Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sheldan Nidle's Update - Dec. 27, 2016

11 Batz, 14 Mol. 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! We start today with a brief progress report. Currency items that are earmarked for distribution are in the process of being readied. We know that it has been a long and difficult journey for all. It is therefore important that you know that those at the top of the various distribution levels are preparing to initiate a most amazing process. Once launched, and barring unforeseen circumstances, this process is expected to take over a month to complete. As you know, it has been a truly arduous journey for all. Delivery of prosperity funds is simply the initial stage of this intricate operation. We know that the protracted length of this procedure was complicated by the imperative to keep these actions secure and above board. It therefore created the commitment to go as slow as was necessary. Our purpose was to work with our allies and keep them satisfied about what was unfolding. This series of requirements forced us into a very slow and deliberate mode. Thus, it has taken over two decades to finish this component of our large and complex project. It is our joy to see that your consciousness and perception of this task have allowed a better comprehension of what this journey is all about.

When we first arrived on your beautiful shores, we immediately sensed what was occurring. The Anunnaki were still the Overlords of this surface world, and treated their minions with a firm but velvet glove. It was your position to obey with few or no questions asked. This unfair reality caused us much pain for what you were enduring. We immediately discovered who was in charge of the Holy Light of Heaven’s accomplishments. At first, they were suspicious of our presence but gradually, they began to develop trust. Your Ascended Masters were our patrons, and through them our sacred project was explained to all. Nevertheless, it took us more than two decades to develop the degree of trust required to successfully attain our series of projects. Once achieved, we were able to implement projects that involved both the Masters' secret sacred societies and the Agarthans. During this time, we increased the number of ships in our fleet and completed the training of those assigned to mentor you. These projects are, of course, continuing.

We have begun to strategize how best to remove the minions that are part of a number of your governments. This process is generally tied to an ongoing legal process associated with the vast corruption and illegal operations of the current American regime. This project was first created to isolate vital aspects of those who ran this illegal action. The other part of the plan was for it to gradually manifest a new legal republic, based upon a series of documents that became known as NESARA. This operation resulted in a few complications that are gradually to be fully resolved. New governance has quickly been able to establish itself worldwide as the framework for the true governance of America. The overriding goal is to transform the current situation through a series of future announcements. Strategically, the exact timing of these announcements needs to be kept hidden from the public. It is therefore vital that this, and the prosperity project, proceed secretly until the proper time for full disclosure. It is our joint policy to keep all of this confidential until the security matters associated with it are completely resolved.

As these stages of secrecy are completed, we move ever closer to disclosure. It is to be much easier for us to operate when we are able to talk publicly with you and delineate what Heaven has decreed. We realize just how vital it is to be able to operate away from the currently required shadows. Our liaisons have been forced to maintain certain protocols that are a bit clumsy. We have kept these up mainly to assuage our partners. In the coming months, this need can fade away as we begin to address you directly. The extent of pollution and climate change promulgated by the Anunnaki’s minions is most troubling. You have caused an amazing degree of imbalance in your atmosphere and oceans, and on your land. They need to be corrected. To us, these tasks are a simple set of operations. However, those who control governments hold policies that are against such procedures. We need to wait until disclosure is formally announced. As you can see, we are approaching a series of events that is to alter the way this global society operates. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This special time of the year is heightened in joy by what is about ready to appear. The great spiritual gift of financial freedom is near. Therefore, let us be merry and of good cheer. This is a time, as well, when the energy of spiritual renewal manifests. Know that this energy is a symbol of a new pledge by Heaven to shower you with grace and action. This symbolizes how committed the Heavenly Hosts are to your safety and redemption from a flow of energies that are positively roaring throughout this realm. Let all humanity take note that this very special compensation is manifesting. Let this holiday season be celebrated in the knowledge that the monstrous evil that has been your bane is lifting. The happiest of holidays to one and all! It is truly a time to be looked upon with joy and heartfelt thanks to Heaven! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

As it always does, this glorious time began to seem beset with delays and the usual frustrations. Across this globe a grand renaissance of consciousness has pushed Gaia’s surface realm to new heights. Long lists of global humanitarian projects have accumulated, along with the funds amassed to provide for their completion. It is a time when the stresses of population growth and the blessings of a new reality are to merge. This glorious planet is to see a birth of miracles that is to bring it the dawn of world peace, founded on your soaring visions. These blessings are to manifest, and an explosion of activity is to see a new attitude arise the world over, driven by this planet’s growing consciousness. Heaven has long planted special seeds to make possible this splendid event. The shaping of this new reality is just the beginning. So stand back in anticipation and watch as this new reality quickly assumes its magnificent new form.

As you can see, so many wondrous miracles are just around the proverbial corner. We Masters are proud of what you are to do when you finally receive your freedom and prosperity. These series of phenomena are to show you just how much you are truly capable of. We have watched patiently and seen how ruthlessly the Anunnaki’s minions have kept you down. All of this is now to change as you transform this beautiful orb that is your home. You are to develop plans to use new technology to clean your waters, air and land. When at last we reveal a number of key truths to you, even more miracles are to suddenly manifest. After your Space family finally lands, you will be able to demonstrate the extent to which your consciousness has grown. Even the Agarthans are to be in joy at what you have accomplished. It is this marvelous place that can now reunite with the Inner Realms to form a new Gaia!

Today, we continued with our weekly reports. This magical time of the year has brought us much joy! The coming time is sure to bring all a resplendent sequence of wonders. It is also a time for you to use your amazing visions to manifest the true marvel that is humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!).


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Finland to Begin Paying Basic Income to Unemployed Citizens

by Ben Kentish -  The Independent Online

Scandinavian country becomes first to adopt policy with new trial of 2,000 unemployed people

Finland will give 2,000 of its unemployed citizens the equivalent of £480 every month

Finland is to introduce a basic income for some citizens from next month, becoming the first country to adopt the policy.

