Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Heaven is for Real and it's on a Spaceship – Part 2

In the movie "Heaven is for Real" the thing that bothers pastor Todd Burpo as well as the elders of the church are the details of the visions shared by his son Colton and the implications of it as it somehow contradict the bible. For them heaven should be regarded as a subliminal mystery like a myth. But for Todd the very details of what his son saw was impossible to have happened unless there really was a divine intervention. For him those visions his son saw could not possibly be fiction because there was no way his son who is only four years old could have come up with a bunch of fabricated stories. He knows that whatever that his son experienced and saw while being in an operating room in the hospital and have an out of body experience could be true. And that God could have been sending him a message through that experience of his son.

Todd asked the words: Why does it have to be a myth? In other words why are we allowing ourselves stucked in the medieval kind of understanding of what heaven is like? Why cant we outgrow our ancient understanding when we know it is time to come to terms in having a better understanding of what heaven is and what it is like. This is exactly the struggle that was faced by pastor Todd in his contemplation trying to make sense of what his son experienced. For him the only explanation could be that whatever his son saw was really true and that there was a basis for it.

  1. His son Colton saw him while praying inside the church and yelling to God.
  2. His son saw his mom crying in the hospital which was several kilometers away from the church.
  3. Colton saw Todd's grandfather in heaven with vivid details on how he looked like, confirming the photographs of his grandpa.
  4. His son saw his sister in heaven who passed away before she was born. And this sister would not stop hugging him. And he knows that his parents did not gave her a name.
  5. The details of what angels look like - they do not have wings comparing to what we traditionally attribute angels with feathered wings.
  6. His son saw the face of Jesus and it was not like what we traditionally thought of how he looked like.
  7. Colton saw the markers of the wounds Jesus had when he was executed. And he knew exactly where it was located in Jesus body confirming the testimony from someone as an actual eyewitness.
  8. Colton saw Jesus have a horse.
  9. Colton said Jesus had a blue/greenish eyes which confirms what Channelers of Sananda who said Jesus had such eye color.
  10. According to Colton the face of Jesus matches the Jesus that he saw in heaven with the painting of a young girl in Lithuania who happened to have the same experience as Colton with similar near death experience. That girl in Lithuania named Akiane was almost the same age as Colton when she too saw Jesus and made a painting of him with the exact eye color that matches what Colton said. Akiane and Colton could not have corroborated to create such a story. They were just affirming to what they saw.

All these details are impossible to be fabricated by the little boy aged four to come up with something like that all by himself with an elaborate details and stories unless what he saw and experienced was really true that it did happen. For Todd he knew his son so well and that he know his son was just telling it like it is because that is what he saw. Pastor Todd reason with himself and his church members the words: As in Heaven so on Earth. He was trying to make the church understand that God could have been communicating to him via his son that heaven in many ways is similar to our world on Earth. And according to Colton its more beautiful in heaven.

Now it is my job to EXPLAIN the technicalities on how his son Colton was able to make a trip to heaven and back on Earth while his body remained present in the hospital. And I am going to explain it as simple as I can. What I am about to say will either be contradictory to the bible or the bible is silent about it. Remember, the world is under the control of the evil ones as they were allowed to control the world for thousands of years. If they can manipulate the history, news and everything on earth – dont you think they can also manipulate the bible? In other words there are SOME lies that were added to the bible by those who wanted to deceive the world.

But before I do that I will give a few explanations about the basics and fundamentals of Space, Spirit, Etheric Energies, Dimensions and the Source. Take note that these subjects are very complex. In fact the Galactics themselves admitted that explaining these are very challenging for them knowing the kind of language expression that we have on Earth are very limited. But to me, I will just skim to the surface of these things and simplify the explanation. See the illustrations provided for more clarity.

You see, not just humans but also animals and essentially most living things that includes the plants, trees have a spirit. It is a non-material essence that exist in all living things. Spirit and in some cases interchangeably calls it as a soul is what makes living things have consciousness. It means it is self aware. And that is what gives it an individuality like a person or a being.

