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The Specific Details of How You were Defrauded – Compiled by Judge Anna von Reitz of Alaska

Your time-line (road-map) to explore the fraud and deception for yourself!

1754-1776: The “United Colonies” take shape as a loose political association, and the First and Second Continental Congresses result.

1776: The Colonies declare independence.

1781: The Articles of Confederation bind “States” — political subdivisions of the United Colonies – together in a “perpetual union”, creating a confederation of States to operate in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea. [Why a “confederation” instead of a “federation”? –Because the original States gave up some of their natural jurisdiction to the new political entity, the Union, they created.]

1783: The Treaty of Paris and Treaty of Versailles cements this arrangement splitting the land and sea jurisdictions between the States and the Federal Union and places King George III as Trustee of American interests on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” —which means he kept control of American international commerce. The new “Union” entity operating in the international Jurisdiction of the sea was always controlled by the British and it has always been the British Monarch’s responsibility as International Trustee to manage it and guarantee its proper operation. It has instead run amok for 150 years.

1787: The Supreme Perfected Republican Declaration of the United Colonies creates the National Trust owed the Continental United States.

1789: Two years later, “The Constitution for the united States of America” splits off the sea jurisdiction and creates the new Federal United States. A year later (1790) the Federal United States forms a commercial company doing business as the United States (Commercial Company) to provide the nineteen enumerated services agreed to by the subscribing States.

1812-1814: The British try to horn in again and are beaten back. This skirmish results in the Treaty of Ghent, where the British interests in American shipping and commerce are reaffirmed and lasting peace is promised in return.

1845: The British Monarch and Pope secretly agree to undermine the American System of government via the Treaty of Verona. The British Monarch breaches the Treaty of Ghent and both the Pope and the King secretly breach their trust as International Trustees. They set out on a covert action and issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal to the members of the Bar Associations, allowing them to act as Foreign Agents on American soil and as privateers free to plunder American commerce.

1860: Thanks to the efforts of the Bar Associations a member of the Bar, Abraham Lincoln, is elected to serve as President. Note that he is ineligible serve as President of the united States of America, by the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the actual Constitution— but is eligible to serve as President of the United States (Commercial Company). This is the same situation we have with Barack Obama who is ineligible to serve as President of the United States of America, but is able to serve as President of the United States (Incorporated).

1861: The Civil War begins. Congress adjourns for lack of quorum and without a date to reconvene. Lincoln organizes a Delaware Corporation and the remaining members of Congress begin functioning as a Board of Directors.

1862: The “Corporate Congress”—a body of men no different than the Board of Directors of IBM, change the meaning of a single word —only and explicitly for use within their corporation. That word is “person”. From then on the word “person” is deemed to mean “corporation” for federal government purposes. (37th “Congress”– Second Session, Chapter 49, Section 68.)

1863: Lincoln signs the Lieber Code as Commander in Chief and puts the Union Army, the Grand Army of the Republic, in charge of the nation’s future and money supply. A day later, he bankrupts the original United States (Commercial Company).

1865: Lee’s Army surrenders to Grant and a general armistice is declared. The Southern States are in ruins and under military occupation by the Union. The original Northern States are bankrupt. Foreign banks are in control of the new “United States of America, Inc.” and the Union Army reigns supreme. Over the next two years President Andrew Johnson will three times publicly declare peace on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States, but peace is never declared in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea controlled by the Federal United States under the trusteeship of the British Monarch.

1868: The Corporate Congress writes itself a new Corporate Constitution, called “the Constitution of the United States of America” and palms off this look-alike, sound-alike private corporate document “as if” it were the actual Constitution. This is fraud on many levels. The Constitution of the United States of America purposefully sought to confuse and delude people into thinking it was the actual Equity Contract obligating the States to receive services and subrogate their international jurisdiction to the federal government.

1871: The Corporate Congress begins to set up shop for itself by creating a separate government for the District of Columbia. The initial effort fails but seven years later the Washington DC Municipality is created as an independent international city state run as a plenary oligarchy by the members of “Congress”. Also in 1871, the Corporate Congress claimed to own all United States corporations— 41st “Congress”– Third Session, Chapters 62, 63, 64, and 65.

1874-1885: All the actual States on the land are reorganized and at the same time completely new “Federal States” are created and new “State Constitutions” are written for them. The original States on the land are renamed in this process. The original State of Ohio operating the land jurisdiction became the Ohio State, while the usurping “Federal State”— merely a corporate franchise of the United States of America, Inc. operating in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea—took over the name “State of Ohio”.

1900-1904: Still lusting after more power for itself, the Corporate Congress set up a second shop for itself and obtained permission to do it from the Supreme Court in a series of cases known as The Insular Tariff Cases. As with setting up the Washington DC Municipality as a foreign city-state on our shores and running it as their own little oligarchy, the “Congress” now took the “federal territories and possessions” and made a new “union” of “American states”—-Puerto Rico, Guam, et alia—and began calling it “the United States of America (Minor)”. They just forgot to add the (Minor) part of the name from then on, and let people assume that all the repugnant laws they passed governing this “Constitutional Democracy” also applied to the Continental United States.

1912-1913: A private association of European and American banks calling themselves “The Federal Reserve” bought the governmental services corporation known as “The United States of America, Inc.” and its “State” franchises as a business venture, and began operating such familiar agencies as The United States Department of Agriculture and The United States Department of Transportation as private, for-profit businesses—without telling anyone. They exercised the “government powers” they didn’t really possess in a vast fraud scheme in collusion with members of “Congress” to institute a fiat monetary system and misused their position of trust to put competitors out of business, set up monopolies, rig commodity markets, and commit other acts of blatant self-interested criminality and fraud.

