Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blossom Goodchild Conversation with the Galactics - April 26, 2016

Whoop dee doo! Here we are again … In High spirits, ready to receive in order to give. Go for it.

In accordance with that in which we choose to give … and therefore, for many to receive, we offer this day a challenge … of sorts.

How exciting.

It is to be that in future days your widespread thoughts are to be of interest to those who bad not been ready until these current days … and in order to allow intrigue; for the purpose of awakening that which sleeps within … may we suggest that a time frame for your Ascension be provoked?

Provoked? Gotta Google … ‘Stimulate or give rise to (Yet, it does say to annoy etc.) You sure that’s the word you want?

It would not be in our interest or our BEINGS to wish to provoke anger … yet, we do indeed mean ‘To stimulate or give rise to.’

A time frame? You don’t like to work with ‘our time’ … We are treading on very dodgy ground so early in the piece are we not?

No, Dearest One. We are now within a period of ‘your time’ when Energies are fulfilling their desire and creating a stirring within Each One. Reactions differ greatly to these Energies, yet indeed, they are stimulating the senses/sensors and bringing a KNOWING of Truth … An understanding that things are ready now to step up to the plate as we believe you say?

Yes. Yet, why we say it I do not know! Gotta google!

Lit.[For a batter in baseball] to move near home plate in preparation for striking the ball when it is pitched. Fig. to move into a position where one is ready to do a task.

Well there you go. So what exactly are you getting at my friends?

We are expressing to you that it is now within your grasp to realize/recognize ALL that you have been hanging on by a thread to achieve/discover.
Lovely. Yet, here once again, I must ask you to TRY and be a little more specific. I could take that to mean that things are really going to start moving fast and things are going to take place that will shake this Planet to its core … in a good way … and at last … at long last … we can move on up to a Greater/Higher alignment of ourselves … our ship (?) … And ALL! What does it mean for you?

Ditto. From your Planetary perspective.

And how will this present itself? What pray, can we expect to … physically and soul self wise … encounter?

You shall find yourselves ‘Ringing True’. As the Energies continue to work their magic and resonate with your soul center … you will notice a change in your Being from the point of view of demeanor. A Happiness will engage you of a degree that has not been suitable or conducive until NOW. This Happiness will resonate out and ‘strike’ others who are in need of becoming the same.



It is therefore, your ‘duty’ if you so choose … to follow The Plan and remain focused upon the Highest Energy of Joy and Love.These are the symptoms of such an outbreak.

An antidote for this viral spreading is to focus on that which is the opposite. This will quickly bring you back into your ‘old self again’! So, it is wise to continue Smiling in order for the infection of LOVE to be passed on. Much as a sneeze influences influenza. So, a Smile is likewise contagious … that the effects are instant.

One is instantly outrageously Joyous.

For your Smiles these days have taken on a different Energy. They penetrate into the deepest part of the receiver and start a revolution within One’s Being. As it reaches the heart space … it triggers an enormous uprising … filling the entire Being with the One LOVE that it already is. This in turn then, cannot help but react in passing this onto another.

A Smile appears without thought. It is an automatic physical reaction … and it continues to spread on and on … to all one meets.

It grows so rapidly NOW … that soon … EVERYWHERE /EVERYONE around you has caught this HAPPINESS BUG.

It is on your news. It is in your papers. It’s on your internet … THE WHOLE WORLD is susceptible … and it’s very, very catching … and … there is no cure!

You have come to save the world, your beloved Planet, in this way. By catching the HAPPINESS BUG!

And do you see, Dearest One’s? By doing so … the difference in EVERYONE/EVERYTHING will be immeasurable. The very air you breathe will transform into a LIGHTER consistency. The food you eat. The words you speak. The LOVE YOU ARE … will be LIGHTER … and in BEING SO …

Wonders shall start to express themselves in ways which you could not conceive of in THIS TIME FRAME. Yet, the NEW TIME FRAME … the one that you are creating ... shall present wonders of a HIGHLY formed account … that co-join the Higher Energies of that which they are … with the simple Smile of that which you are … and together/combined the FEELING from within shall enrapture and exalt.

Dearest One’s … Hold on to your hats!

I Truly don’t believe you said that! (For the ninety thousandths time.) Yet ... There is was … and seeing as I have interrupted, could I bring you back to you talking about a time frame? Do you mean that there actually is one, in which we can see such things come about?


You say that now …

And we shall say it in our next moment of now also … and the next and the next.

You see, I question such a statement. Because it hasn’t exactly been known for anything from yourselves and with respect … other channellers, for ‘predictions of amazing occurrences /happenings’ to actually manifest when they say they will. No offence ... It’s a flaw in the ‘system of time’ I am sure. So therefore … I cannot say that I am restraining myself from shouting it out to all and sundry about this exciting message … because, as I say … and will continue to say, my friends … ‘We have heard it all too often before ... and here we wait.’

Until one day … our promises present our Truth to you.

There is so much … in your future … that is awaiting your Joy to activate it.

There is so much within YOU that is AWAITING TO BE ACTIVATED BY YOU … so that you can BECOME ALL THAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR.

IT IS WITHIN YOU. It is not coming from elsewhere. It is YOU that are here to change EVERYTHING … and as you realize this … as you activate this call within … EVERYTHING CHANGES!

Feel for a moment the ENERGY that is carried within these words.

Take a breath or two, or three or four … to TRULY FEEL the activation in your heart space … that these words offer.

You KNOW of all these things.

You KNOW they are coming about.

