles had been taken aboard our Motherships as his work had been completed and therefore had to leave the planet which he did, as he is the son of Sananda, which Commander Ashtar personally confirmed to me. This is where the confusion about me being a clone, just after I had been away for 20 days, and returned, where I had left without telling anyone came in; as everyone thought I would do the same and tell you all that I was confused in which everything I had so far shared came from my imagination. This is not true, my brothers and sisters; everything I have so far shared with you is as genuine as the air I now breath. I would just like to clear all this confusion and bring it into the light that Greg Giles, ladies and gentlemen, is not the Greg Giles you all knew. The originator of Greg Giles last message claiming to be in confusion and programming is a clone and I just wish to clarify this, as nobody has. This is most likely from the government itself.

Continue remaining within your heart center and go within for clarity, bring the light forth from within and keep focusing on peace and love for all on this planet. Focusing on fear will only bring one in a low vibration and in much confusion. This is real. There is no hoax here. May you all shine bright and ascend with the Earth upon reaching the Galactic core within zero point. Those who continue to entertain the mind will be teleported to another duality plane where they will continue with their life of Karma in endless reincarnation cycles.

I am Commander Vrillion of the Ashtar Galactic Command.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek - January 26, 2016

Breaking First Contact Update! Commander Vrillion (Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation Of Light) From BBC Extraterrestrial Broadcast Of 1977, Is Now In Human Form, And Living In South Africa

Know that myself Commander Vrillion, Commander Ashtar, Commander Altros of the Mushaba Nexus, Commander Hatonn, along with our Commander in Chief Christ Sananda have millions of our fleets seeing to it that there are no off-world activities of malevolant forces coming in or out of this planet. Those that have, so far, been allowed to leave, are those we have come to terms and agreement with. We have huge shield vessels surrounding the Earth to prevent any threat which might come to present itself. We have had no such threats so far.

Our scoutships are positioned throughout the globe in their numbers, where the Ashtar Command has full control over Earth's air space. There will be no activity of your military's aircrafts upon our mass decloaking when we reveal who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. It is important to know that one of your Goverment officials and leader will announce our presence, upon NESARA'S full enactment and disclosure to the people of Earth.

Know that our ships are equipped with highly advanced technologies that we intend to share with your civilization to heal the planet before it shifts into the Galactic Core within zero point. Some of our ships range from as huge as planets in your solar system, which are just beyond your orbit. We now have 13,000,000 fleets at our disposal to intervene anywhere on this planet where conflict impends.

We have, at this moment, a considerable amount of assistance from all over the multiverse to bring the tumultuous end of your cycle of duality to a happy conclusion.

These are not the end times for the Earth, but more, the End times for the dark cabal. We are on the verge of global world liberation. The light remains victorious. World peace is indeed at hand.

We are the one's we've been waiting for. Welcome to the new Golden Age of love and light.

It is important to continue grounding yourself within a balanced presence through embracing unconditional love within every moment of the Now and visualizing peace for the entire Earth in the emancipation from all the dark energy that still remains on the surface. Cultivating inner stillness is essential in maintaining calmness from all the drama within the outer holographic illusion.
Continuing to focus your energy on the dramas within the outer holographic illusion will manifest the results in what you focus on, as you are creating your reality within every moment through your intentions. What you resist will persist. Whatever you feed with fear will manifest in more experiences based on something to fear; however, when you're embracing peace and unconditional love, this energy then manifests itself in abundance, not only reaching and awakening those who exist around you, but the entire surface.

It is when more and more people embrace their essence, which is unconditional love, that this will trigger a mass consciousness which will awaken humanity in their numbers. As humanity awakens and comes into the realization of who they are and the power they posses as source beings, the cabal will create more propaganda through their controlled media to create fear in an attempt to convince you that they are still in control and in power. This is just an illusion they seek to maintain to get many who are still trapped within the mind to give out energy of fear. Any attempt to start martial law or a new world order based on tyranny are just fantasy; as we of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light have disabled all their missile weapons systems which they intended to use in their conquest to create a world war which will not happen, along with all the manufactured nuclear weaponry of any nation. No furthur exlposions will be allowed to take place. Upon our announcement of contact, all guns and anything that detonates will be disabled. In effect, the light continues to be victorious.

Within our Motherships exists long translucent corridors with a plasma-based substance on the floors similar to water in distinction, where, on each floor, exists various rooms which serve a multitude of functions and operatives. There are evacuation rooms for emergencies, in case of any planetary affairs of diplomacy. Within these evacuation rooms exists huge parks with artificial lakes containing all manner of sentient lifeforms, healing centers, halls for cultural activities, a floor which consists of rooms for evacuees, quarters for dignitaries from all dimensions, for huge meetings similar to a podium, a huge wild life center for animals from various locations throughout the universe which is vast in land mass... universities, gardens, farm centers, supply rooms, medical centers, where our motherships are, in fact, similar to your cities.

It is important to know that our ships are literally living vessels of light. We do, in fact, refer to a city when providing any distinction of how it looks inside our conscious vessels of light, though not so similar to Earth cities, but similar in distinction to a city on Earth. Our control center is one where it is piloted through conscious command in which there are no controls like a steering wheel or gears with buttons... you simply tell the ship what to do and it does so, which is a very advanced method of navigation. There also exists a sector for planetary species observation where everything is recorded onto our motherships' crystal motherboards. There also exists a room with all the smaller scoutships on deck which are used for patrol and near distance explorations.

Within every room exists an elevator which functions through an electromagnatic system, without a shuttle, but merely an entrance to the next room where you simply go onto the disc-formated courier and then levitate into the intended floor through simply communicating your intention to the computing system.