But the make up (composition) and essences of every living things differs slightly on each kind. For example human beings have a more advance capacity of knowledge and intellect because we were DESIGNED as the Creators Race. And this practically means we are capable of creating through our own thoughts and also capable of emitting a very low electro magnetic pulse emanating from our hearts which can proceed out of our hands. I am referring to the etheric hearts which vibrates at a certain frequencies and NOT the physical heart we have in our chest. This Etheric Heart is part of what constitute a spirit of a person. It is ONE aspect of it and there are several of them. But I am just going to name a few to keep it simple and easy to understand by most people. We all have it and just like the physical heart this ether form; its center and its conciousness is also strategically located in the chest.

Yes, the mind and consciousness is actually in the heart and not in the brain. For the brain is only a place to store the knowledge and memories. The brain is the vault of knowledge. What the doctors detected in the brain are just the activities of the thoughts as it records the data of contents of the thoughts including what was experienced by the physical senses. The brain also translate the electrical impulses of the thoughts and distribute them to the body. These are the main function of the brain. The human brain by the way was designed to accept and store memories, datas and knowledge. This is why scientist have said that we are only using a fraction of our brain capacity as we only live with a average lifespan of more or less than a hundred years. The only problem with their understanding is that they only focus on the physical brain and not with the non-physical essence of humans which is why the progress of their science is very slow.

Since our creation by the Creator (either by Mother/Father God or directly from the Prime Creator) we were equipped and created with these essences of the Creator in us for he created us in his likeness and image. We were equipped with this spirit which is non-material substance that was combined or integrated with the physical body. Our human eyes cannot see the spirit because it was not part of the design of the human retina and iris to reflect and see the light of the spirit. And that is one of the reason why we could not see it. The other reason is because of the premise that a lower dimension cannot see the higher dimension. Because the higher the frequency and vibration the higher is the dimension and I will explain more of that later.

Take for example, there are shades of light that our physical human eyes could not see such as: the lens flare. When a camera regardless of brand was focused either directly or indirectly to the light can see the flares of light. This flares of light is a hexagonal form which seems to be carrying/conveying forwardly the photons of light as the light is being emitted from a certain light source such as the sun. In the same manner, there are shades of light of the spirit which can also be called ethers are INVISIBLE to our physical human eyes. And we humans have the habit of focusing too much on what is can be quantified by our senses. We think that if we cannot feel it, touch it, hear it or at least see it, we then conclude that it must be NOT TRUE. We must now outgrow from that mindset. Although our human eyes and the camera lens are technically the same in the sense that they both act like mirrors that reflect whatever lightform in the surroundings. The human eyes is slightly made different from the camera lens as it does not catch or capture EVERY details of light especially if it is coming from non-material etheric energies.

Well, we are dealing with the same issue with what happened with the Burpo family. The church members could not believe that Colton went to Heaven when they did not see him left the Earth. And they could not believe what he saw.

Now going back to the Etheric Form (spirit) this is what powers the physical human hearts to vibrate and pump blood to circulate throughout the human body. The spirit is the engine and fuel of the physical body. The physical body therefore is no different from a garment that we wear. And it is also connected to our breathing cycles of inhale and exhale which we all do repeatedly in cycles. This is part of the energy source that is creating the life in every living thing. Without it there simply would be no life.

In the case of Colton; his spirit travels out of his body while his body was medically supported for the continuation of life. But the trip out of his body must be very brief in order to return back to his body and continue sustaining the body for the continuance of physical life. The separation of his spirit from his body was what enables Colton to witness his physical body while lying on hospital bed. At that point the etheric form (spirit) travels away from the body and went to heaven.

How come as though there was NO Time involved when he traveled to heaven and back to Earth? That is a good question and I am allowed to speak about that at least in simple terminologies easy to be understood by average people.

The Source

This is also an ENERGY that is INVISIBLE to the physical human eyes. By the way, notice my emphasis of differentiating between physical and non-physical as theres a big distinction between the two. Take note of that differences so that there will be less misunderstanding. The Source is the great energy that powers the entire universe. And as I already said it is invisible to the physical human eyes. But its attributes and its direct EFFECTS is all around us. Literally, ALL matter either solid, liquid and gas are SUPPORTED by the INFINITE frequencies and vibration of the Super Energy called the Source. By all intents and purposes the Source can be describe as something that surpass the entire material creation. In other words it is bigger than the universe, bigger than the sum of all physical creations. It is that big that it cannot be quantified in terms of its mass, scale, size and scope. But it is safe to say that it is bigger than the universe itself. But the Source is also composed of infinite amount of smaller etheric energies which looks like a torus and behaves like a perpetual toroidal cycles.

