Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Confirmed Notifications and Confessions

There is now a confirmation that the envelope contains indictments notice that was given to some of the invited guest at the funeral of former President Bush Sr. The notifications shows the US Military and the NSA are aware of the crimes and law violations including treason that these people have committed. The former President Bush Sr. was executed as the Military found him guilty of several crimes. They gave him a special treatment by offering him a very Confidential Judgment and not make it public to keep his legacy intact if he will cooperate, sign and admit all the crimes that he did in a Confession Letter.

This confirms that President Trump and the US Military are very serious about pursuing actions against the Deep State including the CIA. They have all the records of the Deep State: hard copy, digital, videos, phone calls and their electronic (email) activities.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Message from Adama of Telos via Asara

"Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

There are currently major energy shifts taking place on Earth, as you are stepping further into your Ascended Masterhood.

With every thought, feeling, word and action, you are sensing your way upwards the vibrational ladder.

The more you are connecting with your Divine Inner Being which is also called your I AM presence, the easier your journey gets.

You Divine Inner Being is already within you and you are able to allow for it to express itself through you sometimes more, sometimes less.

So, how can you allow for your Divine Inner Being to flow more through you?

Imagine your Divine Inner Being to be a golden Being of Light that resides within you.

Now, imagine with every breath for your Divine Inner Being to become stronger and for the golden light to become brighter.

Placing your hand on your heart center may assist in this process.

Notice that you are becoming more aligned with it, but also that you are becoming more aligned with Source.

When you do this as often as you can, you will notice a difference in your experience.

Ask yourself "How would my Divine Inner Being think, feel, act and speak?"

Begin to walk the Earth as the Ascended Master that you are, Beloved One...
We champion your victory in the Light!

Welcome Home!

We send you all so much love...

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos - and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure - always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos."


~ Asara Adams
Founder of The Telos Channel
Trance-channel for
Adama of Telos
Archangel Michael and
The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light

Monday, January 21, 2019

Saudi Oger Imam Camp - Video Game

I am currently developing a game called "Praktisan sa Imam Camp". This game is a tribute to my fellow workers at Saudi Oger Ltd.  In case you did not know the company suddenly stopped operating.  Rumor says that the CIA Cabal was the one behind the closure of this company.  This company is huge employing thousands and thousands of people from France, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, India, Philippines and etc.  This company was the one who constructed several of the Saudi Arabias well known architectural buildings including government structures and buildings.  

And because of the sudden closure of the company thousands of people were not able to receive the last eight months of their salaries.  

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Unified Scripted Speeches of MSM

Note: Main Stream Media is obviously controlled by just a few individuals who dictates what they should or should not say.