1917: Engaging in a war for profit, Congress and their Banker Bosses passed the War Powers Act and the Trading With the Enemy Act, and numerous other illegal and repugnant “Acts” pertaining only to the Federal United States and the international Jurisdiction of the Sea, but presented them to the public as if this claptrap pertained to the actual States and People on the land of the Continental United States. Deceived by this venal and purposeful fraud, millions of Americans complied with what they believed to be the “Law” passed by a legitimate Congress acting as deputies of the States and the People.

1918-1933: Once in control of the monetary system the “Federal Reserve” increased the monetary supply exponentially, causing the “Roaring Twenties”. They built the house of cards and on October 29, 1933, they collapsed it—deliberately. This enabled them to put thousands of competitors out of business, allowed them to buy commodities, land, and labor for dirt cheap, and to manipulate the value of the dollar to their benefit.

1933-1940, The banks took full advantage of the “national emergency” they created and the Congress did everything the bankers required: The Sheppard-Towner Act, the Buck Act, the Alien Registration Act, the Social Security Act(s), the Emergency Banking Act, and more. The purpose of all this was to lay claim to the labor and the assets of the States and People of the Continental United States by securing “private contracts” with them, enabling the perpetrators to “represent them” and to set up corporations “in their names”. Hundreds of millions of Americans were told that they “had to” sign up for Social Security and have a Social Security Number in order to have a job, that it was “the Law” and that “Congress had passed it” and so, believing it to be a lawful government mandate—when in fact it was a corporate fraud scheme— they were subscribed en masse. Remembering now the actions of the Corporate Congress in 1862 redefining the word “person” to mean “corporation” for federal purposes, and their later claim made in 1871 to hold ownership interest in all United States corporations and seeing that their actions from 1933 to 1940 resulted in redefining the estates of living Americans as public trusts—that is, as a form of corporation— you can see that the “Corporate Congress” has claimed to own living Americans as assets belonging to their corporation and has also claimed to control and own their private assets — in flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention Protocols Volume II, Article 3, and in equally flagrant violation of the 1926 International Conventions on Slavery, and in violation of every lawful and moral duty, commercial contract, and trust indenture owed to the Continental United States and the American People. It is also apparent that all of this – every claim, every salvage lien, every title to land and property held under color of law—being held against the Continental United States and the living civilian inhabitants of the Continental United States, is pure, self-interested commercial fraud created and perpetuated under conditions of semantic deceit, constructive fraud, misrepresentation, and mischaracterization by the management of the Federal United States, the various governmental services corporations doing business as some form of “United States” and the British Government.

1940-present: Among the first actions to be taken by the criminals was to “register” all live births. This established a claim of ownership on the baby and his or her estate, benefiting the “State of Ohio” or other “Federal State franchise”. This act of identity theft exercised via an undisclosed and forced contract with the Mother of the child, allowed each ”State” franchise to control the name and the property of the baby. The perpetrators promptly set up new “State franchises” benefiting themselves using names styled like this: “Joseph Quincy Public” and new “Municipal franchises” set up under the auspices of the Washington DC Municipality using NAMES styled like this: “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”.

The only purpose for creating these franchises structured as various kinds of trusts—was to act as a means for the privately owned governmental services corporations to hypothecate debt against the labor of the living people and their private property assets and to exercise control over them amounting to slavery.

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From Mike Quinseys Higher Self - February 26, 2016.

Events are still moving on at a fast pace, and the possibility of interference is becoming much less as the power of the dark Ones is being diminished. Much depends upon their ability to continue funding their needs, and it is slowly becoming more difficult as their activities are being affected by the lack of funds. The higher powers will continue to restrict their activities as they have done for many years. Now however, their options are becoming more limited and they struggle to keep their projects moving. Many times they have tried to get round the limitations imposed upon them. However, it is to no avail and they are unable to carry on with their plan to start a Third World War, and have been told in no uncertain terms that in no circumstances will they be allowed to start one.

Meanwhile moves to enable "Disclosure" to go forward are well advanced, and nothing will be allowed to prevent it from being announced. Other issues that are also planned to bring out the truth are proceeding well. On many fronts people are finding the courage to tell their truth and they will be protected. The lies are no longer being accepted and the cover up is being exposed. The time for the release of the truth has now arrived, and when history is re-written it will be remembered as the time of Revelations. The truth is so different to what you have been led to believe. In fact many will find it incredible that you could have been misled for so long.

The peaceful life you have yearned for will soon be within your grasp, and the changes will eventually be world-wide. All that has prevented you from enjoying your entitlement will be overcome and nothing of the old unacceptable ways will be allowed to remain. Your needs will be covered so that eventually you shall be able to enjoy life to the full. The "bad dream" that you are just emerging from will end, and much assistance will be given to you so that that necessary changes are manifested. They will of course require your help along with your extra-terrestrial friends who have accompanied you on your journey. Even in your lifetimes there have been several occasions on which they have prevented major catastrophes.

There is a time that is approaching when you shall have a close relationship with Beings who have lived within your Earth. They see that you have evolved sufficiently for them to make themselves known to you. There will also be others from off Earth who will help you with your transition to becoming Galactic Beings, although that event is still quite a way off. A wonderful future awaits you that will more than compensate for all of the lives you have had in the lower vibrations. You have learnt much over a long period of time and it will considerably help you with future experiences. As you are finding out, life is a whole series of experiences that have prepared you for greater things.

