Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Faith & Belief vs. KNOWING

It is easy to say, it is easy to claim that the God of the bible was the one who created everything. But can he prove it? If he really made the Earth and other planets in a matter of hours, then let us ask him to do some demonstration to prove it.
Create another planet similar to Earth between Mars and our planet. If it is true that he made everything then prove his creatorship by creating another planet. It must be something that is OBSERVABLE that he can really repeat a creation that he claimed to do. If he is really the one who made planets and everything in a very short period of time, then show it.
Otherwise, the Faith and Belief is really not based on observable facts but rather based on emotions and not evidence. It is one thing to believe a claim but is another thing to KNOW something for sure. And unless, he can prove his Creatorship by doing an actual creation before our very eyes then belief and faith are just a ploy and a scam to fool people into submission because his claim of creation happened in the past and could not be proven today.
But if he can prove it today in real time then there is no NEED to insist and promote the concept of faith and belief because the logic shifts from KNOWING something that really happened today and verifiable rather than having faith in something that happened in the distant past.
And that the God who claimed to created everything are INCAPABLE of proving it.  Therefore he just want everyone to believe it based on his narrative story but not on known proven observable facts.
So, do not rush into believing in anything without knowing it fully well.  While those who already believe in this God should start to really EVALUATE their Faith and Belief system. Wait for the release of my book next year - The Top Ten Lies of the Bible.  I will defend those who could not defend themselves from the logical trap of faith and belief system of religion.

These are some of the things that I addressed in my book as I really focused on questioning: is the God of the bible a really genuine God of Love or just an impostor?  Is he a genuine Creator of the Universe or a Fake Creator? What kind of Criminal God is He who asked people to obey his standards of law but he himself does not want to keep it? 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Jesus was Born in April

Note: If this really took place around December it would have been very chilly as the winds from the snowy mountains of Turkey and Lebanon are usually headed towards the Arabian peninsula including the ancient Palestine area.  Meaning, it was very, very cold and they cannot possibly stay outside for extended period of time.  

The birth date of Jesus is one of the great evidence that the Vatican and the Catholic church historically changed the details surrounding the life and times of Jesus.  Not only they edited the contents of the New Testament bible but also they changed the name of Jesus whose original name was Yeshua Ben Yoseph.  They also changed the date of his birth.  Yeshua was actually born in April and not December.  This means the 25th December is actually a PAGAN holiday observance that was historically added by the Catholic Church and have been adapted by the majority of christian denominations.

The question now is: if they can change the details about Yeshua; what else was changed, added and subtracted from the original details?  Next year I will release the complete version of my book: The Top Ten Lies of the Bible.

It is time to question everything.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

UFO Activity in Chicago - December 2019

Image Credit: Johnny Hernandez in Chicago  

Note: The Galactic Federation is now really making their presence felt. This mothership appeared recently in Chicago.  If they are doing these sightings now; how much more next year?  In 2020 we shall see the increase in the visibility and or frequency of appearance of UFOs in the skies of the world.  Sometime in the middle of next year they will decloak globally.

Remember what was said in the book of Revelation when it says: "Come Up Here".  It was talking about the Two Witnesses.  That prophecy was referring to a hovering mothership of the Galactics who will be calling out certain people of the world.  Although the prophetic timeline have been deliberately altered, meaning 77% of Apocalyptic Prophecies of the book of Revelation will not happen anymore.  But in essence, some of its prophecies are still accurate to some extent.  This is because of the major Lightworkers who came from the FUTURE and they were sent here on Earth and authorized to do such things in favor of the Light.  Their contribution have had a very tremendous impact in changing the course of the timeline of the worlds situation that instead of extreme fear inducing scenarios as stated in the apocalyptic book containing lots of Earthwide cataclysm, plagues, natural disasters and etc. All those negative things were altered once and for all; therefore it will not happen anymore.  

It was all made possible by the heroism of the group of lightworkers who unselfishly gave their time and effort to be as the light into the dark world that their mere presence balanced the equilibrium in favor of the light.  These group of Lightworkers are scattered worldwide and they are monitored by the Galactic Federation as they do their work.  They serve in various field some are in the military, in governments of the world, teachers, and others have various professions.  These are the people who came to Earth with a mission.  These are the kind of people who can withstand prolonged hardships, difficulties who have a never say die attitude and never gives up.  Most of them does not have a good looking appearance but their beauty is inside of their hearts; afterall the physical body is only a temporary vessel.    