The Source is the ONE that makes the existence and appearance of matter in the universe. The infinite persistence of motion, cycles, vibrating frequencies is what makes physical matter POSSIBLE. As I said this is the energy that powers the entire universe for without it nothing will exist at all. The Source is perpetually spinning in a clockwise fashion which is part of its default parameters. For those who are more inclined with science and physics - do a little experiment. Try spinning the water with your bare hand on either a glass of water or pale of water. Now, we know that when we flush our toilet bowl the water rotates in one direction as it sinks deep on the septic tank based on the gravity and its location on the globe. If you are on the northern hemisphere the water rotates differently compared to when you are located on the southern hemisphere. Now back to the experiment. Try to check the molecules of the water when rotated clockwise. And then check its molecules when rotated or spinned on a counter clockwise direction and see what happens. What does this tells you? The universe is guided by the presence of a default electro magnetic field that is powered by the source energy which rotates clockwise direction.

Because of the Source an electro magnetic force is present in the material universe. Along with this, it produce an etheric band of colors which exactly what we see with the swatches of colors on a rainbow. The energetic frequencies creates electricity and its vibration makes it possible to appear as Fire. These are all within the spectrum of the energetic output from the perpetual MOTION and cycles of the SOURCE.

All of the etheric energies are interconnected and can function as ONE.  And our spirit is also an energy field and that is why Coltons spirit was easily transported in an instant as it passes through the ethers. 

"Dimensions = the higher the frequency and vibration the higher is the dimensions.  It is like a space within a space."

How FAST is the SOURCE Energy? It is faster than the speed of light. With the speed of light you can encircle the Earth seven times in one second. But here is the problem with finite objects and physical things is that it has scale and parameters. The single universe is so big compared to our solar system how much more to a multi-verse? You see, even if you are traveling at a speed of light it will take several LIGHT YEARS before you can cross the Milky Way Galaxy. Light Year by the way is the distance the light travels in one year. Consider also you need to travel to the next Galaxy and so on. And remember also the local time on one end of the galaxy is not the same on the other end of the galaxy. More so with one galaxy to another, the reckoning of time rate differences are vastly different. Scale on finite realm is really very limited. But here is the point. This is NOT the case with the INFINITE ONE which is the SOURCE. The Source vibrates at a certain frequency that shatters the rate of local time in any part of the universe. In simple terms it can mean that one rotation of the main energy of the Source can rotate 360 degrees in a very, very tiny fraction of a second (millisecond). A second to the Source could be equivalent to a several billion light years to our local time on Earth. 

Remember what was said in the bible that to God a thousand years is but a day. But this was spoken in the local reckoned time within the local galaxy. But to a universe which contain multitudes of galaxies the reckoning of time is different.

To the Source Energy it makes time irrelevant or insignificant. That is the simplest way to describe it. Because only the Source that is ever present everywhere (Omnipresent). So, time, distance and scale is not a factor. This is due to the fact that the Source is INFINITE. And it is not a physical matter but is best describe as an energy field.

"Time is just an illusion. Because of the Source time does not exist, instead it is just a way for us to reckon and measure the moments that passes by."

The Source is singular. It is ONE. That is why they say we are all one. It is like a unified field. A field of energy that is infinite in its size and it acts as ONE though composed of endless smaller sizes of toruses which are also energies.

The frequencies of the Source with its rotational cycles and vibration is WAY faster than the Speed of Light. Remember light is generated by an energy source and the Source is the main source of energy. With the Source energy it can facilitate the instantaneous teleportation. Many of the Spaceships and motherships that are used by the Galactic Federation of Light are utilizing the teleportation in addition to their capability to move from one dimension to another this includes the Portal that allows ships to travel to another part of a galaxy or other part of the universe in an instant.