Take the lessons of life seriously, as they have much to teach you that will enable you to rise up beyond the need to spend further lives on Earth. No one is any greater or lesser than anyone else, as it is simply a matter of where you are on the ladder of evolution. Help your fellow traveller where you can as a kind word or a helping hand can be very uplifting. Karma is neither good or bad inasmuch that it simply covers lessons that need to be learnt if you are to continue evolving. Regardless of what experiences you go through be assured that they are necessary, although some are voluntary and result from a desire to help another soul evolve. So try to do your best in all circumstances knowing that there is much to your credit in helping others.

The dark Ones have encouraged you to see others as separate from you whereas you are all One. So look beyond the outer covering as all of you have come from the Source of All That Is. Also remember that a soul has many lives experiencing in all races. As this is the end of a Solar Cycle it is a time when many souls will ascend, having risen above the lower vibrations. Those who have not achieved a high level will continue as before in a new cycle that is another opportunity to make progress. No one is left without help and it is freely given when requested, although it may not be exactly as expected. In the lower vibrations you can experience great happiness but also sorrow, and both will further your evolution.

The end times are in the course of dramatic changes that are well advanced. Mother Earth is naturally involved and is already starting to initiate necessary changes. She has allowed her "body" to be used in many negative ways so as to help your evolution. However, she has decided that now is the time to concentrate on her own needs, and the cleansing of the Earth has commenced. The changes will cause people to move to safe grounds and adequate warning will be given, and ultimately the Earth will be transformed. At the higher levels it will be restored to a time when it was referred to as the "Garden of Eden". It will be a joy and pleasure to be part of such changes and live in harmony and peace once again.

To many souls on Earth the position seems hopeless as the dark ones seem to be in charge and too powerful to be removed. However that is not the true position at all and as is often pointed out, much good work is going on behind the scenes. Indeed it has been so for quite a long time, and to reach the successful stage you are at now has taken a lot of patience and careful work. The dark Ones have exalted themselves above all others believing that they are the masters of the world. Now they are realising that the Light has progressively grown stronger on Earth. It has attracted the help of the higher powers, and the balance has changed places and the Light is now the dominant force. There is no way that the dark Ones can now achieve their objectives although they will fight to the last.

Go about your work with every confidence that before long the promised changes will manifest. Some are very close at this time and you are getting hints of what is in store in your news reports. The truth has been hidden for so long but not much longer, as it must come out very shortly to direct peoples energies in the right direction. The problem has been that the dark Ones have largely controlled your Press and have not allowed the real news to be presented to you. That situation is soon to change and then the true news will enlighten you, and where the dark Ones are concerned will shock many who have had little if any knowledge of their activities. There is no necessity to fear them any longer, as they are so closely monitored that nothing they do or plan can happen secretly any longer. They have trapped themselves in the very situation they planned for the Human Race and cannot now escape justice for the crimes they have committed.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek - February 23, 2016

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek
Commander Vrillon

February 23 2016

6 hrs ·

Many who are now focused on ascension are receiving intimate visions of interacting with extra-terrestrials and seeing ships of Light in their dream state and in physical reality. Many starseeds and light workers who are just awakening from the illusion of duality are becoming aware and recollecting memories of boarding these ships and meeting with higher dimensional beings of Light.

As this has been an ongoing occurrance for many souls who have now felt a connection to an extraterrestrial lineage within other star systems, humanity will also be given the opportunity to experience this invitation to live within an evolved stage in evolution with other advanced worlds and civilizations of a higher dimensional nature. The reason behind these dreams and visions is to awaken those open to unity to prepare for landings, if it is wished by all humans on Mother Earth.

6 hrs ·

Upon our landings on your world to meet with your civilization, we will deploy 15.5 million ships to descend and land throughout the surface, where our specialist's team of light will be divided up in groups that will meet with humans in different parts of the world.

As it will be the Pleiadians and the Sirians who will lead through first contact delegation and communicate with all the nations of the world, the Sirians and the Lyrans will descend and land their ships in Africa and Polynesia.
Asia, Europe, and America will be in aquaintance with the Pleiadians, Arcturians and those from the Pegasus constellation, where Cassiopeans and the Andromedans will land in New Zealand along with other Extraterrestrials.

6 hrs ·

As we now meet with you on the surface of your world, before any landings can take place, all military aircraft and vehicles to include technology will be shut down. Any existing nukes will be taken aboard our ships for disposing, along with bombs neutralized, marine ships, and any technological weaponry, regardless of its sophistication.

Furthermore, cars, appliances, mechanical devices, and any guns, will be inoperable to the user, where all media networks will only broadcast our messages, including, radio, TV and the Internet for the purpose of our introduction and global state of address to Earth humanity.

We have made it clear to all military, that interference will not be tolerated. Many of you are aware of the increase in our activities through a multitude of sightings of our craft of Light. As Earth continues to raise in frequency, the surface will be transformed before any landings take place, with the economy restored and poverty eradicated. As we have had our Earth allies bring this to humanity, this will add to the acceptance of our presence on the surface.

Today at 1:44am ·

Know that as the Earth will need to purify itself from the thousands of years of energetic manipulations, blood shed, hate, and all kinds of distortions through negative energy, we will be in place to beam those who will make it through this restoration process into our ships, where these souls will be transported to the Inner Earth for their safety until we are through this intense process of deep energetic cleansing.

With this factor in place, it is important to know that we are more than experienced in the evacuation process of planets, where this is nothing new or too big for our Galactic Fleet, in which we have the ability to complete this evacuation in 15 plus minutes.