YOU KNOW it is up to you … to infect everyone you come across with your HAPPY BUG … simply by Smiling your Beaming Infectious Smile upon them … in the KNOWING … the TRUTH of that KNOWING … that you are triggering the spark within them … that then allows them to pass it on.

Well, I have to say … I am personally feeling really good these days … and it is a conscious effort some of the time. Yet, there’s nothing wrong in a conscious effort Because then, when not consciously aware of making an effort to feel good ... I find I am just naturally doing so. A marvelous outcome for ones efforts!

Dearest Souls … consciously as individuals and One consciousness … FEEL your way into Joy. It is the ONE TRUE ROAD that when walked upon, brings PEACE to your Planet … Comfort to your Being and LOVE TO ITSELF.




I know I speak for many when I say that we are doing our very best. With EASE AND GRACE. In Love and thanks for this communication.

In JOY AND PEACE we retract our Energy … LOVING ALL.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar 72 Preview: End of Debt Slavery

Sheldan Nidle Update - April 26, 2016

Dratzo! Great progress is being made to get your blessings to the correct bank accounts. The dark has continued to try to delay this operation and it has mostly failed. A number of key developments did nevertheless occur. China began the process of moving to a gold standard with the announcement of the gold Yuan in Shanghai. The young royals in Europe approved the shift of vast sums of monies and the ancient families in China transferred a number of last remaining gold depositories into their final positions. As you see, the final preliminary steps needed to deliver your blessings are accomplished, as provided by a series of special agreements signed by all treaty nations last spring. All is currently on a divine timeline and our fleet is watching this complex set of actions closely. We expect that all of the required procedures are to be completed in a timely way. Until then, be patient and know that many of these funds still require some additional steps to be finalized. The dark is finally on the ropes and their long reign is just about over. Your victory is in sight!

As we watch all of this transpiring, we return to those who are mostly forgotten in this long and evolving process. We thank all of those who, over the past few decades, have set up a small, but nevertheless successful cooperative network. This network is serving throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia as the core for funneling monies and ideas to the most rural and often ignored parts of this globe. Your courage is not forgotten by our earthly counterparts or by us. We thank, too, all those who kept up a number of seemingly impossible legal cases that are now beginning to bear fruit. These teams of magnificent volunteers are finally to be paid for their services by us and their incredible legal abilities acknowledged by the dark. These immense efforts were completed under some very violent threats and many that we cannot as yet name are victims of the last vestiges of a long list of unrelenting violence. This is now near an end. The new Republic for America is close at hand and a number of grand surprises are ready to manifest as well.

What is now happening is a joint action that at first required that we develop a sense of trust in each other. The ancient families, and especially the royals, had become used to a sort of conspiratorial atmosphere that encouraged a rather long period filled with mistrust. It has taken nearly two decades to gain their trust. We also ran into the arrogance and stupidity of the dark cabal. This group truly believed that their dictatorship was to last forever. Hence, they saw us as just another group that was eventually to succumb to their directives. This set of beliefs ended when we closed their many underground bases and showed them who we really are. This frightened them and caused the dark cabal to be initially defensive with regard to our first divine messages from Heaven. So, as you can see, the first impression of us, for these various Light groups, was of distrust and a sense of overall fright. These first impressions ended when we turned to the Ascended Masters and the Agarthans for advice.

Our next set of interactions received an entirely different set of reactions. Those individuals who began to have confidence in us forged the courageous policies of the secret sacred societies. Slowly, these various groups of dedicated individuals began to trust us. After a decade of close workings with many of them, our advice is now honored and the great strides made in the last few years are a direct result of this coalition. We built, moreover, a huge main base next to the Agarthan capitol and began to hold detailed planning sessions there. The grand Council of Agartha and the Ascended Masters attended with many of the leaders of these sacred secret societies. This rapport was further extended because of the exciting results created by these numerous meetings. We are presently assured that our main divine purpose to come here is being honored and its success is leading to your full liberation from your former masters, the dark cabal. We fully expect to see many miraculous things begin shortly. Hosanna! Hosanna!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this joyous date to inform you that various blessings are currently in the last phases of delivery. Soon these blessings are to be with you. Things that the dark has employed to block these funds are gone. Thank Heaven and its glories for this! We are shortly to enter an age where these dark rapscallions are no longer in evidence. These particular rogues are to be arrested and a new republic is to be declared, first in America and then in the rest of this divine globe. These events have taken longer than expected. We thank all of you for your continued vision and deep spiritual support of our joint efforts. Gaia is also most pleased with how you have kept this grand vision going, despite all the frustrations that you have encountered. Many wonderful things are coming your way. Be ready for a plethora of magnificent blessings from Heaven and her heavenly helpers.

It is important that you realize just how powerful you truly are. One of the key aspects of this long process is for you to acknowledge from within that your vision is now coming true. The dark seized this from you when your ancestors were first dropped haphazardly into limited consciousness. It initially created a wall between your two primary aspects, the Spiritual and the Material Self. This division created a panic and in this special moment you gave your incredible powers away to others. This is a time when you are to be able to produce a means find a way to begin to take back these personal abilities. As you practice your daily envisioning, you are slowly starting to manifest these lost personal powers. As you receive these blessings and the minions fade from your environment, these lost abilities can begin to emerge. This is to continue as you realize your vision and begin a dialogue with your chosen mentors.

