Saturday, March 26, 2016

Brussels Sprouting with Terrorism?

There is something strange and yet familiar with what's going on in the world particularly with the subject of terrorism.  Haven't you noticed that the subject of terrorists is always blamed on what seemed to be either partial or fully invincible organized group of people bound to terrorized the world with their evil activities?

Is there someone or some groups in this world organizing these group of people to line up and create havoc in this world as though the whole thing are staged and planned?  I mean, once upon a time there was Al Qaida, Taliban then Osama Bin Laden and then Isis and so on and so forth.  It's almost like the whole thing is a joke.  

Let's review what we got with Al Qaida, this group seemed strange and mysterious in the sense that it was able to evade the surveillance of the US Army which is one of the best in the world.  And they were able to operate, communicate and create their famous so called "terrorism" in the world and yet the US Military who have sophisticated technology are clueless for many years as to this group whereabouts their plans and operations.  Don't you find that strange?  If you have a technology that can pin-point the exact location of the communications of a group of people planning this terrorist activities then they should have been able to find them in a matter of days or weeks and not years and years, don't you think?The same thing with Osama Bin Laden.

Now, that story about the Al Qaida group has been dismissed, case closed (so to speak) as though it was a DONE chapter of a book and that now they want to switch and promote the new chapter of "The Adventures of the Isis Group"; which seemed to be written, directed and produced by an invincible group of World Controllers who have access to the actual output of all the financial publishers and printers also known as private Central Banks around the world pretending to be part of any local government and is actually privately owned banks.  They are the Untouchables (so to speak) who controls much of the worlds government, who financed these activities.  

In the world of Capitalism, the evil downside of it is: "BRIBERY" as they have an unlimited sources of funds to finance terrorist in the world while being able to be hidden from plain sight as the master mind and they just put the blame on the fancy fabricated syndicates they themselves created. With unlimited funding via fiat currency printing they can then create puppet government anywhere in the world with no exceptions as to their geographical locations; because they were able to INFILTRATE even the United States. With so much funds, then it becomes easy to pay bribery to install such and such people into any governments of the world, who will obey ALL their commands.  And that is the exact DILEMMA the world is facing right now and has ever been since currency/money has been the tool used to manipulate anything in this world.

With so much funding, they can then buy any of the mass media of the world whether TV, Radio, print, internet and etc. and have them under one hierarchical control. They can then dictate what kind of reality they wanted the people of the world to know and at the same time filter some truths and do various cover-ups. They saturate everything in this world that can give them the edge and advantage of over every aspect of human life on Earth. And so, to do all those things they needed to ramp up and create so much deceptions in order to mislead the populace and have them under control as though the worlds human population are just like a herd of farm animals cultured and raised inside their farm.   

Well, just like the story of Al Qaida they grew out of the middle east and started out as a Rag Tag Team.  But since, they have acquired some wealth from variety of sources such as the oil industry then they were able to acquire some facility, added members by having more recruits and have funding's to buy more equipment and weapons.  

Similarly, this is also what is happening with Isis, they have amassed great wealth via oil sales and acquired plenty of recruits who joined them in their quest for whatever they wanted to achieve as told by the media.  

Don't you think that its time to question the logic behind the formation of these groups portraying to be terrorist?  Because it seems this is going to be a SERIES of Terroristic Groups who are obviously created, fabricated to distract and mislead the people of the world from what is actually happening behind the scenes.  Obvious question such as:  how did these people able to evade and avoid detection from the airports security?  It does not make sense.  If they were really carrying a bomb; the only way for them to go unnoticed and undetected is that they got help from the government who bypass some security checks and allow them to proceed.  In other words, they have accomplices in the high places. 

Why is it there's not enough images and videos of actual surveillance cameras operating inside and outside of the airport?  Aren't the airports supposed to be populated with plenty of CCTV cameras? Why are they showing only one or two pieces of photo of the alleged suspects?  With the advent of the surveillance cameras they should have numerous footage's/videos of not just the actual explosion but also the captured images taken to record the movements inside and outside the airports.  The only way for them to evade all of these if the event was orchestrated all along and planned ahead of time with assistance from those who manages the airport itself. 

In the future, after Isis, whose next in the series?   

By now we already know that the ONLY way they can stage those so called terroristic activities is that if the terrorist themselves were just actors and planned those events with some help by the governments of the world.  911 would not have happened if the US Government and other groups did not allow it to happen.  The same thing with Al Qaida they were formed with assistance of the western governments.  And now Isis can't possibly exist and operate unless they were getting support and assistance by the governments and some secretive corporate group of this world. 

With the campaign of the Russian military inside Syria it was supposed to weaken severely the strength of Isis but yet here they are in the world as they strike again and again.  The whole terroristic game is becoming obvious that it is organized by some of the governments of the world hiding behind a recruited group of people who will become famous for their activities.

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