It is through this process of energetic cleansing that there will be vast changes in climate, where the heat temperatures will increase, EARTH quakes and intense floods will follow with changes in land-masses, where as the poles of the planet rearranges orientation, it will be necessary to allow this process to take place and to take refuge and safety within the inner planes of Gaia.

Today at 1:05am ·

Know that who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, are under strict cosmic law policy of non intervention; forbidden to get involved in the affairs of any planet and their evolution without approval from the people of the planet's governments. Any unauthorized interference by an outside species would be violating that law. The only exception of intervention would be in the case of nuclear atomic weapons being used; that the spiritual hierarchy approves the call for this intervention.

Today at 12:45am ·

Your position in the Galactic Federation of Light is as secure as your desire is to remain there and will always be open to you.

Yesterday at 4:54am ·

Know that this page of advanced ascension guidance continues to be the most informative spiritually inclined platform on the subject of disclosure and global contact in the entire continent of Africa, where these transmissions are not channeled, but simply exist from the stillness within the sacred heart space.
These transmissions will be shared in advanced lectures of spirituality as teachings of light, where as they continue to expand out into the world, just as they have been recognized and shared amongst many web based platforms, they will inspire vast groups of souls and bring enlightenment to this entire realm.

No dates concerning events will be provided on disclosure and global contact, as these transmissions exist beyond the illusion of time. We of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light only express living in the now. It continues to be important for those who are conscious to let go of the illusion of time, as time in consciousness does not exist. In truth, this now moment is all there is.

Yesterday at 3:42am ·

Know that Divine Intervention, through an event known as Global Disclosure and contact of landings of millions of light ships from who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, will follow with Worldwide Evacuation of the surface for the purification process of the new Golden age of light. This is imminent in this now where those who are evacuated will be taken to the inner Earth within the Hollow planes of the Shamballa network.

Yesterday at 3:40am ·

Before incarnating into my dense Earth physical body, I was living an immortal life in the higher dimensions assuming an etheric body born purely of energy and manifested through the power of visualisation, not like human conception through the biological birth process. Before I volunteered physically, my etheric light body was then placed in a Higher dimensional energy light chamber for preserving.

I was then provided with selected choices that would enhance my spiritual growth into my next step in consciousness. I then chose the particular life I would embody as a human infant to grow into an adult and proceed with my mission in coming to Earth in my evolution into higher consciousness.

Upon transitioning into my dense 3rd dimensional body from an orb of light, my royal family of 12dimensional beings, then initiated the arrival of my consciousness into my dense body through Merkabah Lightship technology, where I would then be born through my human mother and grow up into a normal human family to awaken to my Galactic mission to raise the frequency of the Earth.

Yesterday at 3:37am ·

It is important to now know that Earth humanity is on a cusp of a magnanimous historical event since the great fall of Atlantis, where the Earth will at long last officially become a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and Intergalactic Confederation of Planets.

As we now meet on the surface upon full disclosure through key members of your world governments, we will then engage with you on the importance of our visit and will address you on the many topics that are necessary to disclose in order to move forward to much important issues, if you are to make it through the current ongoing energetic Earth changes.

With the revaluation of currencies in place and the finalization of NESARA and GESARA's reimbursement of funds to their rightful treacheries, we will then follow with our global mass decloaking of millions of star craft, where all that exists on Gaia will see these huge and small ships, which will then follow with landings.

February 20 at 3:20am ·

It is important to know that in order to interact with who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, you need to be in a harmonized state of stillness. Trusting yourself without any fear or doubt from the chattering mind will be necessary, in order to establish a clear channel of communication with us.

As we do communicate through your intuitive inner knowing, this communication can be intuned and received through tele-thought transmissions or telepathic impression, similar to tapping into wave frequencies on a radio or television channel. As you are tuned to our frequency, you will always be receptive and aware that it is us, as you will only feel unconditional love and a sense of assurance from your sacred heart space that the communication and interaction is of a benevolent nature and force or forces.

In having established a pure connection of energies with you, if you so choose, we will then transmit our messages of light to you through many forms of decoding in awareness if you sincerely present yourself with a selfless and genuinely open heart to serve as a transmitter of these transmissions of light that will help those who are only awakening now and finding their way on the ascension path.

February 20 at 2:33am ·

Know that the terms "command" and "commanders" refer to the responsibility which one maintains as an ascended master in command of themselves, Creators of their own reality, through positions of trust and stewardship of our roles as guardians of this sector of the universe. It is important to recognize that In no way do these terms imply any authoritarian power over any soul or an attitude of militancy.

A true definition of a commander is one who is always kind, humble, full of humility, wise, enlightend and serves only in the purest directive of divine unconditional love, truth and justice for the benefit of all beings in the universe.
In our commitment to our mission, serving as ambassadors of peace for the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun, it is true that our craft posses no defense mechanisms of missiles or guns whatsoever. We carry out our missions without any necessity for harm in thought, word and action, as unconditional love is our protection. We only encourage and empower through balance of being In unity, harmony and a peaceful co-existence of all in one unity consciousness.

February 19 · Edited

In my recent telepathic communication with Commander Ashtar this morning, while in a deep and calm state of meditation, I had decided, after waking up early in the morning, to begin my day with cultivating inner stillness to raise my frequency and to balance my energy field. While having fully being invested in the now moment in total awareness, I then felt my chakras pulsating gentle energies of peace, joy and harmony. This was Ashtar and the Ascended Masters communicating to me that they are present with their support, unconditional love and healing. I then felt an upliftment and rejuvenation and conscious expansion in that instant.