Two thousand unemployed people will be given €560 (£480) every month for two years, without any restrictions or conditions attached. Leaders hope the move will improve life quality, reduce unemployment and create jobs.

Recipients will not need to prove they are looking for work and the money will be given regardless of any other income the person earns.

John McDonnell: "I will win the argument on universal basic income"

The Finnish government is planning to study whether the policy helps recipients find work. It suspects many unemployed people are put off getting a job because they will lose unemployment benefits and therefore be worse off financially – a similar problem to that which tax credits were designed to solve in the UK.

The Swedish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health said in a statement: “The Government proposes the implementation of a basic income experiment. The experiment [will] be carried out in 2017 and 2018, and its aim is to show whether basic income can be used to reform social security so that incentive traps relating to work are eliminated.

“The primary goal of the basic income experiment is related to promoting employment. The experiment, including follow-up research, aims to find out whether basic income promotes employment."

The 2,000 unemployed people will be selected at random. They will not have a choice as to whether they take part in the trial but will automatically be given the money each month.

If successful, the experiment could lead to a basic income being given to more Finnish people.

A number of other countries are believed to be exploring the idea of a universal basic income. Earlier this year the Swiss government held a referendum on whether to pay every citizen around 2,500 Swiss francs (£2,000) per month, but the policy was decisively rejected by Swiss voters.

There are different variations of a universal basic income but the core principle is the government giving everyone a certain amount of money each month.

Supporters of the idea claim it will enable people to work less if they choose to, reduce inequality and cut total welfare spending.

Others say it is likely to be excessively expensive and disincentivise hard work.


  • Universal basic income to be trialled in US in $10m scheme
  • Canadian province takes major step towards universal basic income
  • Scotland may trial giving each citizen a universal basic income
  • Labour MPs debate universal basic income policy for the first time
  • In the UK, John McDonnell, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, has expressed support for a universal basic income but the Conservatives have called it "unaffordable".

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Parable of the Final Tennis Match

The Parable of the Final Tennis Match

There is an on‐going tennis match between two masters and champions of the tennis sport. The popular tennis player has been the reigning champion for a very, very long time. He dominated this sport that nobody seems to unseat him from being the champion. There has been plenty of players from around the world who dared to challenge him but nobody seems able to defeat him, not even close. Nobody could beat him from the style and the way he played the game.

But only until the arrival of a very formidable challenger from some unknown regions of the galaxy. The first time they met in the tennis court everybody laugh at the challenger. But they did not expect that the challenger can unravel and upset the style and moves of the champion.

To the amazement of the audience every move of the champion was met with a very smart counter moves from the challenger that disappoints the champion. The crowds became quiet as they could not believe their eyes that their once mighty champion could not even score some points against this challenger. But to the eyes of the experts of the game, whoever is this challenger he must have been someone who knows the game a lot longer than the current champion himself. Clearly, the Challenger must have mastered every moves of the game flawlessly. The first match between this two players ended up the challenger being the winner.

It made headlines around the world when for the very first time in history this undefeated champion was defeated by the formidable challenger for the very first time. The whole world was shocked and surprised that there was someone who could actually beat the Old Time reigning tennis champion.

After sometime, the champion and the organizers of the game decided to call for another re‐match between the two. The second time they met in the tennis court it drew large crowds by the thousands filling the entire stadium. This includes the live coverage of the game on both television, internet and radio. 

This time however, the champion came with an added support from the audience. As the champion does not want to be defeated at all, he gathered an artificial help from some of his friends secretly. This group which numbers about a total of 13 people seated at the audience having a front row seat was planned to artificially CONTROL the direction of the game. Just like in the first game the challenger was very fast and precise in his movements. 

But this time something is different. The moves of the formidable challenger is being countered by the mysterious velocity and trajectory of the ball. No matter how fast and strong the formidable challenger, the ball just wont behave the way it should naturally, as though something is messing up with the physics of it.

Soon, the game was advancing in favor of the reigning local champion and the challenger could barely score some points. Then, the cloaked spaceships of the Galactics who were monitoring the game from the sky sent in some of their crew to give some insights to the challenger (visitor). They quickly beam these crew while cloaked with some invisibility in order not to disturb the audience/people. The crew talked with the challenger during the break. They inform him the that the 13 people who are seated on all sides of the court are secretly controlling the movements of the tennis ball. Inside the ball they put some electronic mechanisms that can control the motion of the ball which were added prior to the game. 

By having them positioned on all sides of the court they can dictate the speed and the direction of the ball in 3D as it can either amplify magnetically the velocity and trajectory of the ball or make it slower and or go another direction by changing the angular direction of the ball. In short, the local champion is enjoying the game because he is winning the match.

To equalize and make the game fair on both sides. The galactic crew (which numbers 12 in total) decided to do something about it. They countered the actions and remote controls of the 13 people by the power of thought through telekinesis. Now, the game seems to be going the way it was before. The actions of the 13 people in the audience seated on all sides of the court who are secretly remote controlling the ball while watching the game are being rendered ineffective as the telekinetic powers of the 12 cloaked galactic beings are very powerful.

Once again, the visitor who came as the challenger prove himself as the winner as he defeated once more the local earthly champion. The local earthly champion who hails from Europe was devastated from another defeat. He could not believe that someone could beat him. The same thing with his friends who were secretly remote controlling the ball. They thought it could be just a glitch or a malfunction on the part of their electronics as to why they fail. They decided once again to set another final match against the galactic visitor who challenged their champion.

This time however, they want to make sure that the ball will function the way they wanted as they don't want to fail this time. They increased and amplify the controlling mechanism a hundred fold. And they also made several test and made sure that the tennis ball which contains the controlling electronic mechanisms they installed will be the one to be used on the game. During the practise and rehearsals the tennis ball were functioning flawlessly based on the controls they have setup. And that gave them confidence that they can win eventually the next time around.

