Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Sweetestland

No matter where you go in the world today there's the usual dissatisfaction amongst the majority of the people of the world.  Should we blame capitalism on its failure to successfully address the problems of the world in general?  Or is it the problem lies in the lack of genuine concern and care of governments to their own citizens?  We are all aware of the problems in the world; most of it stems from the economic condition of the society which uses the present kind of system on how society operates. The root cause of the problems in the world originates not really too much on the system that the world uses but more on the "HEARTS" of the people we assigned, delegated and trusted to lead and govern our society.  

What do I mean by that?  Well, if only the governments of the world functions very similar to the way every loving, sincere and caring parents do to their children then we can have a world that does not experience any problems of lack, poverty, housing problem, high food cost and etc.  And most especially there will be no war whatsoever.

  • A government of a society that say and promise something but never keeps them is not really concerned with its people.
  • A government of a society that only wants to support the interest of the corporations whether small or big companies  ‐ does not really care about its people.
  • A government of a society that ignores and does not listen to the voice of its people ‐never really cared about its people.
  • A government of a society that is more interested in making themselves rich through accepting secret briberies from corporations are really not concerned with their people.
  • A government of a society that artificially create crisis/events in order to transfer the funds/budget to other expenditures while leaving their citizens to suffer ‐ does not really care about its people.
  • A government of a society that creates artificial news, hiring crisis actors and actresses to fool and deceive the masses does not really care about its people.
  • A government of a society that puts more emphasis on various expenditures such as false flag war, does not really care about its own people.
  • A government of a society that wanted to inoculate people by mandatory injections and literally trying to scare them about certain diseases does not really care about the health of the people as they added a portion of the disease in the vaccine itself in order to further control people and ensure the profits of the pharmaceutical corporations.
  • A government of a society that allows the prices of commodities, food, housing and etc. to go continuosly higher while they never do anything to increase the incomes of the people only means that they dont really care about their people.

I can go on and on and I think you the reader gets the picture.  It's all too familiar because these problems are experienced by all of us.  Whats the CORE of these problems?  Why is it never resolved no matter what solutions have been devised by various intelligent people of the world for hundreds and hundreds of years?  

Once again the main cause of the problem stems not from the people in the government but more specifically its the HEART of every people in the government.  No matter who you appoint in the government unless there's a change of heart,  by the way I'm not referring to the physical heart conditions as though there's plenty of cholesterol in their system that needs to be reduced.  But rather, the inner conciousness of every person.  The Heart is the best word we can use in the English language that closely resembles and describe the point.

If only you could change the HEARTS of every single member of every government then the problem can be solved.   

So the question is how do we change the hearts of every people in the government of the world?  We CANNOT change them.  That is the sad part.  But the good part is we can change our own hearts!  And how do we do that?  Change must start from each and every one of us.  We cannot dictate what others can and should do with their own lives but we can definitely show them by our own example.  And if there is plenty of us doing the right examples then we could eventually invoke the change in the hearts of others as they see our examples from our own lives.

So now that I have shown you the opposite and negative side.  Let me then show you the positive side of what will happen when the governments of the world really cared about its people.  

Allow me to introduce you to the "SWEETEST LAND".  


There is a world that is free from all kinds of problems.  There is no war, famine, poverty, poor, inequality and most of all no one is sick among them.  A world that does not experience any kind of weather disturbances like storms, earthquakes and etc.  A world where every need of everybody is taken care of.   A world where no one have to die for hunger and disease.  A world where everyone can have their own homes given to them for free by their own government.    A world where peace and joy co‐exist as there is no war ever happened among them as no one is interested to attack one another as they treat each other with love and respect.  A world where there is NO price for every goods and services as they are given for free and or through barter trade with whatever skills or help they can contribute to the community.  A world where a job is not called a job but rather it is called joy because it is a self voluntary service to the community to contribute in keeping the society and the community vibrant and happy.  They call it joy and not as job as they truly love what they are doing.  And this joy does not last from 9 AM till 5 PM instead it is only for 3 hours a day.  A world where there are no bills to pay as everything is given to every citizen absolutely for free.  A world where everyone is a friend that can be trusted.  A world where no one gets old as everyone among them will live forever more looking young or they can choose to change their bodies into something new.

A world where everybody truly cares for everyone with no exception.  And their government is there to support them and care for them.  A government that does not ignore its people but listens to them.  A government that cares for its people as though those people (its citizens) are their sons and daughters.  A world that truly cares for their environment as they do not allowsources of energies that only serves to pollute the environment.  A world that does NOT have to kill and slaughter animals for food as they treat every animal specie with equal respect.  A world where people truly observe utmost respect for every sentient life or living things this includes plants and cetaceans as they too has conciousness just like every human beings have.  This world practice all of these things and they do not do any untoward things against each other unless it was given with consent.  And so this world revolves and evolves continuosly as everyone lives happily ever after.  This world is called the Sweetestland not because it is overflowing with too much honey or confectionary sugar instead this world truly cares for one another.  

And that is what is missing in the word we live in here on the surface of the Earth.  There is a lack of genuine concern and care for its people.  So, no matter what kind of government you put in place.  No matter how much promises they have given and unless they have a HEART that cares for the people then the problems in the surface of the world will never cease.  

And so this message of discussing the main problems that is plaguing mankind can only be solve if we adopt the examples of the people of the world of the SWEETESTLAND.  The Sweetestland by the way is not Switzerland though they sound similar.  But do you know where Sweetestland is?  It is not in another planet,  it's actually 800 miles below us.  800 miles below the surface of the earth is called the Hollow Earth. It is the sweetest place on Earth where people really cared about everyone that is why those people from the surface who ventured there never came back not because they could not but because the world of Hollow Earth is paradise!  That world is totally the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of our world.  And this world really does exist.

Soon the people of Hollow Earth will come out in the surface world and will celebrate with us for the Defeat of the Evil People who are secretly ruling the world and also for the official End of the Experiment on Earth.   Because life on the surface of the world is only an experiment that has now reached its conclusion.

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