While connected to Ashtar's diamond light frequency, downloading current light plans of the global contact structure and ascension codes for the new Earth into my auric field and consciousness, while in the presence of Ascended Masters and Archangelic beings of light, I went into a state of receptivity. I felt and heard a collective of light beings communicate to me saying, "We have now activated and opened new portals of light to send forth more of our ships and fleets to bring to humanity and share new inspirations with the people of the Earth. These ideas are forthcoming for revelation."

Ashtar: Greetings, most beloved and radiant master Garrith. We do continue to joyfully connect with you. We have continued to serve you on your path, as part of your soul contract before incarnating on Earth. We have seen to clearing you from the cabal's radar, as you have an important role to fulfill on your assigned mission for ascension. In seeing to it that you complete this mission successfully, we send you guidance and energy to expand awareness of the Light and what is before you in this now.

I, Ashtar, your friend and companion, have activated, with the assistance of the Angelic Realms and the Ascended Masters, your star keys to intensify connections to all star systems, central suns and celestial bodies, multidimensional realities and the Light Body within you. This is to ground more light on the surface and to maintain a balanced energetic grid through the 144.000 for our global event of landings, that we may do so and end the discordance that has long perpetuated suffering on your world. We have set the necessary key plans in stage and will soon be with you on the surface. As we do not exist in the illusion of linear time, like humanity does, we do not provide any fixed dates; yet say to you that this day is close and that you have patience, while continuing to cultivate balance and a vision of love and peace for all on Earth.

With love from all of us, here, in place for our reunion.

February 19 at 12:44am ·

It is important to be in constant awareness that as duality is gradually being dissolved and dismantled in this now, Unity consciousness will be a way of being which many souls will be embracing. As the incoming energies awaken humanity and shift the Earth into a 5th dimensional reality, this civilization will return to a highly evolved way of being.

February 19 at 12:39am ·

Know that in focusing on ascension at this time, it will rather always be more helpful to your efforts in raising your frequency, to only surround yourself with souls who are always positive, and who support, appreciate and love you, rather than to have those who are always negative, filled with judgments and other lower energies of fear. You will notice that you can't raise your frequency while being engaged in lower frequency activities and surroundings, as this will merely resurface old blocking energy and keep you subjected to the illusion of duality.

February 19 at 12:34am ·

Know that with allowing yourself to constantly be in a state of unconditional love, peace and appreciation comes experiencing the highest frequency within any reality you are engaging in through your interaction with other aspects of self within the holographic illusion.

February 18 at 3:20am ·

It continues to be important to not invest any of your focus and energy on what other souls, still trapped in the illusion of fear and duality, are saying with the lower ego mind about ascension or contact with who we are, of the Angelic realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light. Any opinion is just lower vibrational as most of these souls will suggest that we are demons who are out to get you or simply your imagination playing tricks on you. Most will even go on to say that we serve the devil's agenda, in which the truth is that there is no devil that exists. This concept was created by religions under cabal law to keep humans asleep, in fear and in endless servitude to keep this species from evolving higher in consciousness.

The true reality continues to be that 13.000.000 million of our lightships are positioned through your atmosphere and in orbit around your planet in this now, with advanced beings aboard who have been putting in much hard work and consistency to liberate this species and planet into the higher realms of divine love. As these beings prepare to meet humanity on the surface, every soul will recognize the extent to which our light team has gone, just to bring peace and harmonize this planet within a balanced presence, allowing every soul to live in joy, abundance and unlimited possibilities.

We are the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, Venusians, Centaurians, Sirians, Andromedans, Procyonans and many other highly spiritually advanced beings of both celestial and galactic origin. We are now stationed just above you in preparation for our first meeting with your civilization. We all look forward to this in excitement and j,oy in divine love as we have so much to share with you.

February 18 at 1:24am ·

You now exist as a multidimensional being of light within a holographic reality of your own making, embodied as consciousness within a holographic biological electromagnetic human body evolving through cosmic awareness for the purpose of spiritual growth.

The planet you all know as Earth or Gaia is also a living higher dimensional conscious being, and not just a planet. Gaia is also evolving through cosmic awareness for the purpose of spiritual growth. Gaia is a highly evolved soul who has taken on the form of a planet as a volunteer soul, long before the illusion of fear, to be the “school for ascension” for your sector of space.

Since her infiltration by the dark, she has not been able to fulfill much of this, because of the turmoil she has had to endure on the surface with the nuclear radiation and explosions of bombs and fear energy released into her energy field since the clarion call that was sounded 13.000 years ago during the great flood and fall of Atlantis.

This now moment of higher energies has allowed many volunteer souls to come in and heal Gaia of the many eons of suffering through these distortions. With so much assistance in Gaia's ascension within the higher realms, this has allowed the natural flow of evolution to take place. No low frequencies from the dark can withstand the intensity of light manifesting a higher dimensional reality of unconditional love on Gaia in this now.

February 18 at 12:16am ·

Recognize that as all souls on the surface of Gaia are continuously receiving high light codes of DNA downloads from the higher realms through the Great Grand Galactic Central Sun, as all souls awaken to heal Gaia through unconditional love, this intense purification process of light will then create one unified field of multidimensional consciousness. This will dissolve any existing duality on Gaia. Through co-creating as one unified consciousness, we then create a very powerful multidimensional energy field of unconditional love on Gaia and a world that only exists in joy abundance, peace, advancement and harmony.