We continue to monitor the surface of your world to ensure that all threats are eliminated beforehand - before any wars in place takes a very serious direction in eventually leading this civilization to extinction. Any use of atomic weapons would not only destroy the Earth but would also cause major implications relating to this universe's space time continuum. Not only would this tear the fabric of space itself, but would create a major imbalance that would open various uncontrollable blackholes throughout space which would then swallow everything on their path, meaning... this would mark the end of your sun sol, the solar system would break down and there would be extreme space weather conditions affecting galaxies and other neighbouring galaxies and worlds webbed to the Milky Way Galactic Region of space.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sheldan Nidle Update - January 26, 2016

Dratzo! A great shift is now taking place for the Light and her allies. This renewed effort is to bring humanity its freedom and a wondrous prosperity. At present, the dark realizes its terrible predicament. Special orders have gone forth to complete a number of key projects by the end of this first Gregorian month of January. This time is traditionally one of endings as well as beginnings. Following in this path is a special project to take down the wanton oligarchs of this realm. It is to be known only after it has succeeded in ridding this globe of the nefarious ones who have kept this land in near ruin for the past half millennium. At that time their Anunnaki masters gave these scallywags a great degree of power over surface humanity. This sudden newfound sense of power led to centuries of untold depravity. Unleashed technology propelled your realm toward the world that was eventually to be the one to be captured by the Light. In effect, the minions were unwarily setting the stage for their own demise.

This last century has seen the rise of situations that were completing the stage for their fortunate exit from this scene. Their actions were designed to relegate each of you to a permanent state of slavery to these unthinking monsters of the dark. Instead, each move was a brief prelude to a sonata whose unknown purpose was to give you your freedom and a destined mastery over the dark ones. While on the surface, it seemed that a certain degree of necessary progress toward their grand scheme was being made; it was in fact slowly loosening their grip upon you. These dark shenanigans were introducing devices essential to the rise of the age of digital electronics and the new era of global social media. This present time contained openings that permitted Heaven to begin to accelerate a march toward higher and higher levels of consciousness. This phenomenon was the key to their present undoing. It has led to data, which has permitted our earthly allies to gather a true history.

It is this date that allowed our allies to gather the power, which is now rapidly changing your world. This can be seen in the rise of BRICS and in the various new unions, which are in the process of bringing down the evil run of a truly devious financial system. A new and more transparent system is presently appearing in your realm. It is one that is to aid the prosperity and humanitarian funds global distribution. It is these funds that are to create a “true value” currency. This worldwide currency reset is to cleanse your realm of the worthless reign of the dark’s fiat currency. It is as well to set the stage for new governance and most of all, NESARA! It is this manifesting new era for humanity that is to allow us to stand openly upon the world’s stage. It is this divine watershed that is to complete this opening set of steps, which are to propel you toward full consciousness. The old dark ways are to be permanently abandoned.

In this new time, you are to become uniquely aware of your origins and to completely rediscover the sacred mission, which led you to this wondrous orb approximately 900,000 years ago! It is this restored vision that is to drive you toward quickly returning to full consciousness. You are in fact a great people, which were chosen by the Heavenly hierarchies to come here and aid Gaia and her sister worlds. You are to reformulate a star nation. It is this manifesting star nation, which is to secure galactic peace and insure that the wonders of the Light be fully displayed in this broad galaxy. Thus, you have a sacred mission that was temporarily waylaid by the dark. We are here now to restore Heaven’s divine mandate and permit you to rediscover who and what you truly are. As physical angels, you have been given a sacred role to play as the Light’s power quickly unfolds in this special galaxy. You are a symbol of how those captured by the dark can be fully restored to the sacred energies of the Light!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We are quite proud of those who are in our various secret societies. The dark has long thought it impossible to bring them down. In the great financial fall of the late first decade of this century, not one of the dark’s leading banking executives was touched, despite the degree of criminal fraud involved. Their arrogance is now a thing of the past. The Light has reached a point where any large incident is to be treated with arrests, seizure of funds and a general degree of moral contempt. It is as well the moment when a number of key fund transfers can at last happen. This is why we ask you to remain positively focused and ready when appropriate to go forth and fulfill your dreams. The time for our great triumph is at last at hand! Consequently, be confident of the simple fact that your time has come. Heaven is with us and the dark distant allies are no longer a threat to this sacred endeavor. Hosanna! Hosanna!

As this most glorious time approaches, it is vital that you remain positive in your outlook and in your daily actions. Prepare to be a beacon for the amazing events that are to wash across this land. It has taken longer to root out the numerous insidious elements that make up the oligarch's vast network of minions. This task is nearly complete and this fact has allowed those who shepherd the immense global trusts to finally permit these enormous funds to begin to be released. This process is currently picking up speed and we are at the very edge of a new reality. We Masters are carefully monitoring this vast and complex operation. The time of the dark cabal is over. Its last plans are coming to nought and making it possible for this new world of banking, finance and prosperity to emerge from its long cloak of secrecy.

This new time is to give a whole host of new responsibilities. These new duties require us to instruct you in a true history. This is to be done appropriately after the new governance is established worldwide. These series of facts concerning your origin and your tale of lives upon this precious orb need to be delivered in a way that both excites and inspires you. It is here where the teachings and perceptions you adopted from the dark can be dispelled and a series of true realities put forth. No one can stifle this growing consciousness of yours. You are to demand the truth and it is to be provided by Heaven. This operation is a natural offshoot of your return to full consciousness. We bless the ways of Heaven and ready ourselves to be your servants and guides in this new age of Light! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today we continued our mission to provide you with a message that explains what is now happening across this globe. Over the next brief time period you are going to see the rise of some truly amazing operations that are to alter this realm forever! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele - January 24, 2016

Dear Ones, we come in Love with greetings to all of you who are working so hard to assimilate the new energies now pouring into you and your dear planet, Gaia.

