Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Hollow Earth Souvenir Items Free Shipping

In the near future, I will be starting a Travel Company that will bring people to Hollow Earth for a visit using a cruise ship.  

Every Galaxy in the Universe has a Creator.  Usually its a team effort by a twin flame couple and they are guided by the Prime Creator and the Source.  And so all the Galaxies in the Universe were made by the children of the Prime Creator.  These includes Zorra and Saraiya, both of them are children of the Prime Creator.  Their first project was the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy.  That is the Galaxy we are in today.  This Galaxy is one of the earliest Galaxy ever made in the Universe. 

Get to meet and greet Zorra and Saraiya inside the Hollow Earth.  They consider everyone in this Galaxy as their children, meaning they act as parents of everyone.  They will never ask people to worship them nor bow down to them, bend your knees infront of them as they really want to convey that they are just the embodiment of love just as the Prime Creator is also the embodiment of unconditional love.  And so therefore you don't need to perform just to be accepted as they treat everyone as their children and not as a slave or servant. 

Do you want to see the UFOs and Spaceport up close?  Or see the Vegetarian Dinosaurs that were transferred to Hollow Earth from the surface of the world before the global deluge?  See for yourself the advanced technologies that they have.  The people inside the Earth are very tall around 15 to 17 feet tall.  And they are all peace loving people. Hollow Earth Cruise will give you the opportunity to visit the Inner World called Hollow Earth.  

Initially, I planned to open two locations: one in Greenland, Denmark and the other one will be in Alaska, USA.  But today, it is also possible to build another location up there in northern Quebec, Canada.  This location is much closer to the Hollow Earth Polar entry than Alaska.   

Spread the news by wearing any of these souvenir items.  Click on the image and use the code:  FREESHIP4197d1fcd  to take advantage of the free shipping promo.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Dominion Documentary

The Youtube version has a narrator and the Vimeo one does not have a  narrator; for those who preferred it that way.  This is a documentary from Australia exposing the horrors of cruelty against animals.

Dominion (2018) - without narration from Aussie Farms on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Out Of This World Artistry

And now I added the Galactics side.  I incorporated some of the crop circles that appeared around the world and then I jazzed it up a little bit. Crop circles are messages from the Galactics.  Next year will be the formal introduction of the Galactics given by the next POTUS.  And before the end of this year the Galactics themselves will make their presence felt.  President Trump may seek re-election and that will be a good thing.  But if not, then the plan will proceed as scheduled for the next woman POTUS.  She will welcome the Galactic Federation Officials with open arms.

Click the Qanonical link. It will take you to another page, then choose the design that you like and then pick which department.

"Zorra Call" RV/GCR updates and Dr. Jerry Shaw - April 3, 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019

Qanon T-shirts

I was so impressed with what President Trump said in this rally that I was inspired to design some T-shirts for the Q movement.  

Click the Qanonical link to buy these T-shirts designs for you and your family.
Or click the image below:  Pick the design that you like and then choose the Department.  If you are a woman then choose woman and so on and so forth.