February 17 at 11:35pm ·

Know that as you raise more in frequency and vibrate higher into a harmonized state of awareness, the mind made illusion of duality will be dissolved within the reality of stillness, where you will begin to merge into your galactic and celestial consciousness. As your DNA and divine blueprint fully activate, you will then experience consciousness beyond only the 5th dimension, in then retaining your celestial and galactic memories, where you will then come into an awakening to your divine Self as the Christ essence.

Global Reset

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele - February 21, 2016

Dear Ones, greetings from the Arcturian Group.

We see you eager and aware and growing more so each day. It is a time of celebration on this side as we observe the Light of mankind becoming ever more bright. These times have been anticipated eagerly by all on this side working with Gaia and her people. Know that you are loved immensely and honored for the courage and bravery you show in the midst of so much turmoil and struggle arising to be cleared at this time.

We wish to speak of the great gains you have made in your journey because many believe nothing has changed. This is because – without your realizing it, your evolving consciousness has become your ordinary. Take a moment to examine the you of ten, five, or even one year ago and you will see how much you have grown and changed in attitude and beliefs. Issues that seemed important, valid, and unchangeable to you, no longer seem even worth the effort of concern. You have moved to new levels of awareness.

Some of you still believe that a powerful religious experience must take place or you are not truly evolving. No Dear Ones, the spiritual journey consists of one footstep at a time (some of which may be “bloody” footsteps), each one bringing you ever forward into a new and higher state of consciousness. Some will have powerful inner experiences and others will not, but do not seek them as proof of your spirituality or believe that they are necessary.

Never judge your spiritual worth based on stories of the “saints” and sages. Their miraculous experiences more often than not, have been exaggerated and embellished by those wishing to impress others and validate their own personal beliefs. The mind forms energy. If a seriously religious individual were to dwell on the wounds of the crucifixion continually, it is very possible he could manifest them for himself. Just a thought to ponder.

The Arcturian Group wishes to discuss awareness – physical, emotional, and mental awareness. What am I aware of on each of these levels? Awareness serves to illuminate the belief system – the ideas you may still be holding that resonate with old and finished energy.

Physically, do you believe that the body governs you, that you at the mercy of it? Are you giving inordinate power to the medical profession, drugs and treatments? How completely do you accept the many beliefs regarding age and deterioration, many of which are promoted simply for the financial benefit of drug companies?

You are evolving into a consciousness of Oneness with Source. You cannot be Divine consciousness and at the same time be a victim of the body you yourself formed for use on Earth. What are you creating, what do you wish to create? Are you aware that you – YOU/consciousness formed and govern your body?

Begin to understand that this YOU is in charge and is the power and energy maintaining and sustaining the body. The body does not govern you, YOU govern it – manifesting the outer according to your soul plan and attained state of consciousness.

The general public is not aware that every bill board or action promoting some fight against a particular disease, establishes it more firmly in world consciousness. The choice of when to leave the physical body is made by each soul on a level they are not consciously aware of. Their disease may be their chosen “out”.

Now, many of you are saying; “My friend was very spiritually evolved and she/he died.” Yes, this is not to say you are to ignore a problem or are never to consult the medical profession because to stubbornly stand in absolute truth before it becomes an attained state of consciousness is very human.

These are the steps we speak of. Firstly know the absolute truth – I am Divine Consciousness and therefore complete and whole in every way. State your intention to find the solution that most closely resonates with your energy. Go within, listen, and then take whatever human footsteps you feel guided to take. You may get direct information on how to handle the situation without outside help or you may be guided to the medical person or holistic practitioner that is right for you.

Intuition speaks very softly like a nudge or a “knowing” guiding you to the right person, be the need legal, spiritual, or medical. Guidance comes in unlimited ways; as a name that stands out in the phone book, someone mentioning a person in conversation, or your remembering a particular professional that you resonated with at another time. The manifestation of a consciousness of completeness is limitless. Believing that solutions must or can only come in a certain way limits the flow and acts to block the experience.

Awareness of the emotional body is the process of honestly examining any issues that “push your buttons”. When you find yourself reacting to some person, place, or thing, and judging it as good or bad, it indicates an issue in cellular memory needing recognition. Reactions are gifts, tools not to be shoved aside with guilt or repression, for they serve to make you aware of issues needing deeper examination.

Emotions of anger and hurt from some past experience long believed to have been resolved can and often do reappear even when the experience was many years ago. This never indicates failure on your part but instead indicates your attained spiritual readiness now to go deeper and more completely realize, release, and move beyond the experience.

Powerful experiences leave an imprint in cellular memory and continue to manifest as inordinate fears, attractions, desires etc. until cleared. Much of what you are now spiritually resolving you have carried with you through many other lifetimes, but only in this lifetime were evolved enough to address.

Awareness of the mental body means taking time to seriously and honestly examine everything you think and believe to be truth. Beliefs presented and accepted by you through parents, schools, churches, and “experts”, as well as strongly held beliefs brought with you from past lives serve to form your belief system. However, much of what individuals hold to be true simply represents whatever beliefs are popular at the time.

Examination of one’s belief system often results in recognizing a need to detach from some organization or group – one that served fully at one time, but no longer resonates with the individual’s new state of consciousness. There are those who choose to stay in outgrown places simply for companionship and familiarity but this will serve only to stagnate their evolutionary journey. The window on Earth for Ascension is NOW.

We remind you of the importance of self examination on all levels because it is a powerful tool for discovering beliefs you may be ignorantly still holding. The material world manifests concepts of the spiritual reality – interpretations of a collective consciousness conditioned by beliefs of good and bad and separation. You are ready to pull aside the curtain of material sense and fully embrace the realities you will find there.

