Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Return of JFK Jr.

The photograph above seems to be the most recent picture of JFK Jr.  It was a screen capture from a video.  He is unquestionably the one people regard as "Q"; and he is doing a lot of damage to the Deep State.  Judgment is Definitely coming to the Deep State.

Way to go Q.

Friday, July 19, 2019

City of Telos 3

All spaceships of the Galactic Federation can dematerialize and rematerialize at will.  The Lemurians at Telos City are also members of the Galactic Federation of Light.  And they are all equipped with a force field technology that protects their spacecrafts from various elements such as dangerous objects, collision, extreme temperatures and etc.  

You maybe wondering how is the force field and the dematerialization of solid objects including teleportation POSSIBLE?  It is all in the wonders of the ethers.  Etheric Field of energy or what we called the Quantum Energy Field.  This is the power and energy that empowers the whole universe.  For now, this is a major secret but not forever.  There will be a time of Galactic disclosure.  This will be a time when they will decloak at the same time filling the skies of all the spacecrafts of the Galactic Federation members.  Because humanity came from various stars systems in this galaxy and some even came from other galaxies.  The timetable for the official disclosure is still up for the Prime Creator, Zorra and the Source to decide the exact timing for disclosure.


All the Clouds that hovers above Mt. Shasta that usually stays there stationary for long periods of time (several hours) even when all the other surrounding clouds nearby have come and gone blown by the wind, only proves that these are Cloudships; cloaked to hide the spacecrafts inside and they are coming from or returning to Telos City inside Mt. Shasta.

Monday, July 8, 2019

What's Up In England?

A Romanian couple living in England captured this amazing footage which they shared to the ThirdPhase of Moon.