Thursday, April 21, 2016

Migratory Birds are Regular Visitors to Hollow Earth

Migration of birds has been happening since ancient times.  Some of these birds fly just for a short visit to locations that have warmer climates and plenty of food. But for others they travel long distance migration for a longer duration and they fly as flock of birds by the hundreds and sometimes thousands.

But there are some mysteries surrounding the migration of some of these birds.  Some of them fly miles and miles into a location that is not hospitable for a longer stay which is the northern hemisphere.  Researchers have been puzzled as to why some migratory birds travel to the north when it is much colder in the arctic region and in winter time there's less food for them in that region. And what is even more puzzling when they get to the north they just vanish!

Some researchers went as far as tracking these birds as they fly going northward.  They found out that they are really going not just to the northern hemisphere but also to the north pole.  But they ask why? And these birds never return to where they came from for months.  And this phenomenon happens year after year.  

What in the world are these birds doing in the north pole?

The answer to this question has finally been answered.  Billie Woodard (Zaraya) the man from Hollow Earth revealed that these various kinds of birds migrates to the north and settles for a time (vacation) into the land of Hollow Earth.  Inside the Earths interior where it is always not hot and not cold is just moderate climate, where these birds migrates to and stay for a period of time and enjoy the soothing and relaxing atmosphere and environment of the Hollow Earth.

Now we know why these migratory birds are willing to endure the cold temperature of the north while they travel northward as they know that upon reaching the north pole and into the interior of the Earth the temperature will become moderate/temperate inside the paradise world of Hollow Earth. They will then return to the surface world after a few months.