Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Correspondents Dinner at the White House


In this recent gathering at the White House, president Obama right after his speech did the so called "Drop Mic".  It is not very common that the president conveys a message that captures the attention of the audience.  With this gesture, the president is acknowledging the remaining time that he have left as president and the time for him to leave the Oval Office is near in the months to come.  

It turns out the president is trying to get across a message more than just a drop of the microphone as he mentioned in effect that the end of the Republic has arrived.  The implication of these words is profound as the president is indirectly announcing that the corporate government is done and that there's now a new Republic in place, one that is really of the people and by the people and not the fake - privately owned corporate government owned and managed by several Oligarchies.    

Intelligence reports said that there was a lock down on the White House just days prior to this announcement signalling the takeover of the privately owned government by the New Republic headed by Interim President General Dunford and the US Military has taken place.  This announcement from president Obama could be an informal and or indirect announcement of that transition. And when the time is right then they will formally make the public announcement about the New Republic of the United States.  

While in transition president Obama will now cease taking orders from the Oligarchies as the validity of that corporation is over.  And he will now for the meantime work with General Dunford to straighten out all that has been wrong in the US government since God knows when, until the official public announcement of the New Republic is given.