At the moment I cannot reveal the exact identities of these lightworkers who came from the future who are scattered worldwide.  Although much of their work/mission had been complete.  But still we are awaiting a word from the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Next year,  what will happen is that - there is a possibility of the arrival of various Mentors.  They will be arriving coming from various Motherships of the Galactic Federation of Light.  At that time, significant amount of Incarnated Annunakis and Reptilians will be rounded up and be taken out of the planet. These Mentors will teach humanity about a lot of things one of which is about the true history of the Earth, religion and its mastermind, life on other planets, your previous lifetimes on another body and etc.  They will be around to explain everything and answer all the questions you can come up with.  

Just as Jesus (Yeshua) was taken up by a cloud cloaked UFO of the Ashtar Command part of the Galactic Federation.  The same thing will happen with all these various Mentors.  They can either descend or go up and levitate to go inside an orbiting spaceships or motherships.  The Galactic Federation will decloak enmasse.  And they can also broadcast to all our communication devices such as: radio, TV, internet, computers, smartphones and etc.  We will all be informed and that there will be a transition as the Galactic age of Aquarius will have to be in effect for all of the inhabitants of the world.  The previous age where extreme sufferings were allowed to happen is over.  The time of peace, joy and abundance will have to commence and so be it.  Some of us (people of this world) will either be approached by these Mentors or we ourselves will be invited to visit and come aboard the spaceship that will descend on Earth and hover within the regions of the clouds of the world.    

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Its About Time

Disclaimer Note:  Im not the one who made this cover magazine.  This was posted from the social media.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Excellent Discussion at the Jimmy Dore Show

Note: They talked about the issue surrounding the question why Nancy Pelosi wanting so much to impeach President Trump but did not impeach President Bush when she had the chance.  Compared to Bush, President Trump did not do anything wrong and yet she is so serious about impeaching him.  Her actions are very questionable; and their motive for impeachment is really suspicious.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Up in the Sky

This UFO was seen in the skies of Spain and Portugal. And then also appeared in Florida, USA.  Either it traveled from Europe to America or theres more than one of these in the sky.  Clearly, the Galactic Federation are positioning themselves worldwide getting ready for disclosure next year.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

What will Happen if Deutsche Bank Suddenly Collapse?

Note: The only difference between today and the last financial collapse way back 11 years ago is that there will be no sympathetic President that will bail out the banks if they collapse once again. President Bush and Obama bailed out various banks in the past. And they printed Trillions of fiat dollars to bail out the banks. Today however, President Trump is unlikely to bail out the banks that will fail in the near future.  This is because President Trump knows that the private owners of these big banks / central banks are the ones behind the impeachment campaign against him.  These owners are the ones who dictates the actions and words used by the puppets they installed in the government (Democrats & etc.) in impeaching President Trump.

It was the effort of bailing out the banks in the past which prevented the domino effect from infecting the other banks connected to Lehman Brothers.  The Bail out effort saved all the other banks; the so called Too Big to Fail Banks from becoming completely like the Lehman Brothers.  But today, the collapse is once again looming and brewing on the HORIZON.  This is a systemic problem stemming from the exclusive use of Derivatives sustain solely by Preservatives of Fiat Currencies.  

So what will happen if the Deutsche Bank eventually fail?  It will drag other big banks with them as they are all directly connected. President Trump will then introduce the USN (United States Notes) this is the gold backed version of the US currency. President Trump will then lead the way to move away from the use of fiat currencies issued by Central Banks worldwide. Eventually, all currencies worldwide will become digital and backed by tangible hard assets of precious metals.

Monday, December 2, 2019

The Untold Story about Former President Marcos - Part 2

Sometime after 9/11 former U.S. President George W. Bush was once asked the question - which country is the richest in the world today; and he answered with a clear smile on his face and said it's the Philippines.

The video of former president Bush have been mysteriously removed from Youtube.  

The Photograph above was taken from the 1950s and it was originally in black and white color.  It shows just one small section of the gold bars collection. It was digitally altered, color enhanced today just to see how it would looked like at the time.  This was before it was shipped to various banks worldwide.