And so the final match between these two players finally commenced. As before, the whole world (from all continents) was glued to their television, computers to witness the event. Once again, the local earthly champion was very confident as ever that they will clinch the victory.

The galactic crews knew about the plan of the 13 people and what they did to enhance the controlling mechanisms of the ball. But the 13 people does not know that the galactics were to switch the live audience of the game numbering to 1,000 of them into a galactic walk‐ins. What this means is that they have the ability to switch and swap the soul or spirit of the people in the audience with an actual galactic beings. And temporarily gave those audience of people for a quick trip to a cloaked galactic federation ship while their physical bodies on Earth were being occupied by the galactic crews. And this made the game very interesting.

Although, the controlling mechanisms were amplified and multiplied about 100 times, but still they could not believe their eyes as the tennis ball they installed does not completely function the way they designed it to be. And this is completely driving them nuts and crazy! But there were some noticeable artificiality with the motions of the ball. And this is because there are two forces who are actively controlling the motion of the ball. The 13 people are controlling the tennis ball in favor of their local champion. While the galactics were using their combined telekenetic powers to help steer the ball to the way it should naturally be based on the laws of physics.

As the people of the world who recorded the game and studied the motion of the tennis ball they noticed that there seems to be an obvious struggle with the ball. Using their computers they slowed down the video and they could see that the ball was behaving unnaturally ‐ which baffles them. But despite all this, the galactic visitor from another world was proven once again as the winner of the tennis match.


The Meaning of the Parable

The Local Earthly Champion is the Ancient Cabal who secretly ruled the world for thousands of years and is the founder of the worlds capitalism and religions. The Formidable Challenger from the Galactics and Spiritual Hierarchy is no other than St. Germain himself as he is the undisputed champion of the financial world. He is indeed the god of the world of finance who engineered the direction of the financial world as to the way it should go long before the early days of the history of capitalism. He was able to see back in the past the future of the financial world and how he can inject the divine intervention to ensure the freedom of the world from slavery from the cabal oppressors. St. Germain knew all of their moves just like every move employed in a tennis game which is why he is so triumphant in every aspect of the financial world. St. Germain is also the one behind the formation of NESARA and its eventual implementation.

The game of tennis was likened to the struggle with the Cabal who owned much of the worlds big banks and big corporations but are now being defeated by the forces of divine beings including the Galactics. The 13 people represents the families of the global cabal. The Game is likened to the game and struggle between those who are in the forces of the dark and the forces of light. The Light forces refers to the galactics and ascended masters but the forces of the dark refers to the cabal minions.

The audience of the game refers to the people of the world. The RV and GCR for example can be delayed by the Cabal by their artificial control. But the combined positive thinking of the people of this world can supersede and override their effort just like what was said in this parable where the ball that was controlled to be delayed did not took effect because of the combined positive thinking (also known as manifestation) through thought of the audience performed by the cloaked galactic beings. Believe it or not, humans are not just flesh and blood; we are essentially spiritual beings housed on a physical body. And this spirit in many ways are similar to an electro magnetic force. This is the force that makes the human hearts beats in a series of vibrational frequencies.

When this spiritual force of power source is remove from the body then the body refuse to function as it becomes lifeless. Physical life of living things is therefore based on the spiritual and not on the physical. The origin of life is spiritual in nature and it is what powers the physical. The mind or thoughts can say to its physical fingers and toes to move and it does what was said by the thoughts. 

The mind and intent of the thoughts of every being can affect physically the molecular level of any water. It is now proven that the water molecules can be affected by human thoughts. It is now also proven that even a raging storm can be deflected by a combined thoughts and intentions of the people of the world.

In Tibet for example, through thoughts, people can elevate / levitate and float in the air without any use of any electrical or mechanical device. It was proven in China that even a tumor can be removed from a human body by a combined thoughts of the people. These and many other examples, all points to the human consciousness as something more than what we were told in school. Through constant practice, thoughts can even contact another human thought through telepathy even though their thousands of miles away.

If what you truly wanted is the RV and the GCR then join with the rest of the positive thinkers of this world by donating your thoughts to think positively. Disregard the enemies efforts which comes in various stories and tactics of negativity to derail, delay and destabilize the entire human psyche. Grab and hold your thoughts and mind (so to speak) do not let the cabals entertainment world including the mass media shaped your view of this world.

In other words, manage your mind to be positive all the time and do not be overwhelmed by artificial fear/worry tactics. The realm of human thoughts with its imagination, visualization also known as meditation can be very powerful. If you can imagine and dream what you want to be someday and with some can even do this with vivid clarity in their minds eye; then you can definitely do your share by donating positive thoughts to bring about the RV and GCR. Because, this global financial game though headed by the spiritual leader known in the spiritual world as the ascended Master St. Germain in Europe and Quan Yin in the East their game plan can be delayed in some ways by the opposing negative force of negative thinking.

It works the same way with Zorra (also known as Father God), the Prime Creator and the Galactics. Although, they wanted to make the RV and GCR happen ASAP or to a certain day or occasion but can be override by the COMBINED freewill of the masses of people who thinks in a certain way. They observe and respect each and every being regardless of race as a divine entity that lives inside the human body; which unfortunately for the most part of the majority is deceived to think negatively.

In other words, we who represents the audience in the game as mentioned in the parable are the direct contributors of either negative or positive thinking that dictate the outcome of the game. Because through our individual thoughts and then combined with the larger masses of peoples thoughts and consciousness we can then shaped the world we live in.

