Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Return of Yeshua Ben Joseph/Jesus

Today I would like to talk about the subject of the return of a well known ascended master called as Jesus. His name was actually Yeshua Ben Joseph (Yoseph). But his real soul name was Sananda. The process of incarnation was done to Sananda as they transferred his soul or spirit to a fetus that will be born into a Jewish family and became as Yeshua Ben Yoseph. His soul was originating from a hovering mothership called New Jerusalem. The name Jesus was added to him long after he left the world at least a few hundred years after he left back to the New Jerusalem (Heaven).

Sananda/Jesus and the Prime Creator will broadcast to the world the Galactic Disclosure. The intended timing for disclosure is before the end of this fiscal year. As you may have already known that the end of the age has already commenced. It is actually already overdue. And this was because of several factors that needs to be considered including preparation for the transition as well as setting up the events that will lead up to the mass arrest of the bad guys, new republic, RV, GCR, Nesara, Gesara and etc. All these things needed a very well coordinated effort to come into fruition. Much work behind the scenes have been done both by lightworkers, ascended masters who were working with key people, white hats and by the galactic themselves (cloaked) who provided protection to all the people or beings that are involved in making this transition a reality.

In the bible, you may have noticed the words mentioned by Sananda/Jesus referring to the beginning. The beginning (Pre-Genesis) was about the start of the experiment that was done on the surface of the Earth conducted by all the members of the Galactic Federation of Light. And Sananda was chosen and assigned by the Prime Creator to lead in managing the experiment. The experiment was about trying to find out if its possible for all living things to thrive and live on a surface of the planet, as this subject have never been tried before in any part of the universe. All planets in the cosmos have their civilizations reside inside of the interiors of their planet and not outside. And Earth was the chosen planet to do this kind of experiment. Unfortunately, the notorious bad actors from non galactic member planets came to Earth and sabotage the experiment and invaded the world. If you recall in the bible there was a parable given by Sananda/Jesus about the tares that were planted by the evil ones in the field of the world. And he said that they should just wait and not uproot the evil ones from the wheat otherwise they will also uproot the good ones. And so it is better for them to wait until it is already the end of the age before they do the segregation.

The Prime Creator due to his patience and mercy have allowed the intruders to reign on Earth but only until the end of the age of pisces. That means the Galactics will have to step aside and wait until it is time for them to do the divine intervention on the surface of the world. This also means that the evil invaders were able to infiltrate the world and establish the kind of order they wanted the world to become. To establish total control of the world: Capitalism, Religion and the style of government were patterned based on their ideals and not of the Galactic Federation style of community family type of organization. And this is why religion is their number one tool for deception as they can condition the mental upbringing of people into utter submission while ushering lack and scarcity to the worlds populace. The bible therefore have become probing ground for editing. Since the evil invaders have the total control over the world, they have the chance to edit the contents of the bible to insert ideas, stories, words that will turn the table in favor of them. And that is why theres a lot of lies added to the bible, which means its credibility, reliability is questionable. In other words, the bible in its current state is not trustworthy. It was edited back in the second and third century AD. The original first century scriptures was written in Aramaic and not Greek. The copy of the bible we have today was the one derived after it was already edited and translated in Greek from Aramaic. And a lot of magic words and fancy stories were added to the scriptures when they burned the original first century copies and then substituted it with the edited Greek translated third century copies.

By now, the end of the age is already a done deal, and so they will not allow another time extension in favor of the invading forces. This means, it is high time for the return of Sananda/Jesus. They will now have to step into the world scene and picked up where they left off. They will now resume in establishing order into this world. And Sananda has the authority to do this leadership. And that is why he and the Prime Creator will lead in the Galactic Disclosure broadcast that will be seen and heard by practically everyone on Earth.

Take note, as Jesus indicated in the bible that they - referring to the Galactics will come down and separate the evil people from the vast majority of the people of this world. No earthly weapons will work as they will activate the zero point technology that were already established in hidden areas on top of all the mountains of the world. This technology can cancel any forward motion of any weapons, bullets, rockets, missiles and etc. As Jesus said: ''then the stars (galactic ships) will fall from the sky, and the sign will be seen in the sky. The sign in the sky is referring to the uncloaking of the hovering motherships as it will eventually be seen globally because the Galactics are finally are resuming control of the world.