However, heres the video and transcript of the interview from Karen Hudes of the World Bank who essentially said the same thing:

Video Transcript

the World Bank and its sister organization the International Monetary Fund
are very special
options they are sitting on top of the world's wealth which was put into a
secret account and it has more gold than anybody knows about and it is cloaked in
secrecy the bankers do not own that money
it's held in benefit for Humanity World Bank and the IMF are listed on a special
agreement that was signed in nineteen fifty about that assets it's gold it's
more golden people know about
it's over a million metric tons of gold and the World Bank and the IMF have a
special role to play
making sure that that money is spent to the benefit of humanity
so where's the gold a lot of people some people believe that the gold in Fort Knox
has disappeared
that's been in question for many years congressman have attempted to get an
audit of the gold in Fort Knox to a million metric tons of gold is not
something you can just hide where would you say that that gold is being stored
four hundred thousand metric tons are in the central bank of the Philippines
there's over two hundred thousand metric tons in Union Bank of Switzerland and
some of that gold is buried securely in the Philippines as well
some of it is held in various banks but the bulk of it is in the Philippines
so the world bank holds the note on that gold no it is in a special trust account
that was set up by friend on Marcos and the authorized signatory is a German
banker lawyer by the name of Wolfgang struck who also lives in the Philippines
so how do how do the people get the gold back at if it's their gold and it was
taken by these bankers
how do we receive it that is that
is the question and they're just sitting there illegally and refusing to
relinquish it part of the problem is that it's this gold is cloaked in
secrecy but in the last month of Wolfgang struck has been publishing all
of the documentation so it's there for people to see we have the originals and
people just have to make sure that the banks do what they are required to do
which is release the world's well
contact Phoenix journal
independent confirmation of the Philippines gold
throughout the Spanish occupation of the maharlika up
members of the Targaryen valley and no plan have been visiting Europe since
some of their relatives were English and Austria on from eighteen sixty six to
eighteen ninety eight prints Julian make Leon valley a know who became title
holder of OCT 01 - 4:00 in 1864 had also been for clamping the Vatican in 1934
under Pope Pius the 12 the Vatican negotiated with a member of the Filipino
royal family a Christian Tallano clan in the Maharlika an agreement was reached
that 640,000 metric puns of the Galliano gold would be led to the Pope
this was part of that gold accumulated by the southeast Asians for avg and
Magic Planet empire during its glorious reign of 900 years in 1939 to members of
the Talliano family and the Roman Catholic priest father Jose Antonio Diaz
brought the gold from Kota Kinabalu Sabah to the Vatican after doing this
father des went back to the monica and resided in contention City after World
War to be facilitated the safe return of the six hundred forty thousand metric
tons of gold from the Vatican to the my holika Manuel Hakuna row has a relative
of the Kenya talkie and Talliano plan than a congressman and Bishop Henry K
sober pana senior in the presence of attorney Lorenzo tan yada received the
golden Manila
having gained the trust and confidence of father Diaz
Talliano plan made have the main negotiator and trustee of their gold
father Diaz and turn hired the services of attorney Ferdinand Marcos and highly
recommended brilliant young lawyer having attained notoriety when he
successfully defended himself in the saloon Dawson case in 1939
Talliano plan paid commission to father Diaz and attorney Marcos and gold
thirty percent from the principle of six hundred forty thousand metric tons in
the two richest man
the world were father Jose Antonio Diaz and attorney Ferdinand Marcos between
the two of them they legitimately earned and owned 192,000 metric tons of gold
Ferdinand Marcos with three
share of the gold from the central bank and minted it our PCB sometime later
father Diaz and Marcos brought their goal to Switzerland in the Swiss bank
corporation and Zurich the remaining four hundred thousand metric puns
Talliano gold is in the third floor basement of the central bank minting
plant in east avenue Quezon city
gold pure gold dollar for
this country the Harley cut is the richest country in the world during a
talk show in our us TV the week following the bombing of the New York
Twin Towers president bush was asked this question which is the richest
country in the world today with the smile he said the Philippines
on April 919
III Marcos said
my earthly goods have been placed in the custody and for the disposition of the
Marcos Foundation dedicated to the welfare of the Filipino people

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Untold Story about Former President Marcos - Part 1

Remember the days when President Ronald Reagan was very friendly with Philippine President Marcos?  