The Spark of Light

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sheldan Nidle's Update - December 20, 2016

Kan, 7 Mol, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Those in charge of the RV’s distribution and the prosperity packages are working swiftly to see that they are brought out together. At present the RV is being revealed through the various levels that were set up by these diligent workers of the Light. They know the importance of these many prosperity packages. Once more than 70% of these special monies are delivered, the creation of the NESARA Republic is legally assured. This one factor makes this process essential to what currently is being carried out by our earthly associates. Meanwhile, there is the process for the RV. This is to assure that the extremely large sums of monies are successfully transferred to the underprivileged throughout this globe. These humanitarian projects enable this world to easily supply the freedom, food, sanitation, housing, clothing and electricity needed to bring everyone up to speed. This provides the literacy and Internet education necessary to comprehend what we are doing. As you can see, a great deal of progress is being made. Much more is still required before we reach our prescribed goals.

Our associates on this world are doing a marvelous job. However, there are still many of the cabal that have only recently revealed themselves. Most of the lower-level miscreants have been nabbed. This group has helped in the last few weeks to arrest most of the next level of scalawags. This process has helped us, as well, to uncover how these scurrilous rats operated, enabling us to identify this devious operation almost to its highest levels. Our operatives are busy putting together the last pieces of this nefarious puzzle. The purpose of this final series of investigations is to ready our associates to perform the final global takedown of this monstrously intertwined evil. The Anunnaki created an appallingly devious organization of the dark. It permeated every nook and cranny of this globe. Thus, ferreting out these criminals has proven to be quite a study in the thought processes of these devious rats. Our joint intention has been to secure the funds and end massive global corruption. Those goals are now in sight. It pleases us to know that every day brings us closer to disclosure, and to NESARA!

Our fleet continues to monitor Gaia’s surface lands. Every corner of this globe is under attack by two major forces. The first is climate change. This process, driven by the rapid globalization of your primitive industrial age, has spewed untold amounts of atmospheric, oceanic and land-based pollutants. This horrific operation has gained massive global traction in the period following the conclusion of the Second World War. Watching from space, we have been able to measure the amounts of pollution that have been added in the last forty years alone. We recognize just how dangerous all of these poisons truly are. The second factor is the process used by Gaia to ready this surface world for its future reunion with the 5D paradise of Inner Earth. This vast operation is taking place at a relatively slower pace than the first factor. The degree of artificial pollution affecting this natural change is astounding! It has caused unusual temperature gradients to form. It has produced a series of clumps of plastic to appear in the oceans and skewed their natural current flow.

These alterations have tended to increase the rate by which your points of global habitation are deteriorating. This concerns us, as we wish to free you to solve these problems with joint technology tied into your ever-growing consciousness. The degree of radiation pumped into oceans, when combined with growing sandy dust from North Asia, creates a problem that truly requires a critically-needed and world-wide series of solutions. We have explained our concerns to your leaders and asked that a timetable for global disclosure be moved up. It is essential that a number of difficulties that you seem to be ignoring be soundly addressed and a succession of urgent actions be promptly taken. Many of your politicians hold beliefs that, in the short run, are dangerous to all of you. We have thus taken some small and preliminary actions to give you a little additional time to solve many of these serious questions. It is our perception that changes to your governance can address these grievances globally. It is vital that most of these problems be attacked and not ignored!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The world is in the midst of blessed changes. Those who have overseen these changes realize it is to take longer than initially estimated. Yet, despite this, these alterations are to truly permit everyone to know a form of freedom not experienced since before the fated fall of Atlantis. In this light, the grand prosperity is to allow you to finally fulfill your grandest dreams and clearly see that your long-lost abilities have been restored to you. We Masters have worked closely with Heaven and our earthly associates to ensure that this work is fully protected, and secure from whatever the old order could possibly wish to do. Thus, this whole project took us much longer. Nevertheless, stay positive, dear Ones! Know deep in your Hearts that this new time at long last is near. It is to be a time for celebration, knowing that you are shortly to greet the rest of your heavenly and galactic families!

This coming time is to clearly delineate your final path to full consciousness. These moments are, therefore, a period when you can begin to establish a clear picture of how you were able to escape the bondage of the Anunnaki’s minions. We Masters are most encouraged by the progress of this process and how it is quickly approaching its concluding stages. Then the monies are to swiftly arrive, as this is the appropriate time to declare the rise of the NESARA Republic. We and the Agarthans are handling this divine operation. We understand its complexity and simply ask you to maintain your positive visions. As noted before, they have a most wonderful energy that is helping all to succeed. This joint action is only successful because of what you continue to accomplish. Many wonderful events are getting ready to happen. This dark morass is moving toward its end.

This entire project has been a wonder to us. Our sacred heavenly Council was first created some 900,000 years ago when the Lemuria colony was on its way to Gaia. The purpose for this colony was to forge a galactic human, heavenly and planetary union. It was to acknowledge the special bond created, and to partner with the marvelous Cetacean Nation. But a number of dark factors caused the special timeline to be rewritten. Our Sister- and Brotherhoods adjusted, as decreed by Heaven. Thus, we advance into the present in full knowledge that the events described by us are taking place. Our galactic and earthly brothers and sisters are now completing actions that are to give you a most welcome set of gifts. Let the end of this year, and the start of the new one, be a time for rejoicing and the Beginnings of all that you intend to do with your magnificent passions. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, as always, we reported what is occurring across this worldwide realm. Use this remaining time to finish your many preparations. Heaven is intending to give you the gifts you most desire. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Saint Germain’s World Trust 1998 = NESARA

All about Saint Germain’s World Trust.... +st.+germain+world+trust
This explains Count Saint Germain’s World Trust 1998 = The National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and throws Light upon the reason why Saint Germain is so adamant on our requesting, from any Master, to send forth a Legion of Angels to oversee America. Although, in no way have The Masters ever referred to this Act, precisely as the reason. 