As you are well aware, these are times of change and questioning. Everything you once held as true and unchangeable seems to be dissolving around you with replacements that do not seem to be much of an improvement.

As the old concepts and beliefs dissolve, new and better ways will/must appear – but understand that those guiding the changes are often themselves struggling to see and understand the bigger picture.

Send Light to the leaders of all governments and when voting be guided by your intuition and not media hype or perceived personal benefit. Vote for the candidate best qualified to bring forth a new and higher sense of governance that serves all people and not the candidate who refuses to acknowledge or move beyond ideas reflective of what is quickly becoming old and obsolete.

Some are called to simply be still and hold Light for the world, while others are called to do hands-on feet-running, work. Both are necessary, both are serving as Lightworkers, and neither is more spiritual than the other. The garbage man who carries away your trash with love and friendliness is a Lightworker.

Every seemingly mundane action of daily living when done with Love is Light work. Know that in truth you only serve your Self, for there are no “others”. Let go of any concepts you may still hold regarding the belief that only those who teach, heal, or channel are Lightworkers. Unconditional Love must be lived on all levels – this is what you came to Earth to learn.

Examine and release any remaining concepts you may still hold about Love. This is easily done through remembering that Unconditional Love is simply the activity that flows from a consciousness of ONE and then examine your belief system by this standard. It is not necessary to know the all, the how, or the whys, it is only necessary to live ordinary everyday moments from a place of Oneness and connection and soon this will be your attained state of consciousness.

There are those who are the essence of Unconditional Love and yet seem to have no intellectual knowledge or even seeming interest in spiritual truth. These souls attained their state of consciousness in previous lifetimes and are now simply living their lives from that place. When truth becomes your state of consciousness it becomes who you are and there is no longer any need to even think about it. This is evolution.

Learn not to place limitations or qualifiers on Love and release all beliefs regarding your or others worthiness to be loved. Patting the dog who doesn’t get much attention, holding the door for someone who needs it, or giving an honest compliment to a child or adult with low self esteem are actions of Unconditional Love.

Conditional love is what the world is most familiar with. “This person is not worthy of love.” or “If you act, dress, look, or behave in a certain way, then I will love you.” Many in the quest to be loved, surrender personal power in exchange for so called “love”. Conditional love still predominates in relationships of all sorts including many marriages.

There comes a point in every soul journey where the individual must embrace and begin to practice the higher sense of Love – Unconditional Love – or the spiritual journey can go no further because Unconditional Love reflects a realization of Oneness, the foundation of all Truth and goal of the journey.

You have all had the experience of feeling cranky and down-hearted and then feeling a lift when someone you may not even know very well patted your hand, spoke a few kind words, or simply smiled. This is Unconditional Love and always flows without care or interest as to whether or not the receiver was “worthy” or even interested.

Unconditional Love becomes automatic after attaining a consciousness’s of Oneness and often goes unnoticed until the individual begins to realize that the “should’s” and “musts” have disappeared from his thinking and daily living seems to hold a new sense of joy. This new state of consciousness has become who you are – you are your state of consciousness.

The whole spiritual journey is one of remembering who and what you are, and each Truth – integrated and lived – becomes your state of consciousness until there is no longer need to practice, read, study, search, for you simply are it, IT is living you.

Divine Consciousness IS and never can be limited in any way because IT is all there is. Many still hold to the belief that ordinary human experiences are not spiritual. Everything “ordinary” is every bit as spiritual as the things society has deemed to be “spiritual”. Individual consciousness interprets outer appearances, so as you evolve and begin to understand that nothing is or can exist outside of the ONE, you will begin to see the world and have experiences that reflect that.

There comes a time when all the seeking and searching must end. Many of you are already there but you do not trust this and continue to seek and search outside of yourselves in the belief that you are “not there yet”. It is time to live Truth. You already know what you need to know and more intellectual knowledge will not change that. As you begin to actually live Truth, more is always given and comes when you least expect it. You may be mowing the lawn or washing dishes when suddenly a truth, insight, creative idea, or something relating to your work, interest, or need is revealed.

This is how you learn – to be taught from within with no middle man to add his/her concepts about the issue. It is time to move past always seeking answers from outside of yourselves. You are ready and able to get whatever information and answers you need from within. The only thing holding many of you back from doing this is the belief that you are not worthy, spiritual, or evolved enough. As long as you believe that you are just a limited human, you never will be worthy, spiritual, or evolved. Ponder seriously and honestly what you still hold regarding who and what you are.

The answers to all things that concern you lie within. Do not label your inner work “for spiritual answers only”. A consciousness that knows self completeness to be SELF COMPLETENESS will begin to manifest this in ways that represent completeness for him – the surgeon won’t get ideas for a car repair unless it is something he is seeking. An artist may find himself guided to paint in new and creative ways. A hair stylist may begin to get images of the perfect style for each client. The scientist will get insights he could never have imagined when working simply with scientific facts already known. It is Infinite…

Ideas may come visually and powerfully, but more often come simply as a “knowing” about some facet of your life, or something you have been seeking more insight into. Individuals must learn to be more still if they are to hear this still small voice, which is why so many deny that there even is a “still, small voice”. Anyone going through each day hooked to phones and other electronic devises will never hear the still small voice.

Anyone serious about their spiritual growth must learn to be still. Make it a habit to have a quiet time each day where you can be uninterrupted and spend time simply pondering truth, and then resting it for about 10 or 15 minutes. This need not be long – just long enough for you to center and make a conscious connection with your Self. It is during this time that you state your intentions and choices, always then allowing time to simply listen.