Unknown to the ordinary people of the world President Reagan was very aware of the plan of President Marcos to give the people of the world a share to the millions of metric tonnes of gold he deposited in Europe including in the Vatican Bank. President Reagan wanted to assist President Marcos in his plan.  But the CIA tried their best to stop these two Presidents.  They tried to assassinate President Reagan and they created the artificial revolution in the streets of Manila to oust the sitting President Marcos.  Do we see now any correlations with what is happening today with President Trump as the media tries to impeach him persistently by smearing every kinds of lies they can think of?  Thats exactly what happened with Marcos.  So, just because you see it in the news it does not automatically mean its true.  The worlds mass media are owned by the Cabal and directed by the CIA.

The story of how he was able to acquire that much of gold goes back to the days of Pre-Spanish colonization of the Philippines.  The true name of the Philippines was Maharlika.  It was Spain who changed the name into Philippines in honor of the Spanish King Felipe (Philip in English).  Maharlika in the ancient times was very, very rich in gold. Today, the people of the Philippines are aware that the Spaniards destroyed the ancient history and identity of the Maharlikans in order to enslaved them.  And the plan to bring back the original name Maharlika is gaining momentum.

Just like what President Trump is going through these days as he is literally bombarded with all kinds of lies by the main stream media.  It was also the same thing with the former President Ferdinand Marcos during his time. The WHOLE narrative about him being the ultimate dictator was completely NOT true.  It was a fabrication made by the worlds media directed by the CIA controlled by the Deep State of the Cabal. 

The truth is President Marcos was not a dictator.  He is infact a very honest public servant.  It was a highly concerted effort by the media (controlled by the CIA) to malign him and employed a lot of people paid by bribery in manipulating the story.  Now, it is no longer a secret that the globalist operates worldwide and knows no borders as they infiltrated every government of the world to bend them to their own will.  And they have local puppets in every country who obeys their orders. And they do not hesitate telling lies in order to twist the truth.  Now we know that even a massive amount of people rallying on the streets can be paid as trolls just to drive the kind of agenda they have and change the narrative.  

What President Marcos did was he deposited all these gold to various banks worldwide and the World Bank is aware of it.  As of this moment, the interest alone is already amounting to several quadrillion US dollars. 

Remember the 9/11 story way back in the year 2001 (September 11)? That was the birthdate of President Marcos that the start of the gold collateral accounts to take place on that day of his birth day and be liquidated for the benefit of the whole world. But the Cabal headed by Former President Bush Sr. (which was also one of the leading founder of the CIA) tried to stop the banks in New York in implementing the event.  And that is why the 9/11 took place.  And what was the narrative given by the main stream media at the time?  They blamed the Arabs for the event.  They said the Arabs are the terrorists who did it.  And now we know that, that it is not true.  

The PDF document below list some of the accounts of the gold deposited by President Marcos.  Let us stop now from believing that he was an evil and bad dictator as told by the worlds media.  The truth is, he was indeed a very honest and good man.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Transition from Dollar into Yuan as the New Global Reserve Currency

Note: Still not sure if this is really happening.  But if this is true.  The plan was to create a new digital currency for all nations and to move away from paper money printed by private central banks of the world.  Paper currency shall be a thing of the past.  Everyone on Earth will be required to visit the banks and exchange all of their paper currencies for a digital version. This means in the future everyone will be using digital money similar to ATM cards and able to have a buy and sell transactions with this digital account.  And the new currency that will back all of these will no longer be the dollar but the Yuan or Renminbi.  

We shall see. 

This is the best time to buy precious metals such as silver and gold; as the world is moving away from fiat currencies. The value of precious metals will go up as the physical metal assets will be used as the basis for the digital currencies.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

UFO Sightings in Germany

Note: yesterday there was also a huge UFO sighted in Malaysia, it could be a mothership. But the video disappeared for some reason. 

This one though was seen from the skies of Germany. It seems to me that the Pleiadians and their lightships are now active in the Northern Hemisphere.  We can expect more sightings to come.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Introducing: Alpari International

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Alpari International 


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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Unearthing Nazca

This is a highly recommended documentary produced by Gaia.com 
The scientific inquiry and medical science has already proven that what was found in Nazca were really not humans. Some of the alien females were found to have fetuses inside their wombs.  Click the link below for more details. 

