Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Reptilianity Today - Issue # 2

"Both Former President Bush and Bill Clinton are confirmed to be Reptilians."

The video which captured the scene when Bill Clinton showed Reptilian qualities was removed from Youtube. When did reptilians arrive on Earth?  

They arrived back in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria.  Those were the times when the large bodies of water do not yet exist.  Meaning, the world's oceans were NOT part of the original landscape design of the Earth.  Since the Earth was chosen as a premier venue for the Grand Galactic Experiment then they installed an Earthwide Atmospheric Canopy. 

When we read the book of Genesis it gives the impression that the canopy mentioned there were describing the atmospheric clouds along with the humidified water vapor.  But the truth is the Galactic Federation of Light actually did installed a canopy made both of water and ice.  If the Galactics can figure out how to make spaceships float in and out of the Earth then they can do the same with an atmospheric canopy that stays in the atmosphere floating in the air and creating an atmospheric filter/canopy.  Initially, the concern they have at the time was, since no one has ever done this kind of experiment before to see if living things can live and thrive on the surface of a planet.  Then they figured out that it's better to have a canopy that shields the Earth from meteors and the heat emanating from above the atmosphere because of the Earth's orbital rotation creating magnetic friction due to centrifugal force just outside Earths atmosphere.  

Atlantis, Lemuria, Sirius, Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Lyra and etc. are all members of the Galactic Federation of Light.  They are guided by a Spiritual Hierarchy; the highest in all the Universe is called the Prime Creator.  This is followed by his own son and daughter.  And they are the first ones who made Galaxies after the Prime Creator.  The Galaxy they made is what we call today as the Milky Way Galaxy.  In this Galaxy where we inhabit, their children call them as the Mother/Father God.  This means every Galaxy in the universe does have a dynamic duo team of mother/father God.  But in this Galaxy, there is a local mother/father God and they are called Zorra and Saraiya.  They NEVER wanted to be WORSHIPPED as Gods.  This is also true with the Prime Creator, he never asked and never wanted to be worshipped by anyone.  This is because they treated everyone as part of the family of God.  It means absolutely everyone in this Galaxy is their children. Each and every member of the family is, in essence, a Creator, capable of creating through thoughts. Because thought is the Creator.

If Mother/Father God of this Galaxy is God, then what does that make each and every one of us in this Galaxy including on Earth?  It means we are also by category as God.  Didn't Jesus said the words "It is written in your scriptures (Psalms) that you are Gods?"

On the other hand, YHWH also known as Yahweh (an Annunaki) was a former student of the Prime Creator who rebelled against the Creator.  He was the one who wanted to be worshipped.  He does not want to be part of the Family of God instead, he wanted everyone to be his slave and as his servants.  He along with all the Annunakis with him plus their Reptilian allies started the religions on Earth emphasizing that everyone must bow down and worship him. 

It was sometime in the middle of the AGE of Pisces (this age ended 12-21-2012) when the invaders arrived on Earth.  They were invited by some Atlantians to visit the Earth and observe the Family Type of communal living of ALL the members of the Federation who came from the various star systems to participate in the Grand Galactic Experiment.  What the Atlantians did not know was that the Annunakis and Reptilians have EVIL intentions.  They started a campaign to infiltrate all of the societies and civilizations on Earth beginning with Atlantis.  

The Experiment on Earth was upgraded and changed because of the conquest and invasion of the Reptilians and Anunakis became successful as they infiltrated all civilizations all over the world.  Due to the war, the Atmospheric canopy was destroyed, fell on Earth and became the world's oceans.  The evidence of this catastrophic global flooding can be seen as it carved large areas of land on Earth such as what happened with the Grand Canyon.  Porous soil on the land was washed away leaving only the rocky areas and the flooding flowed and have been deposited in the lower regions of the world.  These lower regions collected the water that eventually became the world's ocean. And during the Restoration and Replenishment period after the war between Atlantis and Lemuria that was when the people from Sirius deposited the Cetaceans in the oceans of the world.  These are the whales, giant octopus, orca, mermaids (somewhat humanoid), various fish, dolphins, sharks and etc. They were brought to Earth courtesy of the people of Sirius as they brought to Earth huge mothership. And some of the fish/creatures are also from the Pleaides.   

And today, we are now fast approaching the end of the controllership of the Reptilians and Annunakis who are in control of the Governments of the world.  The Nesara and Gesara, by the way, can only be in effect when all the minions of the Cabal are removed from office in all the governments worldwide.  We are no longer in the age of Pisces, we are already in the age of Aquarius. At the moment, the Galactics are ramping up their campaign to end the stronghold of these invaders as the Galactics have their boots on the ground.  Meaning, they have representatives on Earth sent on a mission to incarnate as humans and be in a position in various governments/military worldwide.

to be continued.....

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