Prayer is you talking to God and is often preying not praying. Mediation is a quiet and centered receptivity. Never believe you have failed if you hear nothing or do not have the same experiences someone else may of had, for the action of sitting quietly and listening indicates to your Higher Self that you are ready for more, seeking, and receptive – you have started the process.

Make time during the day – and even at night when you wake up – to simply be still for a second or two, closing your eyes, focusing on your Divinity within, and just listening.

You are all well along the Way or would you would not be resonating with these messages. Know that, trust that, live that, believe that, and be that.

We are the Arcturian Group

Blossom Goodchild's Conversation with the Galactic Federation of Light - January 24, 2016

I cannot believe we have got through another week. It went so fast! Perhaps I jumped into a portal since the last channelling and came out a week later! Which segues neatly into that which we said we would speak about this week. You said you would chat about energy moulding … regarding creating one’s own portal … I think! Oh … manners Blossom! Good morning!

Good morning to you also, Dearest Blossom. We can FEEL from you that energetically you are in a fine space and this always pleases us … on your behalf.

Let us get down to business … as you would say in your world. To recap … We suggested that Energy is manipulated in order for one to ‘pass through’ from one space/place to another. This can be done on a personal growth level or, indeed ... on a more ‘general’ tunnel.

So, it is actually a tunnel then?

This is how it would be perceived by the participant travelling … and yet, it is merely A SPACE.

You say it takes moulded energy in order for it to work. Is the energy of/from the actual portal, or, the soul passing through it?

Both. The tunnel is composed of particles of Energy that are ramped up to such a velocity that it becomes in/of itself a vacuum. If you think of it like that … literally that, when you are using a domestic vacuum … that which ‘goes in’ is sucked into somewhere else. This is the only way in ‘laymen’s terms’ that we are able to explain the working of such.

The Energy can be programmed as we said … to ‘arrive’ … or, to take one to a specified destination.

Dare I ask how that is done?

At the risk of ‘blowing your mind’ … Anywhere is Everywhere … Everywhere is Anywhere. There actually is Nowhere.

(On reading this back I felt prompted to write NOW HERE.)

Consider mind Truly blown! So, it is not a matter of plugging in co-ordinates?

Not as humans know co-ordinates on a geographical landscape. A programmed destination … when coming from the individual … moulding Energy and going through … is accomplished completely via ‘Thought programming.’

The other ‘style’ … for it is indeed a ‘different make and model’ is done through computerised components that measure distances in real time and then calculate and estimate distance travelled … how would we say … through ‘air’.

How on Earth can they do that?

By relying on computer intelligence. Hence, why we spoke of a lot of time and money being dedicated to such a project on Earth. There were many faulty procedures and with respect, we would say … that these humanly made ‘worm holes’ are still not 100% accurate.

Let us move on to the ‘self-created’ vortexes. For we feel that is far more useful information for one to consider.

I’m all ears, believe me!

Again, there is nothing other than Energy. Everything is Energy and we will just pop in here … ALL ENERGY IS LOVE BASED.

Yep … a ‘must’ to be mentioned!

Therefore, and this, Dearest Blossom … is requiring of you to concentrate on a different level in order for us to explain …

Oh my! Oh my! I’ll try! I’ll try!!

That which is real … is thought. Your thought creates your reality. So, should one require to be/go elsewhere … in a flash … it would need concentrated thought. First of all on the destination involved. Not only to think about it … To IMAGINE oneself there … To FEEL oneself there … To FEEL THE ENERGY of this place one is going to. So that, with practice … one’s focus of FEELING would shift from where one actually ‘thought’ they were … to that of where they were destined.

This cannot be accomplished overnight. Well, in Truth it can. Yet, we do not wish to get one’s hopes up and be of disappointed disposition. We smilingly say … You cannot run before you can walk. Or, in these terms … you cannot transport before you can trans-thought!

Love it! I won’t interrupt the flow … I’m concentrating too hard!

So, you are aware that one can travel via the mind and this is TRULY achieved via the same fashion. Yet … and that is a big YET … to actually KNOW from the ALL THAT IS TRUTH … from THE ALL THAT IS KNOWING SPACE OF WHO YOU ARE … that your physicality can come to that place with you … is the basic key to how it is done. We say 'basic key' … for that is the foundation. For, if you do not KNOW within every cell, every atom of the Energy that makes up you in your completeness … it could not happen. For, it is indeed, every part, every aspect of you that you take through with you. Otherwise … much damage could be done to both mind and body.

So, is it dangerous to even attempt then?

That is an intriguing question. For we suggest that you ‘study’ this … and we suggest too, that you work on this ‘process’. Yet, as for attempting it … we would say to tap into the intelligence of yourself … before attempting such a feat.

It is those who have been too eager … too unready … that have come to a sticky end … would we say.

Eh … can it be the end? I mean, can one physically encounter death through attempting this?


Far out. Shall we go back to the simplicity of Being Love?

You wanted to know.

Yet, I hadn’t seen that coming.

As we stated … with the greatest of respect for all that IS … this can be accomplished easily for the more advanced soul. Here, upon your planet there is so much density for you to contend with … and this is a major factor in ‘the workings of’ … especially for the self.

Elsewhere … there is a much ‘Lighter’ force field and therefore, this allows for a very different ‘head space’! There is no other physical form that is of the density/weight of that of the human.

(Again when reading back, I felt when it was coming through that they meant … on other planets etc. For indeed, is not a hippo heavier than me? Debateable some days! )

Really? Wow. That’s a rather huge statement.*

That was rather huge Trusting Blossom … for you to continue writing it down as you felt the words come through!