We are also to be a part of this mental and spiritual process. You are to get a better understanding of this as you practice the various ceremonies that you are daily to participate in. These are to be reviewed by your mentor and by us. We expect this to take longer than originally anticipated. You are eventually to reach a point where you can start to see how this is all coming together. When you achieve your initial “ah ha” moments, you then need us (mentors and Masters) to counsel you and prepare you for the last necessary steps. Once this is done, you are to be ready for your time in the Crystal Light Chambers. At this moment, we need to fully assess this realm and invoke the last ceremonies required to move this globe to the point of its final transformation. A final timetable is then to be arranged and strictly followed by all. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we continued our weekly reports on what is happening. These reports are nearing a glorious end. A point is coming when the Sacred Nine of AEION can address you and make a series of most important announcements. Until then we are to continue with these weekly letters! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Your New Level of Pure Divine Love Essence Expression Channeled by Fran Zepeda - April 18 2106

Greetings Beloveds, to All that you Are in this beautiful world you are creating. Behold the world you are creating. Hold it in your hands and hearts of pure essence, of pure Divine LOVE essence, and ponder what you have created.

It is a new world, expanding and beautifying as we speak.

Encompassing all and purifying all because you have reached a new level of excellence, of expanded pure Divine Love essence that is permeating all within and around you.

And you begin to take it for granted, dear ones, as you should. The world as others project it, in illusion and duality, is no longer your world. It is but a memory to you now as you embrace your purity and your divinity and harmonize all your aspects into pure Christ Consciousness, into pure Divine embodiment hosted by your physical body, but you are so much more than your physical body now.

You are learning to walk and talk in this expanded state of pure Light and Love, of pure Source Consciousness, pervading and penetrating every part of you now.

Get used to this expanded state. Begin to welcome the remembrance of your true nature, of your True Divine nature, and welcome it as your new normal.

We, Lady Nada and Sananda, come to you together as an example of the sweet essence of your potential harmony and wisdom that you contain and hold as your truth now. You hold the higher frequencies from which we speak to you, and so you are also of this higher frequency from which we speak. You know the truths of which we speak, and you carry them within you now and spread them to others in your daily activities just by radiating your true nature of unconditional love and understanding and compassion for all humanity.

You hold humanity with the perpetual ‘glue’ that holds the universe: … LOVE … Divine Love … Unconditional Love. It has created a lightness of your being and enables all to demonstrate the same. It is your truth now; it is your purpose. You hold the world together with Love, you hold the Universe together with Love, you hold the Multiverse together with Love, and from that you raise yourself to new heights of consciousness you have not seen before.

So beloveds, hear our words. You have come such a long way. You have elevated to frequencies you once only dreamed about and you are here amongst us, all Ascended Masters, all Celestial Beings, all Galactic Beings, doing your part to hold the frequency of Love in such a sustained way that you no longer see the world in illusion, in separation, but in Unity and totality of Divine Love Expressions everywhere.

This we say to you in complete confidence that you are realizing this, and that you are using this truth to create everything out of Love now. You live in Love, you work in Love, you walk in Love, forever more. Feel the buoyancy of it, feel the softness of it, feel the reality of it -- Divine Love at the core of everything you do, think, and say.

You are magnificent in your expression of Love. Everything else is illusion. Please remember that, always, dear ones.

We hold you within our truth of Pure Divine Love Essence Expression and we support you in yours, always. That is, your pure divine love expression coming from your pure divine essence and growing embodiment of your divinity, your divine nature expressing from within out, thus naturally and dynamically expressing your Pure Divine Love Essence in all that you are, do, think, and say. How beautiful this is.

We are Lady Nada and Sananda, in pure Love and Support of your attainment of this new, deeper, level of Pure Divine Love Essence Expression. Embrace it, beloveds.


Message Received April 18, 2016 ~ Copyright © 2011-2016 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message on your blogs and websites, provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included. Any other use of this material is prohibited without written permission.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Einstein's Present Incarnation

The Subject of Reincarnation

"Earth is unique in the sense that the rate and frequency of the renewal of bodies transitioning into a new body (also known as reincarnation) is very frequent and regular as the average lifetime of people on the surface world is only more or less 100 years. Unlike those in Hollow Earth, the average lifespan of their physical bodies is hundreds of thousands of years, as the cells can be reinvigorated for a prolonged existence". 


Unknown to most people that since Albert Einstein passed away in 1955 three years after that, his soul was re-assigned for a new reincarnation on Earth to a baby that will become known as Mehran Keshe who was born in 1958.  

The only problem as to every incarnation, which is generally true for everyone  is that you cannot bring with you your previous memory of the past or that of your previous lifetime.  As Einstein switched to a new body having the same soul and spirit but with a new physical body; he now embarks on a new life of existence and journey of personal experience.

Death therefore is only an Illusion.  And that the physical body dies and decompose but the soul and spirit continues as though nothing happened.  This important transition highlights the fact that the soul is actually "Immortal".

Although, Albert Einstein cannot totally recall and remember the past; but his frame of mind and the way he thinks as well as the quality of his persona can still be retained and it remains intact even after the transition into a newly assigned body of incarnation process.

The thought processes or the way Einstein thinks in the past can be traced literally to the personality of Mehran Keshe.  This is because the soul is the same soul that used to occupy the body that we used to know as Albert Einstein.  It just that now that soul transitions to a new address (so to speak) into the body of Mr. Keshe.

