Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Auroras Australis As Observed In Antarctica

Note: Yet another scientific observation that confirms even more that the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis also known as northern and southern lights has no connection whatsoever with the light from the Sun.  It's been hypothesized before that the Sun was directly responsible for the formation of the Aurora's. 

This further confirms what was said by Zorra from Hollow Earth that the auroras are directly caused by the light of the small Sun inside the hollowed interior of the Earth.  The small Sun inside the Earth is a 600 mile diameter that is stationary positioned at the center of the Earth.   This small Sun changes its color from time to time which explains the various colors of the auroras.  And the light of this small sun is then projected both to the north and southern polar opening.  And because of the inward flow & fluctuation movement of the Earths magnetic field combined with the polar ice crystals the light of this small sun is then transformed into this magnificent and dazzling array of light we call as the 'Auroras'.

It's been Observed from space that indeed the Auroras are emanating from the northern and southern polar opening.


BRIGHT AURORAS CAST SHADOWS: No sunspots? No problem. "Yesterday, June 28th, we observed auroras so bright they cast shadows on the ground," reports B. Sudarsan Patro of the Bharati Indian Base Station in Antarctica. He sends this picture from the Larsemann Hills at latitude 69°S:

"It was very cold outside, but the sight of this amazing display gave us a feeling of warmth," says Patro.

On June 28th there were no sunspots, no solar flares, and no CMEs. Even without those forms of solar activity, the aurora australis appeared in force over the frozen continent. What caused the display? We don't know. Sometimes space weather just happens.

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