Well, I’m getting better at a lot of things … especially when it comes to chatting with you!

We would confer that perhaps for now … it would be best to concentrate on travelling elsewhere via the mind … and leaving the body ‘at home’. This would be a good place to start.

So, you have told us how to prepare by FEELING we are there etc … then what?

Then … You breathe … as you always do … and yet … whilst FEELING the Vibration of Being elsewhere … you imagine yourself ‘evaporating’.

Literally, visualise your body evaporating … so as, you FEEL ONLY LIGHT.

THE LIGHT OF YOURSELF. Allow then … the Light that you are … to remain ‘above you’ for a while … as you become accustomed to BEING JUST LIGHT. It is best to have practice periods of just this alone … until you feel well-adjusted in doing so.

Once comfortable and content that you have achieved the control of yourself just ‘above’ yourself … then again … VISUALISE … FEEL … VIBRATE on the same Energy as that of the place you wish to visit.

But how do we know what the energy of that place is? How do we know the vibration of that place?

You don’t … to start with. Yet, the more you focus on it … the more you breathe into it … the more you ‘pick up’ on its frequency.

Continue to breathe into that frequency. Think of nothing other than the FEELING OF THE ENERGY WITHIN THAT FREQUENCY. Try to avoid thinking about what you are thinking about!!


Try to let go of the fact that you are doing what you are doing. Trying not to think about WHAT you are doing and how strange a thing it might be … and concentrate on BEING elsewhere. After CONSIDERABLE PRACTICE in these matters … you will begin to pick up little ‘hints’ of that space in which you wish to be.

A flashing moment of a vision of that place … rather like a scene of/in a movie. It may only be a second of it that you catch … yet … you were there.

An easy ‘hole to fall through’ which brings you instantly back home … is the recognition that ‘It has worked’. Or, it is working … which ‘clips’ the thought form ‘back’ into the physical place in which you are. It breaks the link, if you like. This is yet another skill to acquire … in order to remain in the new place for as long as is required. An acceptance of ‘AS IS’ is most helpful. A thought of ‘Whoa! This is Weird’ … is not!

We would mention also … although it is not by any means compulsory … that to have the intent of the journey being for THE BETTERMENT OF MANKIND … assists the process/progress … rather than it be for selfish gain. We are not saying it cannot and should not be done for fun. Yet, as in all things … our way of thinking … is … THAT WHICH IS DONE FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL … BENEFITS THE ALL. Therefore, not ONE living thing misses out.

As one awakens deeper into their Truth … they become aware of things that had not seen the Light of day within one’s thought form. The greater one is prepared to free themselves from all that they know … or should we say ... all that they ‘think’ they know … the more they become aware that … would we say … ‘they aint’ seen nothing yet’.

What’s got into you today? You seem so much more human … with all respect.

That is not so, Blossom. We would say that it is you that has become so much more non- human within this communication … that we are merely filtering through your thought waves … in a fashion of great ease and delight.

Disregard all that you ‘think’ you KNOW AS TRUTH and allow yourselves to move into the ‘Unknown so far’. Let this then … become your new way of thinking … resonating on a Higher level of yourself than before.

KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There is nothing that is not! For every possible thought that one can think … EVERY thought … can be achieved when you KNOW that thought creates reality … without exception. You just have to KNOW this from the deepest place of yourself … Your TRUTH ... Your YOU!

EXPAND INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN, Dearest Ones. There, lie wonders beyond your wildest imaginings. Yet, once you allow yourselves to go there … your wildest imaginings become the norm … until you, once again … are ready to go beyond that!


And we Love you. In Love and thanks my friends. In so much Love and thanks.

*( I’m not sure that this statement is my Truth right now … Maybe it will become so one day! Just because this is what ‘They’ bring through, doesn’t mean it has to be a Truth for me. I learned that long ago, when sometimes questioning messages coming through from White Cloud and he told me it was ok for me not to agree with all he said!)

End of session.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Arcturians: Make Ascension Normal Now - Suzanne Lie

The Arcturians

You ARE standing at the helm of your own mission now. At least if you feel centered and open, we are standing at the helm. However, if you are frightened or angry you are not at the helm, and are a possible victim at any moment.

Of course this fear was created not by your reality, but because of your fear. And, often the fear that comes to you is the very fear that you have put out into your reality.

Now as you are all moving into the highest frequencies of the fourth dimension, you are beginning to lose your sense of time. That is, you are letting go of your adherence and addiction to the limitations and separations that occurs in a reality that is ruled by third and fourth dimensional time.

For many people “all realities” mean only the third dimensional realities and maybe some of the fourth dimensional astral plane. There is still time in these fourth dimensional realities. Now, more and more are beginning their consciousness journey through the astral planes.

The third dimensional physical and fourth dimensional astral worlds are very different. But they both have some structure of time, except that fourth dimensional time is much faster than third dimensional time.

On the fifth dimension time becomes extinct and there is only “NOW.” You may have thought you had problems with your transmutation in the fourth dimension, which is simple in comparison with the great acceleration of energy fields as you move up into the fifth dimension.

Also, the frequency jump from the fourth dimension into the fifth is challenging because the fifth dimension is so different from the first to fourth dimensional realities. It is so very different because in the fifth dimension there is no time.

Since there is NO time, there is no separation. Actually, the term “no time” is more of a 3D term as it carries the concept of zero or nothing. That concept does not exist in the fifth dimension. In fact, in the fifth dimension everything is right “here”, right “now,” and being alone does not occur.

With no time to create distance between people, situations, concepts, thoughts, and emotions all that flows is moving in intermingling patterns of reality. You see that your fifth dimensional operating system is quite different from your third and fourth dimensional operating systems.