According to Zorra, the person that is now inhabiting the body of the individual known as M. Keshe is the one previously known as Albert Einstein and that there's at least a minimum of 5 years before a soul can be transferred and re-assigned to a new body. And this is a standard waiting procedure applicable to everyone on Earth. This means those who passed away and have left behind their physical bodies will have at least 5 years to wait until they can be given new assignments for a new body.  Usually, the assignment will be given/transferred to newly developed baby inside the body of pregnant women who are about to give birth.  And since Einstein needed to be in a particular timeline then his waiting time has been cut short into 3 years in order for him to be assigned to the new baby that was about to be born into this world.  And that transfer took place in the year 1958.  

And so, the person that was named as "Mehran Keshe" was born into this world but the soul persona that is inhabiting and operating that body is no other than the great Albert Einstein himself.  

The only problem with the process of incarnation is that no one remembers their past or their former lives.  This is probably one of the very reason why those Pharaohs in Egypt wanted their bodies preserve so that with the use of cell and molecule regeneration technology they can then restore the previous bodies and recover their memory of the past as they re-visits their former and previous physical bodies.

But one thing we can be sure of.  Even when the body transitions to a new body the likes and dislikes of every person that went through the "Reincarnation" process remains the same.  The essence of the persons character remains the same. Because the soul that now inhabits a new body is the same person in the past, therefore the personality trait remains the same.  

Have you ever met someone and felt that you've known that person for a long time even though you met them a few days ago?  That's what it is, we just can't remember the past and that person could have been one of our close friends or family members in the previous lifetime.

Take Albert Einstein for instance.  Bring to Mehran Keshe the beloved daughter of Einstein - his own sibling in his past lifetime and though the soul inside Keshe (which is previously Einstein) could not remember his own daughter; but the spirit can detect that this person is someone dear to him in the past.  I am sure that if we allow the daughter of Albert Einstein meet Mehran Keshe, she will feel as though she is infront of her dad even though she is now older than Mr. Keshe.  

(to be continued......)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nessie is a Native of Hollow Earth

In Scotland, Nessie has been spotted by the locals several times in the past.  Now, the people of Hollow Earth revealed that the creature that people named as Nessie is actually a visitor from Hollow Earth as Nessie is a native of that world inside the Earth.

Underneath the Loch Ness lake in Scotland there is an extensive entrance to the Hollow Earth whereby a manmade submersible can go through and explore the underwater caverns that leads to the world inside the Earth known as the Hollow Earth.

Hollow Earth is not just inhabited by people but also with creatures that for us in the surface world are considered extinct and pre-historic.  Some of these creatures are fond of exploring the surface world not through the Northern Polar opening but via a SHORT CUT route using the underwater small cavern of the Loch Ness lake in northern Scotland.  This underwater opening is not unique only to Scotland but is also found on other parts of the world. 

Yes, there is an opening to Hollow Earth underneath that lake and its been there since the days of the people who built the Stonehenge which is the people from the Pleiades.  For those who dont know where Pleiades is it was mentioned in the Old Testament bible.  And its from a very far star system. They are the ones who built the StoneHenge structure in southern England. 

Coincidentally, the creatures that visits the lake in Scotland the closest dinosaur that we know of that similarly resembles that animal is a Plesiosaur.  It is a plant eating animal and not very aggressive.  And so, the word monster the term that people use to call Nessie may not be an appropriate terminology as Nessie is not violent and not carnivorous creature.  In other words they are harmless creatures.


People saw Nessie as he surveyed the lake of Scotland.  This mammal can live both in land as well as in water.  The brief visits of Nessie in the past only validates the fact that Nessie is just visiting/touring Scotland and that he came from another world (not in another planet) but from a world INSIDE our planet; where these creatures thrive and live without the threat of pollution that is very rampant in our surface world.  


On a similar note:

Back in the 70's and 80's the Japanese fishing vessels found in the Pacific Ocean large carcasses of an animal that resembles the prehistoric Plesiosaurus

The bone structure reveals that it is a Plesiosaur.  The problem with that is where on Earth did it come from when this animal is suppose to be extinct a long, long time ago?  The decaying and decomposing animal indicates that it died a few weeks before.  

But now we know that this creature must have come from inside the Earth.

The Flower People from Hollow Earth by Dianne Robbins

So we are here to talk about the flowers, and how they bloom so beautifully and so abundantly in Spring. They lift their heads and turn their faces toward the Sun, and lo and behold, their magnificent bodies emerge from the dirt and you see their full beauty and smell their deep fragrance. They are magical aren’t they? And they have a message for your surface folk now:

Dearest people on Earth, we are the Flower People from Catharia, inside the Hollow Earth, here to guide you also, and to bring you the fragrant scents and smells from the Heaven World through our delicate and beautifully shaped bodies of Light. For we are of Light also, although your five senses do not yet detect our vibration.

We flow our Light to you in currents of waves when you kneel beside us to smell our fragrant petals or to touch our stems. This is especially so in the Hollow Earth, where the people are connected to us in their full consciousness. Soon you will be too, and then we can converse and play together. Yes, we love to play, and we do this easily. Even though we cannot move around, our laughter and voices can be heard whenever you are in our vicinity, and we can play in our thoughts and visions and sing to all those around us. If you listen deeply, you can hear our songs and sing along with us. We invite you into our aura and into our lives.

We were sent here by the Spiritual Hierarchy to guide you into your ascension, and to bring you the beauty of Heaven. For as you connect with our beauty, you connect to Heaven. It is one and the same. For beauty is who you are, and we are here to remind you of this truth. We send our love out to you on the petals of springtime and the aromas wafting through the air. Catch them and connect to us. We await your visit. We are the Flower People from deep inside the Earth.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

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Earthquake and Tsunami in the US West Coast & Mexico


That which is Cosmic Awareness is today
available. That this Awareness would ask you now, Joan, to proceed.

