Monday, March 28, 2016

Message of Sananda through Christine Burk - March 27, 2016

Today, I Come to You
by Sananda through Christine



Beloved, Today I would like to speak to you as though we are sitting together at the breakfast table in the sunlight with freshly baked bread or near a creek's edge dangling our feet in the cool water. It is a day of celebration, for me too. I have long yearned for this very day on Earth when the importance of Resurrection would be felt so personally by you and by so many as you all embrace your own Ascension in an intimate and meaningful way. That was the purpose all along of the Christ lifetime.

I have asked Christine (Christ-in-me) to channel me today (as Kathryn is preparing a special message for you, soon to come from Ashtar and St Germain) because our relationship is so casual, natural and warm, and on this day, I long mostly for us all to be our brilliant and simple selves, as we have been from the moment we were created by our Mother and Father God. This is what we have in common, what makes us one: we are all just ourselves, born of God and loved always. Embracing this truth is one of the many easy pleasures you have before you as you continue to rise.

And yes, we have longing in the higher dimensions. Longing -- without stress, lack and suffering -- is the desire to expand God's Love which is fundamental in us. This desire is the inspired catalyst of our primary endeavor: Co-creation with God. See? We are the same, you and I.

I am chuckling as I tell you that Christine does not treat me as though I am loftily removed from her - either dimensionally or personally. She shows and tells me everything and always has. It was part of her difficult Life Plan that in order to remain "safe" and able to complete her Mission, she would always maintain a direct connection with me that would not ever be compromised or dimmed in her lifetime. Even during her rebellious years, she would speak to me defiantly, yet - the important part was - she would always speak to me.

You and I have a very close connection too. We share experiences, understandings, jokes, an unbreakable bond and precious moments which are so wonderful that they seem everlasting to us and just one could tell the story of Love. We like each other, and we care deeply for one another. I am fascinated by your unique and exquisite choices and expressions. Can you feel me longing to show you how much you mean to me?

On the day the RV/GCR is released to Dinarland, we will be sending out a Very Special Edition of The New Earth Times containing a message told by Ashtar and Saint Germain, yet - I want you to understand - it comes from all of us here in the Company of Heaven. It is our gift to you for your steadfast perseverance in holding the Light. It is a story of love. It is a love story. It is our story.

On this day that represents Redemption, Resurrection, Ascension - I have a request. Please, see us as One. One family. One project for the restoration of freedom. And oh yes, One Love. What we began through the lifetime as our Jesus Christ and his cherished Twin Soul Mary, let us all now bring to loving fruition through our human Christ Ascension. I am not your brother, friend and devoted servant - figuratively. I am your brother actually. I am your friend truly. I am your servant, meaning I am one of the many who have pledged to protect and love you until you rouse enough to rise awake forevermore from this lower dimensional dream back into reality and the loving arms of your family and our God.

Happy Redemption! Blessed Resurrection! Joyful Ascension!

I am now and always will be, your Sananda, in tenderhearted devotion to you and to the Light of God.

And, I believe!

(Channeled and Transcribed by Christine Burk 3/27/16)

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