The fifth dimension is a circle of reality, as all reality exists within an ever flowing, moving, shifting flow. This flow is experienced mutually by all with whom you are sharing your experience.

In a third dimensional reality, your consciousness is limited to the mid-range frequencies of reality. Therefore, you do not see the extremely high frequencies of reality and you don’t experience the very low frequencies of reality.

Hence, you can be unaware of the higher spiritual dimensions, and it is relatively easy for the dark Ones to hide in the lower frequencies below that mid-third dimensional frequency range. This third dimensional mid-range is your third dimensional habitual thinking, which also includes some of your fourth dimensional dreaming and creativity.

But back to your experience of knocking at the door of the fifth dimension. What if you learned or remembered that your fifth dimensional life was real? Then you would want to learn about your Higher Self and about the great courage that this higher resonance of you had to enter into a physical body to assist with creating a new world.

In the ancient times many beings tried to create new settlements. Of course they were on the third dimensional planet, but they were in an area so different from where they had originated that they did not know the rules of this new reality. Some of these people survived and prospered in their new world, and some did not.

However, “survival and prospering” are both third dimensional words. In the fifth dimension there is no death, so every one survives, and there is no money, so everyone prospers. In spite of this knowing many people are wondering, “Can I take this plunge? Can I move into this unknown? What will this unknown teach me?”

However none of these are fifth dimensional questions. They are all third dimensional questions. In order to ask fifth dimensional questions, you must think fifth dimensionally, you must feel Unity with all life, and you must perceive that all is “ONE” within the “NOW”.

Once you embrace the fifth dimension in this fashion, you begin to communicate with others who are in the fifth dimension and beyond. We say fifth dimension and beyond because the fifth dimension is a “threshold reality.” It is a threshold between the third/fourth dimension and all the higher dimensional realities that exist beyond the fifth dimension.

This fifth dimensional threshold is much like an oasis where you can rest, relax, and enjoy the wonderful new reality in which you have found yourself. As you come to the threshold of this fifth dimensional world, you will feel immense Unconditional Love.

This Unconditional Love appears to be riding on some invisible wind. At first, you will likely find yourself remembering all of your myriad incarnations and all the realities that you have created for yourself in the lower dimensions.

In a final examination of your total history of life in third/fourth dimensional realities you will learn/remember how to Unconditionally Love, Unconditionally Forgive and Unconditionally Accept the myriad lives that you have experienced in your third/fourth dimensional adventures.

If you decide to return to these worlds, you will know that you only do so to complete a mission for which you volunteered. You know it may take a lot of preparation before you return to that lower frequency. For, as you look down to where you have been, you will realize how much you were wounded, how much you were lost.

You also realize that those feelings were normal when you were in that third dimension. Thus, when you perceive them from your higher frequency of Self you are able to acknowledge that, indeed, a 3D healing is necessary. Fortunately you will also remember the comradery, friendship, creativity, families, and children.

“But wait”, you say, “am I really ready to leave this wonderful fifth dimensional frequency of reality? Do I really want to volunteer to take a 3D Earth vessel to assist Gaia’s Ascension? I worked so hard to get to this frequency.”

Actually “work” is another third dimensional word. Also, once these doubtful – and somewhat fearful – thoughts come into your mind, your consciousness begins to drop. Then, you begin to perceive how the images of reality are shifting into a reality, which has a less love, work, things that have to be done and money has great power.

“Wait, wait”, you cry, “I change my mind. I do NOT choose to return to the third/fourth dimension.” But, the fear is in your voice, and you begin to lose your focus on your fifth dimensional reality. You know that your focus is returning to the third/fourth dimensional reality because you have experienced that reality, you know it, you can feel it.

You realize that if even a whisper of fear enters your thoughts it could lower your consciousness, which lowers your perceptions, back into the third/fourth dimensional realities. Then you begin racing down into the third/fourth dimensional realities. “No, no, no”, you cry.” But, “No” is the wrong word.

“Yes,” you fortunately remember, “I must adjust my thinking. I must calibrate my thinking and my emotions to the frequency of Unconditional Love. Just as I must have air to maintain a third dimensional body in a third dimensional world, I must have Unconditional Love to remain within the resonance of a fifth dimensional reality.”

Fortunately, the Kundalini provides a transitional state in which you can consciously feel the re-calibration of your nervous system from a time-bound, third and fourth dimensional reality into a reality in which there is no fear, no separation and no aggression.

Just the mere thought of a reality where there is NO aggression allows your consciousness to expand back into the higher dimensions. You slowly remember that you have had many visits to the third dimension. You also remember that you chose several incarnations into a reality in which there was a gentle transition from one frequency of reality to the next.

You chose to incarnate in that type of reality so that you could prepare for your incarnation into ascending Earth, who is creating the great transition from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

You remembered from your other incarnations that if there was too much fear, you would have difficulty shifting your consciousness, and thus your perceptions and experiences, from the third/fourth dimensions into a fifth dimensional reality.

Fortunately, many inter-dimensional immigrants from higher dimensional galaxies and planets have taken human forms to assist Gaia with her planetary Ascension process.

However, many Draconian refugees from the Great Galactic War also took physical bodies. As the higher Light penetrates into Gaia’s atmosphere and physical planet, these Draconians in physical form are being more and more easily identified.

One of the things that you perceive as you identify them is that they, too, have grown accustomed to life on physical Earth. Remember the dinosaurs were the first ones within this era to be on Earth.

However, as the consciousness of “all” goes into higher frequencies, the separation and competition between persons that are “good or bad,” “better” and “worse” are beginning to be replaced with decree that, “We are all together in this NOW.”