Thank you, and welcome

Cosmic Awareness, thank you for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix
Membership session of April 17, 2016. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic
Awareness, Joan Mills is the questioner and Energizer. Is there an opening
message or any event you would like to discuss please, at this time? Thank

That this Awareness has an opening message. That this Awareness says to the members that you are right now in a very critical space and place as humanity, as individuals, moving into a different reality. That this Awareness for the last several months, has been emphasizing that the energies at this time are such that anything could happen and that those in power are indeed pushing things at this time, for they too understand the alignments of the planets and their forces, and of the energies that are playing themselves out now and they too realize that they could use these unstable and powerful energies to their advantage or at least, this is how they too see it.

That they could use those energies that could create the situations of advantage for them, that they can use this to their advantage and yet at the same time, there is a wildness about this time, anuncertainty of how things might come out. Therefore, even these ones who see that the energies are of a high nature and if utilized properly by them to gain that which they wish to gain, that which is their continuance of power, that even they cannot predict what will occur, for they no longer can see into the future as they once did.

That which was their ability to read different timelines from the timeless space of fourth dimensionality, is not effective or working for them as it once did, and that this is so since that time of the mass Ascension event that occurred in December of 2012, the Ascension event of December 21, 2012. Yet they have proceeded as if they will still achieve their goals, but it is no longer
guaranteed and it is no longer that which suits Divine Source and Its purpose
of bringing a new level of consciousness to humanity, to Mother Earth, and even to the solar system, the galaxies and the universe.

This is that which those in power right now do not comprehend or understand. It is as if they are automatons, automatic robots that are wound up and must proceed along the path that is set for them. They lack flexibility in this matter and because previous viewings of timelines showed that there were certain ones that they could use to their advantage because this was seen before December 21st, 2012, they are continuing along those options, those paths of possibility, that once showed them that this would be the way to go for them to achieve the results they wish to achieve.

There are other factors of course that are now playing themselves out, factors of intervention of the extraterrestrial beings that belong not to the Archonic forces, but to the forces of that which one could loosely call Divine Source and Divine Light. That there are interventions that are happening and have been happening over the last several years, that have been shunting the ones who have been trying so hard, off of their path, that which they thought might come to be, and yet such as the inflexibility and thus the weakness of the powers-that-be that they cannot see that they are the powers-that-were and that the significance of their authority has been diminished, has been curtailed, and is not that which will proceed.

Having said this, this Awareness must also emphasize, this is only so for those who do not buy in any longer to the manipulations of those in power. The majority of humanity unfortunately is still being provoked towards reaction and towards certain response because they are not yet aware enough to see the manipulations or to understand that that which they assumed to be truth and reality of a third dimensional construct, that which is their reality is false by nature and manipulated by those whohave a greater understanding of these events.

Having said this, this Awareness can also say that humanity itself is being moved towards events that will be so shocking in nature and so upsetting that previous tenants of faith and belief structures will crumble because the ones that have been pushing them are being deprived of their power and capacity to continue the sham and to continue the deception that they have been engaged in for hundreds and thousands of years.

There is that force that will help humanity even the ones that are totally unaware of things, who have not questioned, would not question, for they have bought into the reality constructs that have been given to them, that they have been indoctrinated into. But the only way that this can happen are
through extraordinary events. Events that do not go according to the plans of
those who consider themselves to be in power, who have the right to do to
humanity anything they wish as it has been and as they think it will continue
to be.

These extraordinary events unfortunately, are events that could crumble existing structures of reality that most live their lives by. For example: the assumption that if one works hard and has trust and faith in one's government that they will do alright. What will happen if the economic situation, for example, collapses? It is already a frightening state of affairs in the United States regarding the true levels of unemployment, that are not being reported accurately and many are already facing economic hardship because of a lack of employment and yet the belief is still they will be taken care of by their government, and that all will still work out.

However if an economic event of great magnitude to were to occur and that the economic backing of the American dollar crumbles, is devalued, then the situation will grow much worse. This Awareness is here to say that at this time, one of the events that the United States and the world itself globally, is being moved towards is the collapse of the American dollar as the currency of international standing. There are events taking place at this time: meetings between the bankers and the President and the Vice President, all in secret. There are negotiations underway that are pushing a China agenda, that there is a very strong likelihood of a collapse of the American economy in the next few weeks.

That this Awareness speaks of this, for these are the events and the plans that are being worked with by ones in the know. That most of course do not know anything of this and simply are proceeding under the assumptions that America is alright financially and it is to be too big to fail and that what America is doing is that which is the envy of the rest of the world without ever understanding that the situation of America, what with its stolen gold, the gold that is the nation's gold by your former leaders, by your industrialists, your corporate leaders, has left the country bereft of gold as a backing for the currency and that this is well known amongst many in the economic field who deal with these matters but it is hidden both from the American people and generally from the populace of the planet, and many proceed as if the American dollar is the bastion of all currencies, the strongest of all currencies, when in actuality the American dollar is the weakest of the international currencies, and that it is all based on lies and deceptions, smoke and mirrors, to keep up the illusion that America financially-speaking, is still a powerful nation and can weather the storms of economic disparity.