Visit Gaia.com

Monday, October 14, 2019

Prepare for Galactic Disclosure 2020

This is an actual photograph taken by the people of Costa Rica as the Galactics just recently showed up to gently let people know that they are present and are just cloaked. This is a medium sized mothership and there are thousands more like this that are even bigger in size.

They have chosen to appear in South America as they know that the airspace in South America is not as busy compared to that of East Asia or North America.  

Next year (2020) will be a very exciting year for the whole world.  The Prime Creator has already given the GO signal for the Galactic Federation of Light to start appearing in the skies of the world in large numbers.  They are now allowed to openly interact with the people of the world.  Yes, it is called the Galactic Disclosure.  They will no longer wait for the governments of the world to do the disclosure as they will do it themselves. 

The whole world will be able to see gigantic screen/monitor on the sides of these motherships/lightships which will broadcast some messages to the whole world much like what we see on our television channels today. And some of the people of the world will be invited to come up onboard the Ships and meet the Galactics in person.  Those people that are sick will be given free healing treatment.

Beginning July 2020 and onwards, there will be no more delay for Galactic disclosure.  Meaning, the End is Near!

The End is Near
What do I mean by that? Let me make myself clear:
  • It does not mean that the Earth is doomed
  • It does not mean that all life as we know it will cease to exist
  • It does not mean that there will be a Great Cataclysm  
Rather, it is the END of the experiment that was done on Earth.  And an end to the allowed time for the Annunakis and Reptilians in ruling this world. The End supposed to have happened way back in the year 2012.  But the Spiritual Hierarchy decided to extend it to give way for the preparation for the people of this world and to allow the secret controllers of this world a chance to give up and surrender.  That time will finally come to an end (for sure) next year.  The Prime Creator as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy have already decided to go ahead and allow the Galactics to directly interact with the people of this world.

It also means, each and every human being on Earth will be given a chance to know where exactly in the Universe did they come from in terms of Galactic Origins.  On every human DNA is an embedded code that identifies the true heritage of every single human being. We either came from the Pleiades, Atlantia, Sirius, Lemur, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Mushaba etc. And emphasis is given to the human beings but this is also especially true to the animals as well.  When a complete Galactic Disclosure is conducted globally there will be a re-orientation and re-education of the people of this world about their true history.  

This also means that Galactic travel will become possible.  We will be given a chance to travel and visit the home planet and or the star system where we originally came from. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Weaponized Weather Modification

The Weather is being used as a weapon for a very long time. 

Here are some of it:
1) They spray chemicals into the sky that when it finally hits the human skin it will develop into skin cancer.  And with the use of mass media, they just put the blame on the sun as the one that is causing cancer so that people will never know their secret. 

2) They spray chemicals that contains nano bots that can be activated once inhaled by people, and it resides in the human nasal passages.  Electronically, these nanobots can be summoned to attack certain people to suffer either:  severe colds/sneezing and or some respiratory diseases. 

3) They spray chemicals into the sky to artificially induced the creation of storms that can be directed electronically to any part of the world.  This in conjunction with some of their secret satellites in orbit that will guide the storm to their target location.  

4) They can create super storms including blizzards, hurricanes, super typhoon.  With the use of some of their secret satellites in space which are used to artificially create a high tide to bring a flood to the area they intend to harm.  

5) They spray chemicals in the sky that helps the effectiveness of beaming the attack on people in any geographical location on Earth using their secret satellites and their instruments on the ground.  This in conjunction with the nano bots that people have ingested whether through vaccines or from water/food they consumed.  The people that they attack will experience either one of these: blurring of their eyes sight, irritability, mental confusion, feeling hot and secretion of excessive perspiration or sweat even when the climate is not hot/warm, feeling sleepy even when they just woke up from sleep, suffering from severe cold and etc.  

The Game Changers - Movie Trailer

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Enlightened by Aussie Womans View on Veganism

An Aussie vegan woman helped to open the eyes of an American meat eater to reconsider the moral implications of what animals go through every single day as they are slaughtered to be our food.  Videos were shown on how animals were treated in a barbaric and inhumane way which is something that is happening regularly all over the world.

