Saturday, March 12, 2016

News from Zorra


I consider Zorra from Hollow Earth a very credible and reliable source of information.  Most of the things that he said are actually taking place and verifiable.  It turns out the news that Paul Ryan as the New President of the New US Republic was as usual, a ploy of the deceivers to once again insert lies into the news and deceive/confuse the public. According to Zorra General Dunford is still the Interim President of the New US Republic.  

We just hope that General Dunford will soon be ready to make an official announcement.

Here's what Zorra has to say so far.


The news from Zorra:

  • General Dunford is still Interim President.
  • NESARA is close upon us.
  • The Republic IS DONE!
  • The RV has started.



Zorra announces the following:

* Those who have not contacted their Private Banker
or Wealth Manager: DO IT NOW!

* Your Blessings have hit the American shores.
The US Government will not stop it.

* Sovereigns are complete.
Private groups are happening now.

* General 64, aka/Wells Fargo Group
Watch your special email for 800 Numbers! NOW.

* Expect this to happen at any time!

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