Some, after discovering God and being “saved” choose to coast through life in the belief that once “saved” they need do nothing. They then wonder why their lives may seem to fall apart at some point along the way. No Dear Ones, it is true, your innate Self does embody all the qualities of the Divine but this must become your attained state of consciousness before it can fully manifest outwardly.

It is important to have quiet time at least once a day in which you contemplate and rest in truth after stating your intentions and sending Light to your cells, chakras, and the world. You will be intuitively guided to other actions as well because in silent awareness, you become receptive. This is the evolutionary journey, and these are the footsteps.

Examine your belief system on all levels, discovering for yourselves the areas in which you may be more susceptible to world beliefs. Past life experiences and cellular memory cause individuals to be open to some beliefs more than others. A person who has experienced many lifetimes of poor health is often more receptive to world concepts of disease while another tortured in one or more lives for speaking out may be more susceptible to beliefs regarding laws and regulation – always fearful of not doing what they are told.

A person who has spent many lifetimes committed to organized religion may still blindly and without question, be drawn to it again in the belief that all religious doctrine is truth. The ability to recognize one’s deeply held false beliefs and move beyond them comes when you start to seriously work with and trust your intuition, not dismissing what comes to you as unimportant.

If you have not already done it, state your intention to evolve, to clear and move beyond all remaining obsolete cellular memory. Withdraw attention from all the third dimensional promotions and hype that constantly bombard you.

Become your own authority, taking back the power you ignorantly gave away, and be who you already are.

We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. February 21, 2016. 

Monday, February 22, 2016


Commander Vrillon - Incarnate

Sunday, February 21 2016
6:30 PM Mountain Time

It is important to now know that Earth humanity is on a cusp of the most magnanimous historical event since the great fall of Atlantis. The Earth will, at long last, officially become a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and Intergalactic Confederation of Planets.

As we now meet on the surface, upon full disclosure through key members of your world governments, we will then engage with you on the importance of our visit and will address you on the many topics that are necessary to disclose in order to move forward to much important issues, if you are to make it through the current ongoing energetic Earth changes.

With the revaluation of currencies in place and the finalization of NESARA and GESARA's reimbursement of funds to their rightful treacheries, we will then follow with our global mass decloaking of millions of star craft where all that exists on Gaia will see these huge and small ships, which will then follow with landings.

Wake up Call: St. Germain - February 21, 2016

There is coming a very important message for the world. It has to do with the conspiracy that has been taking place for so long all over the world and especially in the United States of America. There is a taste of the situation on the Internet news today, and as it progresses it will take on a new idea of interpretation that will regulate the times that it will travel throughout the background.

As I tell this one the news, I am seeing that behind me is the progression that has taken yet another turn. It tells me that as the news reaches the forefront it will not only change, but it will also regulate itself according to the expedition of the energy of it. It will represent the intention of the people who are in contact with the news I speak of. In that case it is advisable to spread the word as far as you can to see the changes take place that represent the truth. That will change the course of what is being broadcast, and what needs to come forth that will give more people the essence of the truth, and the idea of what will be able to change it all for the better. When I speak of better, I am referring to what will get out to the public and enable the people who have been in the background to come forth and take the steps they feel to take that will be powerful in bringing about the changes that must take place for the world to become the freedom assembly of all of life in expression around the planet.

This is a time when it is of utmost importance to see the changes and to admit the feelings that come forth and to walk in them to the freedom that the actions and feelings will bring about. It is a matter of supporting the truth and giving no energy to that which is manipulative, and has been carrying so many people to believe in what is not the truth, but has been projected to be. That is changing as I speak. As the truth comes forth, people will recognize it to be unmistakably what will enable them to step forward in their power. Then the world will change to the ability to create that which is destined for all of life on earth.

Take the time my dear ones, to trust in what your inner self is telling you. Trust your feelings that give you the knowing that in your peaceful feelings of Love that you project to the whole world, you will bring about the truth of what has been enslaving so many people to the lies that have encumbered the people for so long. It is time now dear ones to step forth in your power and to help to bring forth that which you are seeing as the truth, and how you can begin the turnaround in your own lives. That will resonate forth and help to change the world and bring about the freedom that will empower you to express in so many ways that speak forth of what you can do.

I am stepping aside now for you to go within and hear your own inner voice that will direct you to the expressions that will carry forth around the world in a constant state of peace, joy and Love. Carry forth, for you can change the world in so many ways! We are with you one hundred percent, for we are all One.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Archangel Gabriel: Disclosure Announcement

Note from Manuel:  Did you know that the True Angels of God who are members of the Company of Heaven do not have any wings?  This is a crucial reality that needs to be told.  The True Angels that includes the Archangels does not really have any wings at all!  The depiction of angels having wings came from religion and its associated traditional understanding.  The truth is:  Angels DO NOT HAVE WINGS!

The earliest depiction of Angels also known as Messengers are those in the Middle East that goes back a few thousand years even before the formation of the Catholic Church in Europe.  It was the Annunakis who have some of their people or species that arrived with them do have wings on their backs.  It was embedded in their skeletal system, very similar to the birds or fowls we have on Earth.  Their main work is to deliver messages to their operations scattered around the world; which is why they were called messengers.

The True Angels in history appeared to float or levitate in the air as it is part of their innate ability to fly and teleport themselves; but they can fly without the need for physical wings.  


