Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Seven Trumpets

Note: For those who made copies of the pages here on this article you may want to update them as I added some more pages and rephrase some sentences to make it more easy to understand.

The Galactic Federation of Light along with the Spiritual Hierarchy is working with President Trump and with some US Generals and other world leaders to bring about the change that this world desperately needs. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What's in the Envelope?

Note: A lot of people are wondering and speculating about the contents of the envelopes given to the various people during the funeral service of former President Bush Sr.  

What could it be?  
Was it just a thank you note/card? Or indictments notice? 
We shall soon see.

Zorra Call - Dec. 9, 2018

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

France: "Freedom from Control"

Note:  I used to work with French people for more than 2 years.  And I know how assertive French people are.  The mainstream Media is Obviously controlled by just a few private individuals.  The French have been in violent protest for so many years but none of the efforts they demonstrated ever reach the mysterious mainstream media.  You wont see these videos displayed on the news. 

Possible Solution:
Maybe its time to remove ALL governments worldwide. No more nations or countries. Enough to the division and control governments do to the people of the world. All governments around the world anyway are infested with cabal minions. By ending all governments, then it will remove their ability to control the population. Bring back power to the people by forming their own local community council of 12 temporary leaders which will be assigned alternately to all people. And the job of the council is to see to it that everyone receives a fair share and all their needs are met. No more poor or homeless people, no more sick. And no one has to work like a slave spending much of their lifetime for a money that was created out of thin air. Everyone can work voluntarily and not by compulsion. Start Barter trade of not just commodities but also skills of everyone can be bartered in exchange for other skills or help people can get. And this will end wars and greed. And bring peace, harmony and prosperity to everyone.  

Zorra Call for Dec. 2, 2018