It is within this Unity that you all want to create a New Earth, not based on fear, but a “New Earth” based on Unconditional Love. Fortunately, just as fear is very contagious, Unconditional Love is also contagious. Furthermore, Unconditional Love is an inter-dimensional experience.

Unconditional Love arises from the higher dimensions and intermingled into and becomes grounded into a third/fourth-dimensional reality that has been established and maintained with fear and conditional love.

Fear is a bonding force that ties one to that lower third dimensional frequency. However, in order to release oneself from these bonds, all they need do is to move into the frequency of Unconditional Love.

Whereas fear bonds one to the third/fourth dimension, Unconditional Love opens an inter-dimensional portal into higher and higher frequencies of reality. As you enter these higher frequency portals/energy fields your consciousness expands.

Then, as your consciousness expands your perceptions expand, and as your perceptions expand you are able to perceive realities based on Unconditional Love, Unity and the “NOW” of the “ONE”.

It is your Mission, and your Joy, to take that which you have experienced, as well as that which you have remembered from your higher dimensional realties and share these experiences with those who are willing to listen.

Your freedom comes in realizing that you have created your traps. Thus, you can create your escape. The way that you create your escape is to remember that it is you that created your trap. In this manner, the you that was once a prisoner becomes the you who is now the creator.

It will take a great deal of Unconditional Love for your Self to admit that you are a creator because your third dimensional consciousness has taught you to chastise yourself for making a “mistake” or creating that “problem.”

On the other hand, Unconditional Love says,

“What did you learn when you were experiencing that problem?”
“How can you use what you have learned to release your Self from that problem?”
“How can you share what you have learned to assist others?”

Also, please remember that you only “became trapped in the lower frequencies” because you took a body on Earth to assist Gaia and Her inhabitants to ascend into a higher frequency of reality. As you increasingly realize that you are the creator of your reality, your consciousness progressively expands.

Then, as your consciousness expands, your Kundalini force begins to awaken within the core of your spine. As your Kundalini begins to awaken, your consciousness expands further and your physical body gradually alters.

As your body changes, your consciousness and perceptions begin to shift from that which tied you to the third and fourth dimensions and into the fifth dimension. Eventually, you realize that the third/fourth dimensions are ruled by illusion.

At this point, it becomes much easier to truly and deeply accept that the fifth dimension is not just a concept but a “real” world. You are realizing that the higher worlds that you once thought you were “imagining and dreaming” are REAL.“

If those imaginations and dreams are REAL then perhaps that Being of Light that you thought you perceived was real. Then, if even one person says, “I saw a Being of Light and I believe that Being is real,” you ponder if perhaps that person is correct.

Within your NOW, more and more people are saying, “Yes, yes. I saw that Being too, and I also thought that Being was real. But, I didn’t know if it was safe to tell anyone.” The fact is that as more and more people openly discuss their inter and higher dimensional experiences, they become more normal.

As you continue the process of transmuting your consciousness, perceptions and even your physical form into a higher dimensional resonance continues, your “sense of Self” and interaction with your reality will alter.

Then, gradually, or all at once, Ascension will be the “New Normal.” In the fifth dimension, that day is NOW!

Blessings, we your Galactic Family are ALWAYS with you!
How could we not be, as WE are YOU in a higher dimension?

Make Ascension Normal Now – the Arcturians. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. January 20, 2016.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

RV/GCR Update by the Company of Heaven through Sananda


Greetings, dear Brothers and Sisters. Those of you who have been following the revaluation of currencies (RV) around the world will be very happy to know that we are entering the next phase for the slow roll-out of the financial reforms and Prosperity Programs that will profoundly change your world, beginning in Iraq.

Relax, sit back and watch the indicators roll gradually across the globe, as all the 209 countries involved join together to activate a new banking system that will protect you, rather than enrich the banksters who have controlled all the wealth on the planet. Your Blessings are secure, Beloved Friends, and we could not be more excited about the effects it will have on all those living on Earth. Be patient as you await the signal from your Dinarland friends. You will be exchanging currency as you are called in turn. It will be uncomplicated, joyful, and what you would call a win-win for everyone.

You are to be the new leaders and benefactors who will change everything. Look deeply into your hearts to ignite your love and your creativity. You will be called upon to create imaginative networks and groups who can help each other to help those in need. It will be the most fulfilling and exciting time of your lives, because you, Lightworkers, will be in the driver's seat when it comes to deciding how your town, your country and your world will be uplifted, inspired and touched by kindness and generosity.

You will be initiating a wave of good feeling that will wash away old programming, and open hearts to new possibilities for loving relationships that bridge all boundaries. We will be here to help you if you need guidance, and to let you know about the brilliant new technologies your Galactic friends have sponsored through your talented "boots on the ground," to speed your transition to higher vibrational living.

It is an historic time, Dear Ones. As Lightworkers, you will suddenly be seen as the ones who have helped to bring through these wonderful new changes, and you will find yourselves in the position of being "in the right" for the first time with many of your skeptic family members and friends. I hope you will graciously, with good humor, resist the temptation to say to anyone, "I told you so." Rather, smile mysteriously and put an arm around their shoulders (literally or figuratively) and reassure them that they will be delighted with the wondrous changes that are yet to unfold this very year.

It is our time, at last, and we will celebrate in love, grateful thanksgiving and joy. It has been a long journey together already, but we are cresting the mountaintop, and the rest of our journey is going to be filled with astonishment and wonder. I send you my blessings, my unconditional love. I am with you always; just call on me and I will laugh with you, jump for joy with you, and we will celebrate the most courageous triumph ever in Earth's human history.

I am your Sananda.

Jesus through John - January 21, 2016

Guidance from an Elder Brother

You have no need of fear, or of defenses.