February 18, 2016 by Christine Preston

CHRISTINE: After a long conversation with Archeia Faith this morning, following an even longer period of silent prayers to our Heavenly Father for the descent of the consciousness of the Elohim, the Archangels, Helios and Vesta, the Ascended Masters including Saint Germain and Lord Jesus the Christ, and for the Solar Ring to bind us all in the purity of Christ consciousness, as a platform for the Tube of Light, Archangel Gabriel spoke to me. He said he was coming with an Announcement before going away to carry out a task, or assignment. At first I thought it was Archangel Michael as he often mentions he gets busy with some activities at sun rise. I wondered why he was telling me that he was going away, but I first asked if it was him. The answer was that I was being visited by Archangel Gabriel. He spoke with a pause at regular intervals, and thanked me for mentioning the fact in the story regarding why Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame that Archangels, Kumaras, and Dhyanis, whose nature was androgynous, assumed bodies when the Earth was still being terra-formed for physicality, and then they and their divine complements kept their chosen polarities. This story should be available soon. He said:

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: I come as the Archangel who makes announcements and delivers news. I come to announce that you are approaching a turn of Events that will be acute as a result of a truth being exposed in the media that will shake the world to its core. It will not be DISCLOSURE as the lightworkers hoped it would happen, but something of a critical nature. The magnitude and consequences of the revelations will be so enormous it will make people feel sick as if they had been punched in the belly. This has already been announced as a peak in disclosure to take place in March to April 2016. However, this peak will not be in the sense of a crest as if disclosure could not go any further, but in the sense that a climax of conditions, that has been in preparation, will hit its highest point, with the result that this disclosure, accompanied of sensationalism, will take place. It will cause alarm and outrage. Attention will be drawn to the enormity of the conspiracy that has been going on and will cause the world to awaken. At the same time this event will be like a blast that will kick-start the world into a proper phase of disclosure. It will be fireworks.

Behind the scene of the mainstream media, on the internet, there is a movement and atmosphere of agitation with predictions in relation to the collapse of the dollar, the economy and financial system. There is a war in the media with cross fires of information and disinformation. Analysts and academics, as well as representatives of governments and large organizations, are called to the rescue for an opinion on the perception of Reality of those agencies which do not carry out a duty of information any more but seem to disseminate propaganda in the service of the dark forces because they cause divisions, confusion, and fuel the blame game of false flag attacks. A force is still attempting to trick the nations to unleash an apocalyptic World War III but is deluded. When you hear a politician whose views are based on common sense it is a relief – when the rest of the world seems to have gone insane with the same old deception and outdated stories which cover-up the machinations of the secret agenda of control.

But I have only tried to present to you a picture of the underlying situation. It is brewing to a boiling point, to a point of outburst that will bring about the Event that I am announcing. I have not mentioned a name to reveal who, at the top of the pyramid of great deceit, is going to be stripped of his credibility. I have sent a mental image of who it is to the emissary of this message. This is going to bring great turmoil in the political affairs but will be followed by a great renewal in relation to that mechanism in which those who preside over the people, in a certain nation in particular, are being replaced.

This turn of events will be deserved by those who have betrayed the trust of a Nation that was to be an example of democracy with a Constitution inspired by Saint Germain, and so dear to his heart. The time has arrived when there can no longer be any secret machinations and conspiracies of wars for economic gain and wealth that ends in the pockets of a few. They are those that are being removed. The decree has been passed that they must be rounded up, or else the Earth Herself will not ascend. They turned against the people whom they were supposed to lead and serve. They made slaves of the them in every way, and impoverished them, depriving them of their homes, and poisoned them with chemical trails while diverting monies for the secret escape they planned to the Stars, of their Alternative projects, which they found could not be realised because of the blockade that the Blue Avians and their Sphere Alliance have enforced around Earth and the Solar System. This is a large, but yet incomplete, picture of the scenario of reality that is a prelude to the grand and terrible blow about to happen. A Damocles Sword has been hanging over the head of these fallen ones, particularly since last year, 2015, as the year of enlightenment is upon you. Heaven has decreed ‘Enough is enough’. Now is the beginning of that Phase of Enlightenment that starts with a shaking up of the world. I am blowing my trumpet to announce to the world it is time to step upon that Path of the resurrection of civilization, of healing those wounds of an atrocious past, and of liberation from a deception that caused beautiful angels to be inhibited by the shackles of their own creation. They could only be delivered from this captivity by spiritual tools, such as those provided by Archangel Michael’s and Mighty Astrea’s circles and swords of Blue Flame.

Mankind must be freed from its misconceptions, its mind set, and place its feet upon the path of enlightenment to recreate a civilization that will be represented in the Galactic Federation of Light. A new Gaia and golden age will then be recreated. We are all working together in unison, in a sacred relationship, to achieve this goal. Be vigilant as the astral forces of darkness, though in disarray, present a greater danger at this time, just as does a wounded beast. They are still attempting to attack the light in the light workers. It is best to ask for a reinforcement of your protection. Avoid getting extremely overworked and tired, or spending long periods of time using your intellectual capacities in front of computers, as it can result with a lowering of your vibration. You may know what I mean because if you then enter into meditation, prayer, or spiritual practice, in the love and peace of your Divine Self, or in communication with the Masters and Archangels, you will notice the difference. You should feel uplifted, as if you have literally been pulled up by balloons, upon the ladder of the dimensional consciousness. Do not be concerned about the process of receiving information if a subject is disturbing as information is Light and you can process any knowledge into light. With Archangel Michael and other great beings of Light at your side, there is no fear, and you are being protected.

I am now parting to attend to my duties to further bring Heaven, as the Divine Will, upon Earth, instructing, teaching bringing more Light to the hearts of the people to lift the world, and I send you love on the wings of the words of my announcement. Archangel Gabriel.