In any case, this video, below, explicitly explains the reasons WHY the balking of the Dark Forces, and the people involved in trying to stop this Act from being made public, since the Act is already passed, and is Law. 

Be aware this video is not from a spiritual point of view but the nitty-gritty crap that has gone on to hinder this Act from being made public to the American people, and by ricochet – the World. 

The video is 59 minutes long and is worth your time to listen to, this in order to “get” what is coming down the pike. Do not fluff this off!!! This is history untold – and also, what The Masters will not tell us in order to protect us, and The Academy.

Today’s Nesara update:
How’s about Nesara Canada? Another eye-opener. sara+canada

White Cloud Christmas Message

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Message from the Arcturian group through Marilyn Rafaelle - Dec. 18, 2016

Dear ones, again this year we wish to bring to you the deeper meanings of Christmas, the ones in which you do not simply celebrate people and events of 2000 years ago but personally experience.

The story of the birth of Jesus/Jeshua who became the Christ is every man's story. Jesus was already an ascended master when born into one of his many earthly incarnations 2000 years ago. His intent was to bring truth and Light to a world enmeshed in density and illusion.

Very few at that time were able to grasp the depth of his teachings. The masses were not yet spiritually evolved enough to fully comprehend the truths he taught and so instead, pinned truth to him personally,
making him a "god" . The un-evolved third dimensional mindset of separation interpreted the words "I AM" as referring only to the messenger.

Thus began the worship of the man while missing the message. In choosing to ignore I AM as being the truth about every man, the majority simply continued to live in an un-awakened state. This false teaching lingers yet today in many churches who under the guise of spirituality, continue to worship the messenger and miss the message.

This is the story of many illumined masters who throughout generations chose to incarnate in order toassist mankind to evolve and were then either rejected or worshiped as gods. Truth always has and always will threaten personal belief systems, resulting in fear and violent actions toward the messenger in an attempt to keep the status quo even if it is painful and life suppressing.

The world is witnessing this right now. As higher dimensional energies pour to earth and world consciousness begins to open, illusions created and held in place by beliefs of duality and separation will be bebegin to crumble, leaving those who benefit from them in a fury to hold them in place.

Every individual experiences a personal Christmas at some point in their evolutionary journey--if not in this messagelifetime, then another. Divinity being man's true nature, will at a certain point of spiritual readiness, break
through into awareness allowing the Christ to be personally born.

The world is a spiritual Universe interpreted and experienced according to each individual's awareness. An individual interpreting through a mind heavily conditioned with beliefs of good/evil and separation, will act and experience the world much differently than the person who has attained a consciousness of Oneness.

The familiar Christmas story as you know it is the material sense of a spiritual activity. This does not mean the event did not happen, but means that as with all things, there are deeper layers to be explored. We give you the mystical layer.

The manger, seemingly barren and primitive, represents the state of consciousness necessary for a Christ consciousness birth to take place--a consciousness no longer cluttered with three dimensional concepts
and beliefs.

There was/is no room in the inn. The inn being a location (state of consciousness) thought to be more appropriate according to human standards. The Christ can only be born in a consciousness free of false beliefs that give power to the creations of duality and separation for there, the "inn" is already full.

The virgin mother symbolizes of the creative purified state of consciousness capable of bringing forth the Christ consciousness. (Divine feminine) Joseph is the loving but strong overseer part of every self (Divine
masculine) who protects the mother and newly born Christ consciousness from outside interference.

Together they represent the feminine and masculine energies in perfect unity.
The wise men are ascended Beings of Light who recognized and journeyed to honor the Christ consciousness, bringing gifts and giving homage. The wise men and the humble shepherds represent spiritual awareness present within all parts of the world and all levels of society. The Christ consciousness
is never limited to a particular race, nationality, or gender.

A newly born Christ consciousness is fragile and needs time to strengthen and mature. The "babe" must be held close, protected and safely hidden within until the time comes in which it can manifest fully and be lived. A fully developed Christ consciousness holds no fear because It knows Itself, and thus lives each
moment in the unconditional love of One.

The Christmas story is your story dear ones, the one you are living now as you journey from a third dimensional consciousness to living moving and having your being in the truth of who and what you are. At some point you will have a personal Christmas.

In the three dimensional world, Christmas is based in concepts that vary according to each person, society, tradition, religious belief, and state of consciousness. Everyone is resonating and interpreting the world through their personal level of awareness. Do not be surprised if you find you no longer resonate with holiday activities in the same way.

The familiar hype, music, and emotional promotions may now feel jarring, whereas in the past you enjoyed the excitement. This is because your resonance is no longer in alignment. You may believe you have lost
the Christmas spirit, but rather it is simply that you have spiritually outgrown many of the more material aspects of the Christmas season.

Celebrate the season by choice, not obligation. Joy is your innate right and privilege as spiritual beings. The parties, church services, gift exchanges, music, or time spent with family and friends who still see Christmas in its old forms are all occasions for expressing unconditional love. The greatest gift you can give anyone at this time of celebration is your recognition of their true identity.

The gift of Divine recognition is given consciously until it becomes ones' attained state of consciousness and then it flows without conscious awareness because it has fully integrated as the individual--going where he goes, flowing through every word, and affecting anyone receptive to the energy.

For many, a great deal of their gift giving still flows from guilt and duty. Retailers thrive on this awareness and promote sales through sentimental advertising in an effort to convince potential buyers that they are not loving if do not buy, buy, buy.

If you find yourselves experiencing this sort of pressure, stop and examine your belief system--"What am I believing that is making me feel this way?". The sky will not fall down if you stop giving gifts out of habit for those you no longer have anything in common with or who are no longer in your experience.

Let every material gift you exchange this season carry an energy of spiritual awareness--gifts of spirit in material form.

