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The Lost Tribes of Israel and the Ark of the Covenant

Note: There has been a lot of talk about this topic on Facebook, I decided to write something about it.

These two became lost or went missing relatively at almost the same time two thousand years ago. But where could they be by now? And how did they vanished? There were twelve tribes of Israel:
  1. Levi
  2. Reuben
  3. Manasseh
  4. Gad
  5. Judah
  6. Simeon
  7. Issachar
  8. Asher
  9. Benjamin 
  10. Dan
  11. Naphtali 
  12. Joseph

Of all these tribes of people numbering probably several thousands or millions surrounded the Temple in Jerusalem; only the tribe of Levi remained isolated from all the other tribes. This is because the tribe of Levi was assigned the role of priesthood were all the priests that will serve in the temple must come from. As seen from the map of ancient Palestine these tribes occupied areas forming their own local communities. And some of these territories are already occupied today by Lebanon and Syria.

The Ark of the Covenant was still in the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus (Sananda). The same thing with the twelve tribes. But prior to 90 A.D. the population of the Tribes started dwindling. Although, there were already active Jewish migration around the world at the time. But the massive disappearance of the tribes of the Jews did not happen as said by popular tradition. According to tradition is that there was a diaspora; the Jews were forced out by the Romans to leave Israel and scattered them around the world. And if that was the case then all of the Jews around the world can easily identify their own clan or tribe from where they come from. But that is not the case, Jews worldwide are unsure of what Tribe of Israel they come from as the original community home of the Jewish tribes in Palestine were cleared and disappeared from their local neighborhoods. Meaning, the reckoning of their ancestral lineage was broken and therefore the traditional clan of knowing which tribe such Hebrew/Jew belongs to have been erased, gone.  

Because in the past the Jewish people who were living on other parts of the world who visited Israel yearly to keep and celebrate the annual Festivals they just have to visit a certain tribe such as Benjamin or Reuben etc. and then people there can attest that such and such Jews are indeed part of their tribes as they know who their families are. Each tribe knows exactly if a certain surname or family name is part of their tribe as the names of their local tribe is  something they are familiar with for thousands of years.  But all of these things disappeared from Israel. Which is basically the reason why Arabs started to live inside the territories of Israel as the Jewish tribes vanished from their original homelands. And today, the lands of Israel are occupied by Arabs such as: Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. The fact that these Arabs were able to migrate to the former lands of the Israelites easily, only proves that there was a time when the tribes of Israel vanished and disappeared from their localities which gave a chance for the Arabs to move in and occupy the former lands of the Jews.

The question now is: How did all the Israeli Tribes vanished and disappeared from their own land two thousand years ago just several years after Jesus left the world? If they left the land, what made them leave in massive numbers? These are all valid questions and a serious one. And I know that the Jews worldwide wanted to know what happened to their own tribes that used to be in Israel then just vanish all of a sudden, leaving them unable to continue with their own tradition and understanding. But of course there are Jews/Hebrews who can still tell what tribe they come from such as apostle Paul. But for the rest of them the reckoning of which tribe they originate is now gone.

My personal opinion about this is that the Tribes of Israel vanished, not because they were driven away from their lands by the Romans. Instead, they left Israel because they were persuaded by Sananda (Jesus) and John the Baptist that Yahweh the one they were serving is not a benevolent god. And that they do not have to worship and serve a malevolent god. Sananda (Jesus) must have told them that there are other world out there that are not influenced by the Annunakis such as Tibet and India. Including the world inside the Earth as the Earth is hollow. The persuasion must have been very convincing for them to leave Israel en masse and travel to Hollow Earth. One of the smaller mountains of Israel has a secret passageway that leads to Hollow Earth. Sananda Jesus used this passageway in order to travel the world. Sananda by the way is the son of the Prime Creator and he was assigned to manage the experiment on Earth and has an office inside the New Jerusalem Mothership called New Jerusalem. He visited frequently all the other areas on Earth because it his job to look after the situations of all the tribes on Earth and not just Israel. 

Just as the Essene was persuaded to be separate and settled away from Jerusalem the same thing with John the baptrist who recognize they need to distance themselves from the influence of the Annunakis because Yahweh is an Annunaki and they are malevolent ETs.

And now, what about the Ark of the Covenant, what happened to it? How did it vanished? The Israelites must have left Israel already prior to the disappearance and destruction of the Temple. Some say the Ark could have been moved to the Vatican. But others say it was moved to Ethiopia. It is possible that the Galactics took it for safekeeping. The Annunakis such as Yahweh inherited technologies from the Atlantians (their allies) including the weapons for producing global flood and thermo nuclear weapons. These things could have been added to the Ark of the Covenant in addition to the law or tablets of stones. Those weapons could have been the possible reasons why those who touched the Ark died instantly because of the radioactivity of the box encasement.

The Annunakis decided to hide the weapons inside the Ark so that the Galactics will not dare to take it from the Temple or will obscure the weapons hidden there, weapons that could have been used by the Atlantians to decimate the cities of Lemurians that turned into desert lands. And so these are the reasons why the Ark of the Covenant and the tribes of Israel went missing after all these millennias of time.

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