Thursday, June 30, 2016

Intel - Situation Report (SITREP)

"Like it or Not" - Intel SITREP - 12:00:00 EST - Tuesday - 6.28.16 (7)


​Good Day Everyone,

Much has come in while you were sleeping. Below are some new intel points that may be very hard to swallow, but everyone deserves to be presented with the truth no matter how difficult, then decide for themselves what's real, so together we can witness what actually happens… when and how may change, but this is what we believe to be occurring in real time:
  • The entire shadow world government / banking octopus is being dismantled in front of our eyes now
  • Europe and the USA are the worst culprits, and so their demise will now begin showing at a lightning pace.
  • The master transition plan was to hit the world fast and hard, with all the bad news coming in a consecutive and constant fashion, then have a rational, logical and permanent solution already in place before anyone really knew what hit them.
  • As a counter to all the upcoming bad news, the shadow arm of the UK government decided excited the EU before it collapsed, this is why UK Prime Minister David Cameron allowed a referendum vote or "Brexit" during his first year after being elected for 5 years.
  • Cameron knew Germany would be leaving the European Union the following week, and thus scheduled his Brexit referendum the week earlier to get ahead of the crisis, making Great Britain look like a leader in the sovereignty transition--and not the leader of the shadow world government--which in large part they were. Bizarre stuff… but nonetheless true.
  • German President Angel Merkel will make a formal announcement of Germany's EU departure very soon, then resign herself, a la Cameron.
  • Be aware that President Merkel negotiated her resignation in exchange for the rescue of the German economy (Deutesche Bank specifically) with her Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping two weeks ago in Beijing.
  • French President Francois Holland will also resign after Merkel's announcement… as will Italian President Matteo Renzi.
  • The EU will will cease to exist as we know it, with all countries desiring sovereignty to have it by the end of the week.
  • As a direct result of these enormous political defections, the Euro master currency will collapse, which will cause massive financial devastation across Europe and Western markets, including the USA. Countries will return to their own currencies, all gold backed.
  • This is cause Obama and Biden to offer and announce their duel resignations on national television sooner than later.
  • This is automatically make Speaker of the House Paul Ryan new Republic President--which technically has been on an interim basis along with interim President General Joseph Dunford as of September 2015.
  • The entire world will need an immediate fiscal solution to a very big and systemic monetary problem, then voila... the "gold standard" will magically be reinstituted by all nations to avoid global financial ruin.
  • On this same timeline, our North American RV will be released and all old business (your foreign currencies) will be retrieved and recalculated into USN's on the new gold standard value system on or before Sunday July 3, 2016.
  • Monday July 4th there will be some kind of official recognition of the restored Republic under the constitution, and perhaps the swearing in of new President Paul Ryan, formerly the Speaker of the House and natural successor to the Presidency.
  • Donald Trump will then be forced to exit the race by the traditional Republican guard in favor of a sitting Republican US President.
  • Hillary Clinton will also be forced to step away as the Democratic nominee, as the final nail her political career coffin comes out via the newly released ​Bengazi Report.​
  • ​Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will then be elevated to Democratic nominee and run against Republic nominee President Paul Ryan and his VP(?)​.
  • Paul Ryan will most likely run and win a fairly tabulated election and become Republic President for 4 years, and possibly another 4 years because the Republic will have no debt and gold backed currency--and he'll be the political conservative face of amazing new growth, debt reduction and upward promise for the country.
  • Like it or not, believe it or not… that's what's really happening in real time.
  • So be it.


God is with us.