Thursday, December 5, 2019

What will Happen if Deutsche Bank Suddenly Collapse?

Note: The only difference between today and the last financial collapse way back 11 years ago is that there will be no sympathetic President that will bail out the banks if they collapse once again. President Bush and Obama bailed out various banks in the past. And they printed Trillions of fiat dollars to bail out the banks. Today however, President Trump is unlikely to bail out the banks that will fail in the near future.  This is because President Trump knows that the private owners of these big banks / central banks are the ones behind the impeachment campaign against him.  These owners are the ones who dictates the actions and words used by the puppets they installed in the government (Democrats & etc.) in impeaching President Trump.

It was the effort of bailing out the banks in the past which prevented the domino effect from infecting the other banks connected to Lehman Brothers.  The Bail out effort saved all the other banks; the so called Too Big to Fail Banks from becoming completely like the Lehman Brothers.  But today, the collapse is once again looming and brewing on the HORIZON.  This is a systemic problem stemming from the exclusive use of Derivatives sustain solely by Preservatives of Fiat Currencies.  

So what will happen if the Deutsche Bank eventually fail?  It will drag other big banks with them as they are all directly connected. President Trump will then introduce the USN (United States Notes) this is the gold backed version of the US currency. President Trump will then lead the way to move away from the use of fiat currencies issued by Central Banks worldwide. Eventually, all currencies worldwide will become digital and backed by tangible hard assets of precious metals.

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