Linda Moultons Perspective on Antarctica

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Message from Ashtar through Pallas Athena

Awakening of all Awakenings
This is Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (The Christ) in His Mission of LOVE!♥️

Greetings Dear Family,

This moment is upon all of us to remember our callings and why we are here on Mother Earth. Many are still not awake for they are all caught up in their 3D illusion. Too much looking outside for their reality, thinking and seeing with their five senses, rather than with their sixth-sense/intuition.

As you has been told, many times in latter messages: go within to get all answers!

Your world is changing all around, but some are not aware, for many are too busy with material things and have gotten off their paths and forgotten the contract they signed before incarnating this last time.

Dear Ones, the end is at hand, to go to and reach your Glory… for what your soul has been longing for and working toward for eons. Please, feel your heart calling for you to wake up from your deep sleep and remember who you are, Beloved Ones♥️

Gaia cannot wait for you any longer; She is more than ready to Ascend and reach her Glory, which is long overdue. She loves you, her children. She stopped her Ascension and waited three more years for you to catch up to ascend with her. Now you don’t want to miss going with her, again? Dear ones, you are The Ones you have been waiting for… to bring the Light into the world to assist your Mother Earth… for She could not do this without you! You have come thus far; do not delay yourselves any longer!

Please, do not think for one moment that you are not good enough, for you all are Masters from all the many lifetimes… which are thousands… and Beloved Ones, you have the experience to create worlds! This you must not let pass because of your sleeping in illusions!

We up here in The Ships know most are awakening and want to be on their way to abundance, Peace, Love and Light… and much more♥️

This is our message to all Mankind for all things are starting to pop, so to speak. We wanted to give this one more try for the climax and it’s momentum.

It will take 26,000 more years to come by this way again. This is why we keep repeating the above truth for all to realize the seriousness of us doing this, from our hearts to your heart♥️ Dear Ones, Mother Gaia invites you all to come with her!

We shall close on a higher note to let you know you are loved beyond all measure and we are here to assist you in reaching your goal!

Wake up ! — Your Crystal Light Chambers are waiting!!

Believing is Seeing!

Your brother,



Thank you Beloved Ashtar,

Pallas Athena

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Adama of Telos through Asara

Adama of Telos:

"Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

Dear Ones, the high vibrational beauty, serenity, love and joy of Telos can serve as a great inspiration for your world.

The more people are holding the vision for the New Earth, the more vibrational momentum is being generated to move the evolution of humankind forward.

So, what is it like in Telos?

In Telos, we have great love and reverence for all life:

  • The trees and plants have a consciousness.
  • The crystals and rocks have a consciousness.
  • The animals have a consciousness.
  • The people have a consciousness.

When we truly acknowledge that all life has a soul and consciousness, what does this mean for our daily life?

All the trees are connected energetically and they are communicating with each other.

That's why we don't use wood for building materials, furniture, paper and so forth.

It would not be in our hearts to do that to trees.
We have found better ways to build our houses, furniture and writing materials.

All crystals and rocks have wonderful wisdom to share with us and they are helping us to power our light sources and communications.

We honor and treasure the earth, crystals and rocks.
All animals have a soul and they are our brothers and sisters.
We would never kill our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom for food and other products.

Instead, the plant kingdom has made an agreement with us and humanity to provide us with nourishment that is of a high vibration.

The animal kingdom never made such an agreement with humanity and us.
The act making them suffer and killing them is of such a low vibration, it is being felt throughout the entire Universe.

It is simply not in our hearts and it would lower our vibrational frequency, which is counter productive to the ongoing ascension of all dimensions. (Including Telos.)

The love of all life and treating trees, crystals, rocks, animals, our fellow Telosians and all dimensions is at the core of any action in our civilization.

Every thought, word and action is designed to continue our reverence for all life as we are all ONE.

Each action causes a counter action and every action comes back to ourselves.
When we are kind to all life, it comes back to us.

When we are unkind to any life form, it comes back to us.
It would lower our vibrational frequency.

The maintaining and ongoing raising of our vibrational frequency is at the core of any activity in Telos.

Our call goes out to humanity to begin to enter mindfulness about every action and to begin to have more reverence for All Life.

This, Dear Ones will create Heaven on Earth, The New Earth, The Entrance to the 5th Dimension and ultimately: The Ascension of Earth.

We champion your victory in the Light!

Welcome Home!
We send you all so much love...

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos - and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure - always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos."