Saturday, April 29, 2017

Future Projections 2017 - Part 2

I received a lot of responses to the article Future Projections 2017 with thousands of people worldwide curious about the future.  And because of that I decided to make a part 2 to address some request and concerns that I think is important.

And for those who wanted to have a printable copy of the document in PDF that can be downloaded, here it is:

Now, to answer the most common question asking to expound more on the topic.  As mentioned already in the first article those who could not be compatible with the higher dimension, as the Earth is already scheduled for ascension will have to be transferred to the second Earth which is located at the back of the sun.  

We don't see this planet from our vantage point on Earth because it is at the back of the sun (also known as Sol).  Due to the size of the sun we could not see this second Earth.  But NASA have seen this planet and they have kept it secret.  When the Earth rotates around the sun the second earth also rotates as well.  It is at the same orbit as the Earth but located at the back of the Sun. And so the only way to see this planet is to either go out of the solar system with a spacecraft or send unmanned expeditions to visit the second Earth.

I can't remember if it was Voyager or some of the other instruments they sent in space who took pictures of this planet and because it was so identical to Earth at first they thought their space instruments was malfunctioning.  But after much study and observations.  There is now no doubt that planet Earth have an identical twin (so to speak).  

Literally, all the geographical land mass, continents, oceans, forest, and etc. are all similar as an exact copy of our planet.

The only thing that is missing is the masses of people who are at the moment inhabiting the planet Earth.  And the second Earth will be the place where people who could not ascend to the higher dimensions will be transferred. 

 Along with this, they (the Galactics) are also preparing to replicate the cities, buildings, factories, roads, houses, cars and all kinds of man-made structures we have at the moment here on earth.  If it is possible to replicate food in an instant, they can do the same thing with an entire city.

They are preparing this so that when the transfer is done in a matter of a twinkling of an eye, it will be instantaneous.  Those that were transferred will think as though they never left the Earth.  Unbeknownst to them teleportation took place for only a fraction of a second.

They will continue their spiritual evolution in the second Earth.  Remember, that this is not punishment.  They are just being transferred to where they are compatible vibrationally.  In the future I will make a documentary to properly explain scientifically about vibration and frequencies of energies as our present scientific knowledge in the world is silent about the invisible energy that empowers the whole physical creation.  Our science and Physics deals only what can be quantified and observe from our physical senses and avoids the very energy that makes everything possible. It is time to break free from this mind-set and explain that the origin of life and the existence of matter is from the perpetual and persistent motion and activity of the SOURCE energy.  This energy makes it possible for matter to move way FASTER than the speed of light. 

Remember every atom and sub-atomic particles spins perpetually and this happens to all material universe. And what makes them spin and rotate to create the illusion of solid objects is the persistance of motion of SOURCE energy defined in terms of vibrational frequencies.  In addition to that I will explain the main differences between our understanding of geometric dimensions of 3 axis third dimension (x,y,z) versus the Galactic explanation of dimensions which centered around vibrations and frequencies of energies; creating a space within a space. The higher the frequencies, the higher the level/dimensional space.

It will take another Galactic Age before those people that will be transferred to the second Earth will be given a chance to ascend to the higher dimension.  An Age is around 26,000 years.  This means they will continue life as though nothing happened.  They will go through again the toil and cycles of reincarnations to several lifetimes until maturity is achieved.  The sad part is that they will be under the reign or rule of the Cabal minions as they will also be transferred there.  I have heard that the original Hillary Clinton was already sent there to the second Earth.  And that Hillary that we see today is just a clone.

And that is the big difference between those who will be allowed to stay from those who will be transferred.  Those who are compatible to the higher dimensional Earth are the meek that will inherit the earth.  This in addition to the fact that they will not have to re-incarnate all-over again.  Their physical body will NEVER die as it will be upgraded to a galactic human being capable of living for thousands and thousands of years.  

Majority of those who will be allowed to stay on Earth are those scheduled for ascension as well.  This means their physical body will be vibrating on a much higher frequencies along with their etheric body, light body, auric field and etc.  

The Earth will undergo physical changes.  In addition to what was mentioned to on the first article.  The diameter of the Earth will grow for around 10 to 15% increase.  This means there will be more land area on Earth.  It will also bring down the sea level significantly.  In time, they might reduce the worlds oceans to just rivers and lakes fulfilling the prophecy in the book of revelation which says there is no more sea.  And they will transfer all the fish, dolphins and whales back to Sirius.

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