Wishing you all a true Christmas.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/18/16

Merry Christmas dear readers of the Arcturian Group Messages.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sananda's Holy Days Blessing Message Given through Susan Leland - December 13, 2016

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - December 13, 2016

"Greetings, most Beloved Family! I am here, together with the Company of Light, to thank you in a most profound and loving way for being the Lights of Love You Are. I tell you Truth - the World would be a much more dim place, were it not for you and the blessings you bestow with your loving radiance, with your LoveLights! Indeed, you are among the Lightworkers, the true Lightworkers whose Hearts are pure, and who recognize the goodness within yourselves. And who have the Courage - so that if your vibrations slip a bit - you have the Courage to face yourselves, and most importantly to forgive yourselves and to bring yourselves back up so that you are inspiration to all, because the World can feel these energies that you put forth!

"And in this, Beloved Ones, you are true disciples!!! You learn, and you teach simultaneously. And that is what being a true disciple is. It comes from a word from a language that was quite prevalent. It was a language of Atlantis forwarded into Rome, called Latin. It comes from the word - the root words are 'disco, discere' - to teach, to learn. And you are all shining, shining bright stars in this. And so, I stand before you, to thank you for being Who You Truly Are, for letting the Truth of You shine forth!

"You are all individual identities, and you are in human bodies. So do not expect perfection of yourselves in the third dimensional sense. Because the Truth is that you are perfect!!! You are the perfect divine children of Mother/Father God. And when you know this, when you look into the mirror and you see your Divinity shining forth, then you stand with all who are either in Light bodies, or in bodies such as yourselves. But your Lights of Love are One!!! And you are united in the Oneness with the totality of Who You Are, which is LoveLight. That is your Truth; that is Who You Really Are!

"Whatever human - or other identities you may be wearing now, or in what you call your past, or in your future - remember this! Your essence is Light - the Light of Love from which we are all made. And that is the greatest Truth of all! Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe - the kind of Love that results in Peace, and Joy, and Freedom, no matter what your circumstances are. And when you are in the realization of this, you join with all of the Lightworkers of Planet Earth and beyond, in bringing this reality into your lifestyles. And what I am meaning by this is that you raise the vibrations!!!

"When you come together in this, you raise the vibrations of Planet Earth sufficiently to bring yourselves up into Higher levels of dimensionality, where only Love exists; where there is Paradise awaiting each and every one of you; where there is the Freedom to be in Joy, to be in Bliss always; to follow whatever your Hearts have passion for you to do, and yes, to join with your starseed brothers and sisters - to renew acquaintances, and to meet some you have not met before in your consciousness.

"But to recognize the Oneness in all life, it is to be in constant connection, communication, and Communion with all beings of all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms!!! It is to master telepathic communications which go directly from Heart to Heart and from your Higher Dimensional Selves. It is to know that you are never alone, and to feel the Joy of being in the Oneness with all beings of LoveLight!

“I thank you, Beloved Ones, for being here to take this journey with me into these Higher Realms. And I ask you to stay the course, to continue being yourselves, to continue to know the Truth of Who You Really Are, and to honor your own Divinity and then to recognize the Divinity in all life, and to likewise honor this. I know - I can tell you from my lifetime as Jeshua - I know it is not easy to keep shining your LoveLights in the face of adversities, in the face of ridicule, condemnation, and hurt. We've all been there. You know what it is like. Get past it, rise above it! Say 'Ho'oponopono,' and move on, because our destination is as I have described to you, and others whose messages you listen to. Feel the Truth of it, and know that there is nothing that can slow you down, or stop you, or in any way deter you from the course that you have set for yourselves!

"What Humanity is calling forth in 3D - rise above, come into the Higher Realms and be the Beacons, lighting the way for others as teachers and learners at the same time, sharing your wisdoms, and most of all your Love! And at the same time follow your own course, Higher and Higher. And open - open to connect with the totality of yourselves to further define your own course - each and every one of you, so that you know for sure where you are going! Let yourselves know yourselves. Learn from yourselves, forgive whatever there might be to forgive, and let go of whatever is not true within your beings. And you will be beautiful Guides into the Higher Realms for all who are inspired, who feel your Lights!

"And so I thank you, most Beloved Ones, and I offer you the very Special Blessings of this Holy Season, and I invite you to share your Lights with each other, and to keep the feelings, the energies of this moment, where we stand together in our Circle of Love - and where we share with each other the Love We Are. For that, Beloved Ones, is why we are here. And then let us go forth into the World to serve, to lead, and to be One with the eternal and infinite Lights of Love. And so it is. Namaste!"
Transcription by Korrael.

Given through Susan Leland, December 13, 2016.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2016. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2016. All rights reserved.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Blossom Goodchild's Conversation with the Galactics Dec. 15, 2016

Hello my friends. T’is Christmas time here on Planet Earth as you know, and I feel this might be our last channelling of the year due to commitments and time allocation! So, may I take this opportunity to thank you for all you have brought through throughout this year and for assisting so many of us in raising our Vibration.

Dear Souls who reside, as chosen, on Planet Earth at this invaluable season. It is of the greatest pleasure to bring to you words … which then can be FELT IN FULLNESS BY SELF … that enhance and uplift.

The word ‘speculate’ keeps popping in my head. Yet, isn’t fitting in a sentence.

You are ahead of us, Blossom. We indeed are speculating the current situation upon your Planet and we surmise that it is good. Although, to some they may feel it is not. We quite strongly offer you these words … in which your soul can resonate with and understand.

Bring forth your greatest gifts. Let them shine from your being as a Beacon of Light upon stormy seas.
You have now so valiantly reached a pivotal landmark in your transformation and all who choose to do so, shall move forward now in leaps and bounds.
The frequency that has been accomplished allows for such to take place … wherein … the wonders of yourselves are more readily available.

Take heart in the KNOWING that the battle is done.