There have been in the last several years, groups that are moving towards the abandonment of the American currency which is based on petroleum, thus the petro-dollar, back to a gold standard-backed currency. That China is that nation at this time that is in the strongest economic position for they have gold and that there are manipulations and plans to move the international currency away from America and to China, thus the UN, the Yuan, the Chinese currency becomes the international currency and this is very close to happening, and if it does happen a series of events will occur in the United States that will see the devaluation of the American dollar.

That these will be in preceded by a closing of the banks, that which will be called a bank holiday and that when the banks open again the dollar that was valued at one level will be much lower, having been devalued and that this will send shock waves through America and that there will be many collapses of many businesses and that many will find themselves in economic destitution and despair. That this can even happen as soon as May 2nd.

That this Awareness is putting this information out at this time, not to focus the attentions on this event happening. It is one event that could happen, one timeline that many are starting to energize. There is a strength to this timeline that must be acknowledged, but this Awareness would still say to one and all remember that you will receive what you focus upon.

That this Awareness presents this information to help you prepare for the shock of a collapse economically in the United States, but would also ask you to remember that it has been advising one and all towards that which this Awareness speaks of as sacred neutrality.

That this Awareness for several years has been speaking of the need not to go into panic or fear or meltdown, but to hold the space, to stay in that place of sacred neutrality with the understanding that this is what was needed, because the system itself, at the core, was and is corrupt, and that the corruption must finally be routed out, rooted out, must be removed, and if this means that the collapse will cause not the destruction of the United States, but rather its rebirth, so that a new system can happen and new leaders for the people and of the people can be elected.

For the deception that is prevalent in the United States of America and in other Western nations as well, which are following the lead of the United States of America is nothing short than the manifestation of these dark ones and the corruption that they are.

That because most do not question, most do not entertain even the thought that their own government that they have put on the highest pedestal in complete ignorance, in complete unawareness of the truth, that these very ones are the very ones that are causing great harm to the people and to the nation and to the planet itself, the global community of humanity, and it is for this reason that this Awareness has long been speaking of events that could happen to destroy the existing system and systems, to destroy the corruption of the leaders who would sell out and have sold out their own people for their own selfish profit.

This is that time. Prepare yourself now and be prepared, but also understand that you must be flexible, you must hold that no matter what happens, you will be alright, everything will work out, for you must also remember that Divine Source Itself, the Spirit of the Divine, the Spirit of your own multidimensionality in its expanded state, is also working towards coming through this event.

Therefore, even though an event of breakdown may soon occur, hold this as the time of breaking through, going through the blocks and the barriers. That if one can maintain level footing, if one can maintain a clear head and if one can stay out of fear and panic and knee-jerk reaction, then one has a better chance of getting through the unfolding events.

That as one stays in that place of sacred neutrality, trusting that that which is happening is that which needs to happen to bring down the corrupt regime and that all will work out and that something much greater and much better than that which has been, replaces that which has been, then one will find that this journey, this transit through troubled times, although perhaps challenging, although perhaps a little frightening, is basically that which can be handled, and that which will indeed lead them as individuals and them as family units and them as cultural groups of a nation, that needs to be adjusted forward through the upheaval and to the place that lies beyond. Hold a future that all will work out because that which is the corruption has been removed, hold that Divine Source is with you, walks with you, will not abandon you, has not abandoned you, and that this too is part of a much greater plan of Spirit that needs to happen, for a cleansing is desperately needed at this time, for the corpse of the nation that is America is rotting and this corpse must be restored to a higher status of its own beingness.

It is that which is represented by the resurrection, that Easter recently put this theme into mass consciousness, that the one known as Jesus had been crucified, sacrificed on the cross of materialism and physicality, had died for the sins of humanity.

That this is part of a propaganda of religion, of the Christian region. But what is not propaganda is this understanding that if one lets go of that which no longer serves, which is only a deception and a deceit and one is willing to be born into the new truth of one's own being and the higher spiritual truths, that this will be the resurrection and the transmogrification of that which was at one level transcended into a higher level, consciousness itself, transcended from the restricted level of third dimensionality into the higher planes of fourth dimensionality and beyond into fifth dimensionality.

Remember this is all part of that which lies ahead and is possible but can only happen if that which is the rotting corpse that has been fed upon by ones who are vampires in nature, is finally released and let go and that this can only happen when certain events occur that while on the surface may seem horrible events, events of a great catastrophe, but in truth are those that serve the clearing and the cleansing of the rottenness of the decay, of the stench of deceit, of lies, of manipulation, of violence, of hatred, of all that which now is so, is held by those in power.

Therefore, be prepared for the energies are accumulating in terms of the economic collapse of the American dollar and the American economy. Remember that even if this happens, it does not mean that on a local level there are not sources of food or that you cannot still have shelter and protection, or that you will be crushed by it. This is not necessarily seen as that which will occur, unless, again this is emphasized, you believe that you will be crushed and destroyed by the circumstances that are being unleashed, by the events that are happening.

This Awareness has never completely spoken to the issue of an event that could happen and even while It is doing so now, It will still remind you that this is but a timeline of possibility, and that you are in a fulcrum point right now, before such an event happens, to focus yourselves in a direction, in an understanding of events that could occur, that would place you on a timeline other than that which is being outlined by this Awareness.

That this is your individual choice to hold that you can proceed in a different way and that which is being predicted by this Awareness does not need to be that which is your experience of reality, your experience of a timeline of events. That even though many are energizing this, these timelines of their individual making into mass, a mass timeline, even though energies are being collated here, collected towards this event to be so, that you, the individual, as a creator being, aligned with your own higher potential, and your own higher multidimensional nature, can still hold that all will be well, that there will be resolution to these events, and these dire events that this Awareness has been describing are not the events of your experience, are not the events of your timeline and for you these events may never unfold.