Now you maybe wondering what is this has to do with Colton? The spirit of Colton while he lies on a bed in the hospital was sort of like teleported to a place we call HEAVEN. His spirit was temporarily removed from his physical body. And as I have said before, this heaven happens to be on a spaceship. It is actually a mothership of about two thousand miles in diameter called the New Jerusalem. I use the term diameter because when you see it from the top or bottom orthographic view it is circular or round in shape. In geometry a circle is composed of a center point and having a radius that surrounds it. A complete 360 degree rotation of this radius from the center point is what makes a perfect circle. A diameter is the measure/distance of one edge of the perfect circle to the other end of it. And that makes a diameter.

But when you look at the New Jerusalem on a orthogonal side view then it looks like an oblong shape, having a height of 1,000 miles and length of 2,000 miles.

The Source by the way is the infinite Size of Etheric Energies composed of infinite amount of smaller scale of ether energetic form. And these are scalable in sizes. It can be as smaller than quarks and atoms. Or it can be as big as a planet. Literaly, everything is supported by a vast amount of hidden and unseen energies. And since these are all interconnected as ONE then INSTANTANEOUS movement or travel can be accomplished with this energy called the Source.

Not only The Source but also the Prime Creator along with Mother/Father God have an energetic/auric field that extends to the whole galaxy. And this is why they can beam themselves AT WILL and be anywhere in the Galaxy in an instant.

This is also what happened with Colton, his spirit was teleported to the New Jerusalem faster than the speed of light. This explains why Colton have had so much that happened to him while he spent just a day or so in the hospital.

We are not our own body. The spirit inside of us is the REAL person. That is the real you and me. We are in fact incarnated to the physical body. The body is physical but the spirit is non-material essence. It is not even a form of light because the energy is the one that is producing the light into a light body.

And eversince after the war between Atlantis and Lemuria, the New Jerusalem have been the central HUB where those Spirit Beings (students) from allover the universe were sent by those people or beings that were sent here on Earth to become incarnated humans for the development and further improvement of their Consciousness. The Company of Heaven along with the Spiritual Hierarchy took advantage of the fact that there was a presence of an opposing force known as the evil ones referring to the invaders of the Earth. And that by allowing these invaders to some extent have a greater controlling influence amongst the population of the world, then it became a very ideal place for learning and experience. To put it simply the experiences we all have endured and suffered here on Earth gave us the spiritual maturity that we have become today.

The New Jerusalem and some representatives of the Galactics are all just outside the orbit of the Earth sometimes cloaked with invisibility and sometimes not. They stood from a distance to Earth while they observe everything that was happening on the surface of the world making sure that the EVIL ways of the evil ones are curtailed, trimmed to a very manageable level to achieve the desired effect for the students who incarnated on Earth.

Not just students but also the Lightworkers are being sent to the the New Jerusalem for assessment to see if they were able to accomplish their own individual goal or mission for coming to Earth. And so the New Jerusalem was like the REINCARNATION Center and like an Operating Base where people or beings of all kinds were sent to for further integration. Those beings who have suffered and endured on Earth were the ones who usually gain more improvements in their understanding about the cause and effect of right and wrong, good and bad. And therefore they have matured much faster and have earned recognition for their admission to the higher dimensions which is also called ascension. With their experiences on Earth, Heaven and the Galactics have a complete track record of everyone on how these people or beings behave and or performed if they were in such situations and predicament.

The last several thousands of years were spent here on Earth by all of us and most of us have had a few hundred and some even a few thousand lifetimes.  This means we have had various physical bodies in the past. 

And since the graduation to this universal school has ended since the end of the Age. Then what is left is to give a chance to those who have performed in favor of the evil ones as their minions; for them to turn from their wicked ways or be sent elsewhere. They will not be punished but instead they will be transferred to where they can grow and continue with whatever the kind of life they choose to be for themselves. Because the Earth is now being geared and readied for ascension to the higher dimension where violence and extreme evil will no longer be tolerated. Therefore they are now doing preparations to clear the Earth of all that cause violence and evil. In the near future, peace, harmony and abundance will be the prevailing situations on Earth.

All of these will culminate upon the effectivity of:

  • RV/GCR
  • Galactic Disclosure
  • Newly Restored Republic of the US
  • And of course the arrival/appearance in our atmosphere of the New Jerusalem Mothership.

These are some of the SIGNS to take note of.

To be continued..............