Does this mean Jesus/Sananda will touch down to return to Israel? As of now, the cabal influence of Israel is still very high. But so is the United States and Europe. The Galactics headed by Sananda will first concentrate to the rest of the world particularly the United States. And this is why a lot of concentrated efforts have been done to the US as the Galactics are helping in cleaning up America from the mess they have become due to the cabal influence in that part of the world. They are working with President Trump to do the major clean sweep operation to cleanse the United States to be free from the presence of the evil scallawags. Trump calls this as Drain the Swamp. And partly this is the reason why for the delay of the RV. The RV is already activated for quite sometime, but the only thing that is being withheld is the toll free number to begin the public appointments. They are just being cautious because the RV is DIVINELY intended for the lightworkers ONLY and not for the bad guys and bad actors. They want to make sure that this blessing falls into the hands of the intended people whose hearts are for their own people as well as and not hoard the blessings only to themselves. You see our earthly telephone communication technology is very primitive by Galactic standards as its easy to be manipulated and interfered with. They want to make sure that when the public starts to call the toll free number that it will not be prone to attacks and or electronic jamming, relay and interferance. In other words, they want to make sure that the bad guys will not interfere with your blessings from heaven, so that when you do make the call for an exchange appointment you wont be transferred to a pizza restaurant customer service, instead it should be direct to the call centers of bank representatives. Because the cabal can play with any phoneline of anywhere on earth; as their technology is secretly slightly ahead of what we know in existence.

Will this be the second coming of Jesus? No, Sananda/Jesus have actually returned to Earth several times already in the past. Its just that there was no need to make a grand presentation about it as the world at the time has not yet fully reached the end of the age.

It is very likely that Jesus/Sananda will land first in North America and not in the middle east. And this will take place possibly sometime next year - 2018. But first Galactic Disclosure will have to happen first and foremost. Sananda/Jesus along with some ascended Masters will do some lectures to correct the current misconceptions that created immense misunderstanding amongst the people of the world for a long time particularly in the field of religious belief system. Just like what I have been doing all along, they will also sort out which contents of the bible is true from the false.

I also have to address the actual look of Sananda/Jesus. The real look of Yeshua is very similar to the image you see pictured in this article. The image of Jesus that we have known for thousands of years are not the real picture of Yeshua/Jesus. Since they brought the story of Jesus into the world they felt it is better to change his name, birthdate, and physical look into something else. From Yeshua they changed it to Jesus. From April, they changed it to December as the month of his birth. From a more semitic/middle eastern looking man, they changed it to look more like a southern Italian man to gain acceptance of the western world. And so, the picture or image of Jesus that we have known for ages is not the exact look of Yeshua/Jesus.

This same Yeshua/Jesus will return to the world. As you may have already known from my previous articles that our physical body is not the real person. We are not our body. Because the body is like a temporary vessel or temporary clothes that we wear. The real us is the person or soul INSIDE the body. We are temporarily housed inside the physical body that we currently have. Most of the time, it was the role of the New Jerusalem (Heaven) to assign/transfer a soul from one body to another for soul development here on the surface of the world. The body of Yeshua even though its been two thousand years ago it was preserved on a stassis like chamber, stored until such time when Sananda shall wear once again the physical being that the world have known as Yeshua Ben Joseph to once again come back and resume office into this world. This means, the exact Yeshua will be coming back on Earth; as Sananda will once again take the role of leadership assigned to him by his father, the Prime Creator.

As far as location is concerned. I think Sananda/Jesus will stay more in the western part of North America such as: Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, Oregon, Vancouver and etc. He will visit these locations along with a team to give lectures/seminars to set things right and correct the religious teachings that people embraced for a very long time. The number of people in the world who are professing christians are in the billions. Those number of people should somehow learn the truth from the lies and deception that they have grown accustomed with.

And I too am being urged in the spirit to join them and assist. And so, sometime next year I will visit the States and setup a company and build a business that will bring people to the Hollow Earth via a Cruise Ship for a visit. 2018 seems to be the year for all of this to happen and so exciting times are ahead.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Update About the Galactics and the Neptune

For those who were asking about the ship, it is called Neptune.  And they decided to cloak again the ship to make it invisible.  But it is currently doing observation of everyone on the surface of the world including the bad guys.  The walls of the ship is capable of projecting the images of everything on the ground and below the ground with great details.  It can zoom in and out of the areas of focus for observation.  

They are not static in one place, they are in motion, flying and scanning the world.

In addition to the passengers I have mentioned previously, Archangel Michael and Gabriel are also on board the ship.

There's a way to see it even when cloak.  You will notice an area in the sky where there are no stars on it like a blank patch.  But everything around it has stars.  This means the ship while cloak is blocking the sky as it moves.  If you are lucky, you will even see a bunch of small scout ships (UFOs) going in and out of that thing.

Also, if you have Military grade night vision goggles, use it to see what you cannot see with the naked eye.  You will be surprised to see that there are a lot of flying objects called UFOs moving in the sky.

Another way is to use the lake or a small river to see the reflection of the stars in the sky at night.  If you see a star or stars being reflected on the surface of the lake then that is a Galactic ship.  Because stars that are far out in the universe or galaxy Cannot have reflection on the water but only nearby or those around orbiting the solar system.

The Cabal and the Illuminati cannot shoot it down as they have the means to know the future that alerts them far in advance. Plus, they can glide to higher dimensions and back to lower dimension in a matter of seconds.