It would be a mistake however, to say that this means that this Awareness is wrong. It is not whether this Awareness is wrong or right, it is simply that this Awareness is sharing with you at this time, the energies that are underway. It is fact that President Obama met with the Vice President Biden for a series of meetings, an unprecedented occurrence. It is true that bankers have been gathering in Washington over the last few days for discussions. It is true there are discussions happening with China. These are facts that are happening in many timelines, but does this mean that you the individual, the Creator being of your life, needs it to express itself as spoken by this Awareness for all that is, is that which is the majority energy that many will choose to experience, but not the guaranteed energy that must be experienced by each and every individual. Be the strong individual, hold that
all will work out, that even if events collapse, this is but a great opportunity presented by Spirit to move yourself forward, to move yourself beyond the limitations that are so at this time for the majority of people. Choose your timeline, focus on this, hold it to be so and then let it go, be flexible, for that is what is most needed at this time: flexibility.

That even though the world is on the very precipice of an event of great magnitude and other events also seen, not simplythe economic fields, that could also possibly erupt, that this Awareness is still indeed saying to one and all, do not focus on these events as that which will occur, hold it rather as this could happen, and if it does happen and you do experience this type of upheaval, that you hold that you will be alright,that you and your loved ones will manage this, will come through this and that it is a breakthrough and not simply a breakdown, and that no matter what, this is that which serves the greater purpose of Source and Spirit, that serves the greater purpose of humanity and Mother Earth.

These are unprecedented times, these are times of extraordinary events, hold it always that however things unfold, this is your opportunity to break through. This is your opportunity to grow and expand, this is your opportunity to release and heal those areas of your own life and those areas of your collective lives with others, that need healing, need release. That it is the time to move forward into these events and through these events, and if it is so that you experience nothing of this, then pat yourself on the back for this will mean that you have been able to truly focus on a timeline that is possible, a timeline where the destruction does not need to occur the way that many hold it, and many anticipate it, and if it is that you do experience upheaval and events around you collapse; then do not go into fear and panic, do not go into hopelessness, do not believe what you are being told, but hold rather that all will still work out.

There are other forces at play here, than simply the economic forces that you are told about or the extraterrestrial negative Archon ones you are told about or the religious beliefs that are prophesizing Armageddon. Do not go there, for if you focus your attention there you could indeed experience these as your reality.

Hold simply that all is collapsing, coming down because the structure itself is rotten and a new structure must now be built: but for this to occur, the old structure must come down and that if you are experiencing anything of this which is hard and challenging, know simply that this is the hard work and that there will be benefit from hard work in the sense that that which is removed can then be replaced with that which is sound and of the highest spiritual nature.

Know that this Awareness will not abandon you. Divine Source and Spirit will not abandon you. Your own multidimensional nature and family will not abandon you. This Awareness asks you not to abandon Source, not to abandon this Awareness, not to abandon your own multidimensional spiritual nature.

That this is that which this Awareness presents as Its advice at this time, the eve before amazing events, the time before a collapse that is needed. That this Awareness sends Its energy to one and all in these outstanding times of possibility and potentiality. This Awareness holds that all will be well and asks that you hold this for yourselves and your loved ones as well. That the blessings and energies, the Light and the Love of this Awareness are there for one and all and it is so.

And so be it. Thank you Awareness, that was very, very interesting. The members I am sure will be pleased to have some insight as to what is going on. Thank you again.

That you are welcome, and that this Awareness would say that It would be well pleased if the majority never experienced anything of the events this Awareness is speaking of for it truly would be the indicator that they, those who have not experienced any of the events, have managed to set themselves upon timelines where such dramatic and extraordinary events need not take place and a more general peaceful transition does take place, where the forces of the Galactic ones that are here to assist and intervene, have had effect, where the powers of Divine Source have had influence and it is this that this Awareness will hold to be the experience of the majority and that this Awareness says it is possible for one and all who have such strong conviction and trust and faith that they can move through these outstanding changes in a much gentler way where change does occur but it does not necessarily mean the total collapse of all, because of factors unseen and unknown and unaccepted that will help and assist the transition.

Hold this to be the truth of your being and the timeline of choice for you and then release, let go, step into the sacred neutral and understand that no matter what happens, you will be alright and that you will come through this in fine form.

That is very, very hopeful and I really hope as well that the people recognize that this is possible. Thank you Awareness.

Channeller: Will Berlinghof


Mike Quinsey's Higher Self - April 22, 2016

Dear Ones you are handling the present situation on Earth with good sense, by keeping your sights upon Ascension. It draws nearer with each day that passes but there is still much work to do before it becomes your reality. In this closing period there will be much to do as you assist those who are at the forefront of the changes. The minions of the dark Ones still possess sufficient power to keep you from learning the whole truth, but it will come out regardless of their actions.

Now is the time to handle your own development rather than be led by others, by assessing all information that is passed to you based on whether it "feels" right. As you are already well on to your path of Light, you should have sufficient knowledge to see what lies ahead. Over some years Beings of Light have enabled you to continue growing, and have directed you onto the Path of Light. It is however now time to forget the traditional paths that have required your strict obedience to them. You have outgrown them and are sufficiently advanced to determine your own pathway.

