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Note: The subject of Ascension is something I have not completely address before.  I agree to a great extent to the message of this article.  If you recall the ascension of Christ; it was done in bodily form. He was able to keep his body and brought it with him during ascension. And so therefore, whenever he visits this current dimension he does not have to go through birth process once again of being assigned to a human baby that is about to be born into this world. Instead, he can take his current body and bring it with him as though he now have a garage (so to speak) in the higher dimension to park and store his physical body.  And everytime he wants to visit the Earthly dimension he can just hop in to the former body and or avatar and he's ready to go. 

One of the benefits of ascension is that this time those who are included, their bodies will never die again. As the bible calls it:  "death is swallowed up in victory".  The other benefit of ascension is that the body will revert back to being young again.  Meaning, the physical body no matter how old will become 25 year old allover again.  And the 25 year old age will become like a standard, applicable to everyone who ascends and that their bodies will never ever grow old again. 

The life of Jesus, the one we also call as Sananda is a shining example to this ascension process. If he can do it, then we can also do it. This time it will be a much grander planetary scale. At least the vast majority of mankind are scheduled for ascension. Those who are not yet ready for ascension they will be physically transferred to the "Second Earth" for some more R & R and integration for more lessons of life and to learn more through their own personal experiences.  Many of those who will not be included are those who are so deeply ingrained with the philosophy & doctrine of the Annunakis & Reptilians of being evil, greedy/selfish and completely indifferent with the rest of humanity in that they don't care at all about anyone but themselves; which is why they continue to enslave people by manipulations, deceptions and lies.


An Explanation of Ascension

By Operation Disclosure
May 21, 2016

Take on Ascension...

I learned about Ascension years ago. At that time, I had very little knowledge of it but It was very intriguing to me. I've been learning about it ever since. Before that, I was already intrigued to learn about life. There's just something in me... Something that I already know but can't remember and my mind is trying to find the answer. This is one of the reasons why I am much excited for Ascension.

We all know how our lives will turn out before you are even born. But of course, as your light body is transported to the physical body when you are in your mother's womb, you have no recollection of this. Almost everything you have done in your life was planned by yourself. Although, there are always mistakes and those mistakes is what you try to work on for every life you incarnate.

You know exactly when you will "pass" that is why some people leave this Earth on their birthdays. There are no accidents, even if it causes the loss of a loved one. It was supposed to happen. They chose it for their own reasons. But life doesn't end, it continues on with another reincarnation. So you must still treasure the life you have now as you won't have it again. You will be a different person.

After the Ascension, you'll still remember everything and everyone you knew, no more "clean swipes". So you will see your parents again, they may not be in the same physical body, but it is them. You will see all of your relatives and all of your ancestors.

This Ascension is to happen while we are still in our physical bodies. It is about becoming "one" with your physical body and light body. There will no longer be disconnection between the two. All your memories and knowledge of all of your previous reincarnations will flood into your mind like a tidal wave. Everyone will know who they are in full and everyone will see their loved ones again. You may even have already seen your late loved ones, you just don't know its them and they don't know its you.

Long ago when I was still a teenager I had a dream. Just a couple of months ago, I had deja vu and it was that specific dream that I was remembering... I must have been accessing memories from my light body before I incarnated.

Your body is an avatar and your "true self" is composed of light, non-physical. In more simple terms, your "spirit".

Ascension is very real and is coming very soon.

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