You are God’s beloved children
forever completely safe and utterly adored
as you rest, apparently asleep and dreaming,
in His welcoming and unconditionally accepting Presence.

By John Smallman
January 21 2016

Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you truly reside in every moment of your eternal existence, we watch with joy as you resolve and intend to move ever more fully into your natural state as beings of Love.

It is a state you have never left, and never could leave, but you have – through your choice to experience as real as possible a state of separation from God, and therefore from each other – hidden from yourselves your divine and eternal connection to Source. Consequently you feel alone, small, and insignificant in the vast universe in which it seems humanity’s planet, Earth, although large in relation to each of you, is itself utterly insignificant. A planet that could itself be instantly destroyed by collision with some rogue and wandering celestial body. Your security as humans on the planet truly appears unsustainable due to many factors that are beyond your control and beyond your knowledge.

Often it seems that those who are searching for God, a Prime Source, a Supreme Intelligence, or who believe in one are merely hiding from the truth of your inevitable and eventual death in whatever form it strikes you. It is an issue far too fearful to address consciously – unconsciously it creates great emotional stress and pressure that needs to be relieved – and so you hide from reality by imagining and hoping for a divine deliverance from your eventual and inescapable extinction. Others strive for material wealth and military security for the very same reason – an intense fear of death. That is the game of separation that you chose to build and engage with. And it always ends in death!

So, rejoice that it is unreal. You are God’s beloved children forever completely safe and utterly adored as you rest, apparently asleep and dreaming, in His welcoming and unconditionally accepting Presence. Remember, Love is always unconditional, and God is Love, and so therefore are you. It is the place in which you belong – the field of divine Creation – and from which you will never depart because there is no need for you to do so, and there is nowhere to which you could depart. If that sounds dull and boring that is because you have totally forgotten the joy and ecstasy in which your eternal existence there is constantly enveloped.

That is why we are so joyful as we finally see the signs of your awakening from the nightmare, the illusion in which it seems to you that you have been contained and imprisoned for eons. When you do awaken the nightmare will dissolve, and it will be as though it had never been dreamt. Naturally the memory of it will fade rapidly from your minds because it was unreal, meaningless, and because you have no need to remember the unreal. Fear is unreal, and it too will be gone, never to return.

Ahead of you lies your awakening, and that is a most wonderful prospect. Many of you have indeed been hoping and praying for this for most of your lives, and many of you have been disappointed more than once as the moment of your awakening, as apparently foretold by many channels, seemingly drifted off into the distant future.

This was because of humanity’s collective freewill choice. On a number of occasions when your awakening seemed imminent, those who wished to maintain the crumbling old world order – whose sole purpose is in fact to rebuild, renew, and strengthen it – used their power and influence to intensify fear among you all by causing a variety of catastrophic fear-inducing events that led the collective move back towards fear and away from Love. Fear empowers those with dark intentions because it provides the negative, or, if you prefer, the dark energy on which they feed.

Humanity’s collective energy field is a bit like a see-saw on which negative energy fields and positive energy fields are attempting to outweigh each other. When the illusion was first built the energies were basically in balance so that an interesting game could be played, but over time this changed as your memories of Reality became more deeply buried in your minds, below your level of conscious awareness. Fear arose and the need for defenses against one another seemed to be essential for your continued well-being, and so balance was lost and the dark energies became dominant. This continued for eons, and civilizations and empires arose and were destroyed with monotonous regularity.

Over the eons many have sought God, Source, Supreme Intelligence, and religions have been established with the aim of leading people Home to God. Many wise ones have come among you demonstrating and teaching that the only way homewards is through Love. However, for a long time that message was thought to be unworkable, and many took sides to support the view of God that appealed most to their cultural or ethnic origins. Wars between different religious persuasions caused immense suffering as the opposing sides convinced themselves that they were doing God’s Will by destroying the enemy, which was, in their painfully benighted opinion what He required them to do.

Finally, in these last few centuries since the start of the industrial revolution, and particularly within the last few decades, humanity has collectively begun to realize that a better way of living together had to be found as conflict and disharmony had shown that the only results that could be counted on from that approach was further suffering. Taking sides just did not work. It took a great shock for a great many people for this to become apparent, and the wars of the twentieth century, reported as they happened by the newly mobile and connected news media, provided that shock or wake-up call.

Now many realize that Love is the only way to live together in peace and harmony, and the numbers coming to that realization have been growing exponentially, increasing the power of the positive or loving energy fields and unbalancing the energy see-saw, hence the attempts by the dark ones to increase the negative energies by bringing about catastrophic events that terrify people. When people are terrified they have in the past turned to the dark – the military industrial complex and its leaders – for protection.

That is no longer happening. People have wised up, they have realized that they have been used and abused by those who claim to be looking after their best interests. They now understand that Love can resolve the issues that have for eons seemed irreconcilable. In other words the see-saw has swung permanently towards the Light, towards Love because the collective has made the irrevocable choice to awaken; it has made the choice for Love.

The dark will continue trying to distract you for a while with tactics of fear, but the events that they contrive will become increasingly insignificant in their effects. Their energy fields are collapsing in on themselves as the Light of your Love swamps and dissolves the fearful and negative emotions on which they are utterly dependent.

Continue your good and essential work of bearing your Light on high for all to see. I assure you that your Light is seen when you live with Love in your hearts, holding the intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation. You have no need of fear, or of defenses. In your holy innocence, in your loving vulnerability you are invincible. Let go of all your doubts. Deep within you, at the holy altar where the flame of divine Love burns eternally, you absolutely know that you are One with God, inseparable from Him, that untold joy is your destiny, and that your awakening is inevitable because God wills it along with you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.