You must KNOW this and allow it to absorb throughout your body. Empowering you and giving such hope to your Planet and all mankind.
No longer shall you feel threatened … for in the LOVE that you know yourselves to be … there is no such thing. Nothing and no can harm you … and never let yourselves believe otherwise.
YOU ARE HERE TO SHINE and your Vibration as it lifts into softer, gentler, more exotic  understandings … takes your sights to Higher possibilities that allow you to soar.

BE OF GREAT CHEER THIS TIME OF YEAR. As your calendar comes to an end of an Era/chapter once again … indulge your thoughts in such Brightness of character.

Indeed another year has flown by for you. Yet, events throughout this year seem to have taken place almost centuries ago. This is due to you living more and more in the NOW. The present time in each and every day is connecting you with Higher Vibrational understandings and therefore, that which was experienced even only a week ago, seems like a few years ... because each thought … each breath is moving you forward … into a new time zone whereby only NOW is of importance and your understanding is now understanding that a little more.
Your future days that eventuate in this new Dawning, bring change on a scale that has not yet been witnessed.
The domino effect of certain upheavals and Truths that come out into the open shall start the ball rolling into your NEW WORLD.

There is to be a mixture of FEELINGS and emotions as Truths are revealed … and yet, remember … for everything that transpires there is an opposite, so do not become downcast.

As Truths come out … you will find strength in that which you have come to know. You will have an acceptance ... for, although we say much shall shock … it is already known to you on a collective level.
EVERYTHING HAS ALREADY HAPPENED … EVERYTHING. It is just a matter of tapping into that which is to follow on from this moment in time.
All scenarios are at your feet … and yet, as a collective you KNOW NOW … it has been understood and agreed that it is time to move on. Time to leave this old way of thinking behind you and to walk into a new situation whereupon, one can grasp the realities that are presented and act upon them in a way in which Divine Source is felt more and more by /through/as your own Divinity .
Breathe in deeply now …
And release …

Take another breath and FEEL throughout your BEING that which you are .

In doing so, you are just one more breath away from connecting with US … from BEing present with us.
More and more of you … as the Vibrations rise, shall KNOW of our presence in a much more tangible fashion. You shall find yourselves visiting our ‘craft’ and feeling most comfortable during that time. You have reached a position when you shall recognise ‘downloads’ entering in and accept them ... even though you do not know what they are at the time.
More and more shall each one feel Lightened by their own doing and be honoured to feel such.
Again we emphasize …


Dearest souls, our deeply Loved friends … you have anchored so much Light Energy into your Planet … Those from other worlds look upon all that is taking place and commend you for your LIGHT WORK.
You came to your Planet to make great changes upon it and it is obvious when looking upon it Energetically … that through persistence … the task has been accomplished.

There is much ahead that are merely the final touches … KNOW THIS … when it appears otherwise!
Such exciting times are ahead of you and we therefore, become excited with you. For the outcome of these changes is beyond belief … beyond imaginings. Yet, when you reside fully within these outcomes … how you shall be at Peace … in the knowing that every step of the way … every knockback … every effort when you felt all strength had left you … was worth it and you would do it over and over again if you had to  … in order to reach such standards of self.

Yet, rest assured … there shall be no going back.
You shall spread your wings and fly … and in a sense … we mean this literally.

In a sense? Yet, literally?

We mean that All is possible when you KNOW it is. Therefore, WHEN you know you can fly (for do not many of you do this in your supposed dream state?) then you shall. You do not need wings ... for your soul is free to go wherever it cares to … and this can be done within your physical body also … as more and more of self is again understood.
Take moments through this festive time to offer your LIGHT to ALL who feel their Light has dimmed to such a degree that it has practically left them. Give Love to all those on your Planet who feel so very lost and alone. Whose despairing thoughts take their hearts on a downward pathway. Take their hand … in your mind and lead them into the Lighted avenues of Love. Give them great comfort … surround them … embrace them in your knowledge of Light-Love and let it be absorbed into their Being … Allowing them to FEEL It … to become it … and to never look back down the darkened paths again.
Therefore, you are us … we are you ... we are all each other … and to live in this knowing brings about the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL.
We shall resume our chats with you in the new year. Yet, we never leave you … any of you … for we are ONE ENERGY.
Many thanks Dearest Blossom.

No, No! ... Thank YOU … In such Love for you … to you. And so it is.

And so it is.

A Message from Mira and the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner December 1, 2016

Greetings, I am Mira. I am speaking to you from the Earth Council where I have been working exclusively for over five years now assisting with the earth’s ascension.

Progress is being made, dear ground crew. We can report an acceleration of favorable aspects of the ascension process. You are right on track for the work that needs to done. We acknowledge you for being the best of the best of ascension teams with which we have ever worked.

Part of our work in Pleiades is to assist other planets with the ascension process. On earth you have had numerous obstacles to prevent the earth and life on the earth to rise in consciousness. We are pleased to report that the malevolent ones are on their way out. It is happening expeditiously. In fact, the progress is astounding. Some are giving up after realizing that all of their money won’t matter after all. They know there will be a future where money will not exist. They have been attached to their power over others and service to themselves. They are making appropriate choices for their own souls’ growth.

Just think, what if you controlled most of the money on the planet and then were to realize it won’t matter? That the money won’t get you anywhere. So the result is they will either come around to the light, or go to a more appropriate destination with their frequency. Some of the younger members of the illuminati have come around. Reparations will be made for the bad works of the elders.

They know that we mean what we say and that we say what we mean. They are beginning to understand that their time is short. They know they cannot maintain a strong hold with the love and light of the higher dimensions. They know that the focus on the earth from all of creation is too much for them to bear.

There will continue to be many unexpected events and occurrences on the planet with the biggest clean up happening in 2017. Surprise after surprise will keep you interested in the events of the day. It is happening for the highest good of all. Even when circumstances appear to be blight, there is a higher intelligence behind the illusion.

