Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Message from Lady Portia and Christine in Canada

It's All Happening!

We are still and always have been here!

Our Mission remains the restoration of God's Light on Earth.

Our secluded daily (and nightly!) life is 100% devoted to inner deep diving; supporting our teams, family and networks on the Inner Plains; personal and global: Ascension, grid work and transmuting.

We have sold the New York Homestead due to lack of funds and as our embrace of the transition.

We live in a remote cabin on a lake in Canada, which is also an Intergalactic Portal.

We humbly thank the many mighty messengers and unstoppable ground workers, all courageous representatives of the Legions of Light now serving Earth.

We give an extra deep bow of tremendous gratitude to Yosef & Company for insisting, and then assisting us to go within so that we may purify to become practical, prepared Human Angels, ready to disburse God's Prosperity. Yosef, what you have done has made all the difference in the world to us.

We are guided to freshly reemerge as public messengers in the coming months, including radio shows, written messages and personal sessions.

We are excited to welcome Lynn Marie Brown (Lynnie) to the Who Needs Light clan, a radiant spiritual powerhouse and an accomplished financial advisor, who is already helping many transition to New Earth's never-ending supply of milk and honey.

We will offer retreats (we call them "retrieves") in September 2018.

We continue to KNOW that the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, including the RV/GCR are real, underway, and will assist us in restoring everlasting glory to Earth.

How the hours go by for us is a little bit difficult to explain.

How can each moment be filled with so much pain, wonder, knowing and uncomfortable stretching as we release everything we would have sworn defined us even months ago?

We continue to receive clear and exact messages and confirmation from the Company of Heaven - especially those bright Ones who over-light us directly. For us right now, it's about transmuting as much as possible in order to help keep steady, wide and bright the bandwidth of Light that allows the transition to proceed.

We are humbled.
We are tired.
We have Faith.
We are ready.

This story ends in everlasting glory!

With love,
Kathryn & Christine (sometimes known as the Can-Do Gals)


Be soothed and uplifted with this prayer to God: HU (by Eckankar).


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