Sunday, March 27, 2016

Message of Sananda through Susan Leland - March 22, 2016

"The Lovelight in You
Has Never Died!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference -
March 22, 2016

"Greetings, Beloved Ones! I am Sananda and I am here with you to rejoice - to rejoice during this most sacred time to come yet, to your Planet Earth! For it is a time, as you have heard in this Gathering already, a time which you can consider a resurrection of dreams and hopes and freedoms and healings, and all manner of joyful occurrences which many in the World thought were dead. But when I say 'resurrection' - and I say this knowing that you know the Truth of my life story when I came in the body of Yeshua - nevertheless, I use the term 'resurrection' because a resurrection is defined as coming back from the dead, even if that state has only been perceived, but has not really been true!

"All of these gifts of the Lifestyle of Higher Dimensionality were never dead. It was simply subjected to a continuing bombardment by those who did not want Humanity, and indeed all of Planet Earth, to know any difference. But you know now. And you know that the Light of Love has never been extinguished!

"I, and my Kumara family, can attest to that. We have been here holding the Light when it seemed as though it must surely be put out. We continue here now, joined by millions - millions and billions of Light Ones from all over the Galaxy and the Universe beyond! And joined by you, Beloved Ones, turning up those Lights within yourselves, being in Oneness in the Light of Love, knowing that You Are Divine, as Divine as any king or queen - in fact, more so, because they recognized their divinity, but it came from false sources. They insisted that their subjects, their people, recognize their divinity - but again, it was false programs to justify their rule over others!

"What is true, Beloved Ones, is your own Divine natures - all of you, ALL OF YOU! Even though you are inhabiting human bodies in this moment, you are all of God, Mother/Father Creator, and you are all in your own right Divine Gods and Goddesses. You were made from the Light of Love only, at the very beginning. And now you are turning up these Lights within yourselves, bringing in more and more LoveLight to join within you. And in so doing, you share that Love!!!

"And so it is that even places which have been dark - so dark that Love and its Light seem to be dead - now you are showing the World that this is not the case - and it never has been! It was falsehood. The Lights may have been dimmed, but they never died. And that is why we have 'resurrection' occurring everywhere. And that is why now, that which looks like resurrection of something that died, is now showing that it never did!!! And that is another way of knowing the Truth of the story of Easter!

"Remember – that which may appear to be dead and gone forever is not. Even when a being, human or otherwise, leaves one's body, their Light is still eternally shining. It is like a bright, gleaming Light of Love shining radiantly in a place that is beyond where the body has lived, and yet has connections during the lifetime of that body. And it is a place where the Light that inhabited that very body returns along the Path to join - to join with what you call your Higher Dimensional Self, or Higher Self. Yes, you have a direct link there, a Path which can be energized! You have further a direct Path all the way out to the Creator of us all. Again, it can be energized!

"You are never out of Light. You are never out of Love. You have only to look in your own Hearts and then, if you wish, connect beyond! And it is to use this LoveLight within yourselves to heal whatever bit of darkness might be there or what might flow in, in the chaos that is taking place in the outside World - or so it seems!

"But be assured that that which seems to be chaos is really the opposite, for it is bringing life into balance for all! It may be traumatic, torturous even, but ultimately all beings who are awakened to the Truth of Who They Really Are, will come together in that Great Light. And all remnants and programs of the past oppressions will be gone. Only Light, only Love shall remain. And with the LoveLight, of course, Peace on Earth, Joy to the World, and radiant new Lifestyles in the Age of Light, that which we call the Golden Age!

"So see it! See it radiant - see the Path radiant before you. And stay on this Path and join hands and Hearts with all, all the LoveLight everywhere. And invite those who are not aware of it to shine forth, to find it within themselves and welcome more in, that we may be together on the Path, leading ultimately to your Ascensions, if that be your choosing. It was mine in the lifetime of Yeshua. But I have come to you now to show you the Path which leads to yourselves, your own sacredness, your own Divine Lifestyles, in the Realms where there is only Light, only Love!

"And this, Beloved Ones, is your Path. It is your Way, it is your Truth! So thank you, for your presence here. And I invite you to welcome my two Beloved Marys from that lifetime – my Mother and my Wife - and let them come around our circle and give you a precious gift - the roses of Kumara, roses of Love. Take as many as you choose. Place them in your Hearts and let their softness -and yet their strength - remind you that you are Love!

"Love is all you were made from. Love is all you truly are!!! Any perception you may have of darkness within your own being is simply an illusion, a lie, a program which your Light, your Love releases forever from your being. So let it be done! I see you all as radiant, beautiful beings of LoveLight! And I thank you for your presence here in this Gathering of Love, in this most auspicious time of remembrance, and return, and rising up out of darkness - for the whole Planet and the Universe beyond! So be it. So it is. Namaste!"

Transcription by Marta

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