Most of humanity have decided it is time to move onward and upward. (It doesn’t matter what the Electoral College in the U.S. wants.) It is the truth within the hearts of most of humanity that will set you free.

Continue to imagine your new earth where you are free from the old time line of the past. Envision living in stupendous glory with love, harmony, joy, abundance, cooperation and peace for all. We can’t do it for you but we can help you with your new jobs of healing the earth and living in the fifth dimension. Are you ready?

I am Mira in loving service to you and the earth.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sheldan Nidle's Update - Dec. 14, 2016

10 Caban, 0 Mol, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Events are moving forward. The top of the RV payout is now in place. This means that the deliveries of the prosperity funds are very close to actually occurring. We expect this process ultimately to lead to the formal announcement of NESARA and the new American Republic. This series of operations is to follow in a set sequence, and a number of joint legal decisions are to ensure that it is quickly and efficiently carried out. Thus, we anticipate that numerous actions are to follow one another so this new reality can be properly manifested. These sequences are to be followed swiftly with full disclosure of our benevolent existence! At that time, as noted previously, we are to broadcast a brief outline of possible actions that are to lead to a potential time for mass landings. Each of these events is linked to the other. A long series of meetings involving the different factions has contributed to a very complex timetable. This process has brought together various teams, assisting us in moving forward! Hence, we ask for patience as these joint timetables are taking place.

The whole process of altering this planetary society has been much more complicated than first imagined. This realm was initially conceived of by the Anunnaki as a land that possessed a primary belief that those in power were invincible. Thus, the present group of minions saw themselves as Beings capable of overcoming anything that might reduce or end their power. A most arrogant set of beliefs was deeply etched into everyone’s psyche. One of the many reasons for our difficulty in aiding our partners in the Light was these insane core conceptions. This belief is now receding as, day by day, Heaven aims a burst of positive and consciousness-raising energies at humanity. We have watched as our earthly partners succeeded in altering this negative belief and initiated a series of major arrests among this global group of minions. The aim of this operation is to ensure that prosperity leads directly into a GESARA for this long-suffering world. Step by step, this is indeed becoming the case!

These events are part of a larger project, which is to form the foundation of the realm where we intend to land when the divine time is right. This is a continuation of a position that we, with the Ascended Masters, wish to complete in the very near future. Gaia’s peoples are in the midst of an ever-growing series of population cycles. Our responsibility is to make sure that the most critical aspects of this globe achieve the funds required to set up a number of key objectives. These include fresh water, electrification and a modern sewage system. It is horrifying to us that most of this planet lacks the means to connect to the Internet and to live at night in an electrified environment. These primitive conditions need to be transformed quickly. There are enough energy and funds in this world to swiftly change this. These problems, along with a growing need for literacy, are to be addressed by our earthly associates.

Heaven first created this entire project long ago when they solemnly addressed the Ascended Masters. They decreed that the new reality that was to free surface humanity was to be noted for its never-ending prosperity, accompanied by the return of your long-awaited freedom. Humanity was to regain the individual sovereignty lost by the illegal proclamations of the Anunnaki, thereby divinely righting this grievous wrong. It was to be the prime mission of the Ascended Masters to oversee and aid humanity as provided for by several rules designated to this task by Heaven. These rules were followed, as well as the edict to provide the necessary monies to set up such an immense prosperity. In addition, a special team was to be established to legally overthrow the Anunnaki’s minions when required. Now that this task is complete, you are ready to feast on the fruits of this mighty effort. These projects were further supported by our arrival as commanded by Heaven. The next steps are to enable the completion of the events that constitute this special operation and prepare us for first contact.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This next period in your spiritual development precludes a return by the dark to any semblance of power. The blessed Administrations of Heaven preordained their defeat. This is a divine process you can truly celebrate. Be truly aware of what is happening and apply your exceptional visionary skills to this vital topic. Heaven has orchestrated a process that is quite divine. Look upon this current reality as a clever way to check who is on board for the extraordinary changes that are to follow. Thirteen millennia ago, the dark took charge of this reality and created a world that was horrific for all of its surface humanity. It is vital that all who are opposed to these changes show their true colors and be added to the already-long list of those who are to be divinely isolated from you. Therefore, this blessed scenario is in readiness to reveal who supports, or does not support, the new Republic!

We ask simply that you bear with this and prepare yourselves for a coming grand announcement. Heaven does not wish anyone to continue to suffer. Once this process has finished, we fully intend to introduce the true American governance and end the dark farce that commenced nearly 150 years ago. When the original Constitution was first proclaimed, it lacked the Bill of Rights. Once added, this system of governance was legally proclaimed. The same is true now. Only the blessed documents of NESARA are to become legal. Have patience and know in your heart what is to happen shortly. Come together and be aware of what is occurring and use your energies to enable us to triumph! Those who now so arrogantly parade around are to be isolated by our sacred associates! This operation has already begun! Be patient and allow it to manifest and transform this reality.

Remember, dear Ones, this reality is resolutely breaking away from the darkness and bringing in the Light. This operation requires a series of “false flags” to secure the proposition that all aspects of the old oligarchy are successfully captured and firmly isolated from you. This process needed a means to permit those secured under their proverbial rocks to come out and clearly reveal themselves to our associates. This operation is taking a little longer than at first proposed. Be patient, blessed Ones! This entire process is soon to be altered by a series of key announcements. Then the new governance can reveal itself and this reality can truly be transformed for the better. This divine operation is bringing out all who were buried so deeply that selected sweeps by our associates were unable to find them. The time that we divinely intend to manifest is quite near. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we carried on with our weekly report. We have reviewed what is developing across this beautiful blue-green orb and see how the forces of the Light are putting bringing together their great victory. Much is unfolding that is about to transform this world for the better. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)