Tremendous changes are rapidly approaching that will tell you beyond doubt, that the New Age has arrived. Your Internet is still the nearest you can get to the truth, but even that is subject to false information at times. However, once you have identified reliable sources, you will have information by which you can determine those that can be safely used to check out others. If in doubt your intuition is your best guide, but always be prepared to change if it takes you to a higher level.

As most of you must already be aware, all forms of religious teachings are under review, as present messages from the Archangels and other higher sources have indicated. The established religions are to be treated with careful scrutiny as not one has a sole claim to the truth. On some major issues they are sadly lacking, but an advanced soul would be able to determine which ones they are. At this time of great changes even the orthodox religions are being revised, but some souls still heavily rely upon them and will have to find their own pathway to the truth. Prayer is still powerful and important but needs to come from the heart, as those repeatedly used often tend to lack any real injection of Love and Light. Let your own life become a prayer within itself as you live it with unconditional Love. It is the ultimate goal of all who are preparing to ascend.

In your travels upon Earth you have gone through many experiences at many different levels, and now you are a "seasoned traveller" ready to step up to the next level. Each time you do so your lives get so much easier and pleasurable, as you are no longer in the presence of the dark Ones who would do their best to keep you down. That time is approaching now, and worth every bit of effort you put into it. You are not expected to become paupers or live in rags to prove your acceptance of God, and you are entitled to enjoy life and share the bounty of the Earth. For too long you have suffered "lack", but that time will soon pass even although the conditions still exist in some countries. Truthfully the Earth has sufficient for all to enjoy a happy and fruitful life, although to many it may not seem so now but in the very near future it shall quickly come to be.

Mother Earth has commenced the cleansing of the planet as she cannot hold back any longer, and will give clear signals of what is to come. Take heed and you will be clear of any danger to life or limb. Some souls wishing to leave the Earth will seize such opportunities, as they are not ready to remain and take part in the Ascension. Remember that death is only a transfer from one level to another, as in reality there is no such thing as "death", that some souls consider to be a permanent condition. Life is eternal and death is not such a frightening experience as some might imagine. When the soul leaves the physical body it easily slips out and then moves to the Summer Realms. There it will review its life and then proceed to an appropriate level, determined by their vibrations.

You are so close to learning of the preparations regarding the changes that are imminent. Much work has been put in and still continues, and it is only the enormity of the challenge that involves the co-operation of so many other people that is taking time to reach completion. Nothing will stop the planned outcome but as you have already found, all is not quite as simple as you might believe. Sufficient safeguards are in place to ensure that there are no major hold ups and the major challenges have already been dealt with. So you can be assured that commencement of the revelations will come in the very near future. Many members of your family and friends, wait with love in their hearts to greet you.

Matters on Earth are playing themselves out as required for karmic reasons, but they can be brought to a stop at any time by the higher powers of Love and Light that control your destiny. Great Beings have always followed your progress and directed your experiences, to ensure steady progress where your evolution is concerned. There have been periods when the energies of Light have been the dominant force, but in the cycle that you have just completed the dark Forces have been allowed to test you. The outcome was not a foregone conclusion, but you of the Light have overcome the lower energies to hold on to your higher Light frequencies. You are to be congratulated for having done so in the face of immense challenges at every turn. You could take the view that it is now "game over" and that all the actors can now resume their normal activities. Yet it is not quite that simple as whilst great understanding is given to the role every soul has played, some actions call for karmic solutions. Rest assured however that no souls are punished but instead given every help to fully return to the Light.

Many find it hard to understand how your experiences are not considered to be those of your true reality. Of course they are perfectly real at the time but do not relate to the higher levels that you came from to experience life in solid matter. You have created your own reality over many hundreds of lives and whilst you have always been given guidance, the final choice has been yours. The toughest problem you have faced is to accept that you are All One, and for eons of time you have competed with each other for dominance to the point of destroying those you considered different. Now you know that you are All One, the differences can be set aside and there is no reason why you should not all happily progress together. Clearly there needs to be a sharing of the Earth’s bounties, and this will follow in due course.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Migratory Birds are Regular Visitors to Hollow Earth

Migration of birds has been happening since ancient times.  Some of these birds fly just for a short visit to locations that have warmer climates and plenty of food. But for others they travel long distance migration for a longer duration and they fly as flock of birds by the hundreds and sometimes thousands.

But there are some mysteries surrounding the migration of some of these birds.  Some of them fly miles and miles into a location that is not hospitable for a longer stay which is the northern hemisphere.  Researchers have been puzzled as to why some migratory birds travel to the north when it is much colder in the arctic region and in winter time there's less food for them in that region. And what is even more puzzling when they get to the north they just vanish!

Some researchers went as far as tracking these birds as they fly going northward.  They found out that they are really going not just to the northern hemisphere but also to the north pole.  But they ask why? And these birds never return to where they came from for months.  And this phenomenon happens year after year.  

What in the world are these birds doing in the north pole?

The answer to this question has finally been answered.  Billie Woodard (Zaraya) the man from Hollow Earth revealed that these various kinds of birds migrates to the north and settles for a time (vacation) into the land of Hollow Earth.  Inside the Earths interior where it is always not hot and not cold is just moderate climate, where these birds migrates to and stay for a period of time and enjoy the soothing and relaxing atmosphere and environment of the Hollow Earth.

Now we know why these migratory birds are willing to endure the cold temperature of the north while they travel northward as they know that upon reaching the north pole and into the interior of the Earth the temperature will become moderate/temperate inside the paradise world of Hollow Earth. They will then return to the surface world after a few months.