Wednesday, February 28, 2018

RV - Disclosure 2018

"Will the real slim Exchangers please Stand-up"

The RV has already happened for quite some time but due to various reasons it's reality is being obscured by hesitation and safety concerns. On the part of the Chinese Elders it's understandable that they exercise some caution in releasing the RV in full swing. Hence, they release it to a selected few for the meantime while the Cabal is still in a defiant mode. Once the safety of the masses of people who will exchange are secured then the complete release will take place.

At the moment, there are those who already exchanged and is already enjoying their own abundance. You are now being called upon to Disclose the reality of your exchange to the world. You don't have to violate the NDA and reveal the details, you just share to people that you have indeed Exchange without disclosing your true identity. In other words, you can give testimony about it without revealing yourself by being anonymous. You can encourage fellow exchangers and lightworkers that the RV is real.  

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