Remember what was said by Jesus/Sananda in the bible that in the end of the age they will segregate those who belong to the light and those who belong to the evil group who refuse to relent and return to the light.  We are already reaching that period.  They know who are the faithful minions of the Cabal from the great masses of people of the world.

I have good news for those who were hoping for the RV to happen, that you have been heard.  Rest assured that they will respond to your collective intentions to manifest the RV and the GCR.  Your collective positive thoughts have created a ripple effect to the etheric world. And they could not help but respond and allow it to happen along with their added push to manifest it.  So do not be dismayed, instead continue with what you have done.  If you can encourage others to do the same then do so. The more the better.  The bigger the commotion that creates the ripple the better is the response.  As the universe will have to respond to your collective positive thoughts creations recognizing each and everyone of you as part of the Creator who finally realized that they are God's and Goddesses.

Right now it's just a matter of timing and safety. But it is very likely to happen before the end of this year.  The RV first then followed by galactic disclosure.

Ignore the words Project  Blue Beam.  This is real Galactic presence and in the skies of San Diego area.  This type of Galactic light ship was also seen in the skies of China a few years ago.  And now they are in the states.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Galactics have Arrived - December 16, 2017

It can now be confirmed that the Galactics have entered the Earth's higher atmosphere.  

If you recall early this month NASA was in frenzy as they were monitoring and tracking what they say was a humongous size of an object that entered Earth atmosphere.  But of course as always they are not allowed to tell the world the truth.

Last December 2, 2017 by the order of the Prime Creator (the Most High God), the Galactics have started to move closer to the Earth's atmosphere.  It was cloaked and started to go around the Earth.  

But now it is Confirmed that is now starting to remove the visual cloaking and can now be seen in the skies as it revolves around the world. 

This is it.  The Prime Creator has spoken and decided to go ahead and make the global disclosure.  And this can happen any day between now and before the end of this month/year.

This initial Galactic ship was headed by commander Grener.  And the passengers include the Prime Creator, Sananda/Jesus, St. Germain, Adama (of Inner Earth) and Mother/Father God.

All of our electronic devices will receive the broadcast of the Disclosure.  The meaning of all of this is that the end of the age is now officially to take effect and will not be extended anymore.  The Galactics will resume control of the world.  The Earth will revert back to the way it was before the arrival of the Reptilians and Annunakis.

As of now, they are observing. The New Jerusalem Mothership is also nearby Earth atmosphere but outside the orbit. The Greners ship can change shape, color, texture, material. This will be the initial ship to show and disclose to the world and many more to come as all the representatives of the members of the Galactic Federation of Light are here in the solar system to help and witness the transition of our world back to the light.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner - December 5, 2017

Greetings. I am Mira coming to you today with a strong force of love, and commitment from the Earth Council, where I have been serving full-time now for five years. With this commitment I pledge to you and to the Earth to see you through this powerful time of Ascension.

As you might have noticed there are strange occurrences on your planet. You are probably feeling some of them, for most lightworkers feel these energies. Even the awakening humanity are paying greater attention to these anomalies. They are occurring because you are going through the Ascension process.

Please be assured that these unusual activities and events are a normal part of Ascension. It is common to feel awkward as you make your way sometimes feeling clumsy. There is a monumental shift occurring with the Earth herself. The magnetic fields of the planet are unstable. Therefore, as you know, the ride can get a little rocky.

Due to the influx of light and information, your consciousness is rising. Transparency is becoming the norm. As there is increasing exposure of the secrets and the darkness, the foundation from the Third Dimension is crumbling before you. This can also create the feeling of instability and impermanence, which is the situation in which you now find your selves.

It is interesting to us that some of your historical figures, icons, monuments, and statues are being removed. The spaces that they occupied will be replaced with something significant for the new energies. If only those who are assisting in this removal would realize that these also are mirrors for their own replacement. These icons, figures, people in long-term political stature, etc. will also fall way as the Third Dimension implodes upon itself.

We are calling this process “the greatest show on Earth.” It is somewhat akin to a circus, in case you hadn’t noticed. There are billions of Galactics surrounding your planet providing assistance, protection, technology, who are ready for divine intervention if necessary. Please remember that we will not allow nuclear weaponry on your planet. Dispense with the fear of war because there are no more energies for war. There are only energies by the cabal to make more money by creating weapons. This is the truth.

What happens on the Earth affects all of life, your solar system and the seven solar systems of which you are part. It is a precious planet where darkness and evil are being removed. You get to watch this happen. Observe it like you are in an audience and watch it fall. Take back your power, claim your planet back, release whatever is holding you back, and clear the way for a new Golden Age.

We look forward to the time that we can be together where we can share our technology with you and celebrate the completion of the darkness on planet Earth. There is a big excavation process happening right now and thanks to you for playing an important part in this extremely important project.

We send profound love, support and healing, to all of you. 
I am Mira.