Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Secret World of Adrenochrome Users

Adrenochrome is being harvested in both animals and children along with human sacrifices long before the start of Christianity.  Sometime in the middle of this year and onwards; the secrets of the DeepState and the Cabal will be revealed.  What we thought of as worthy of respect, honor, admiration in the government, religion, film industry, businesses and etc.  were actually involved in a very horrible crime and in a series of crimes that they have been doing regularly for a very long period of time.  Crimes that will make the criminals that are already in the world's prison seems incomparable into what these people are doing in secret.  

They are highly secretive, they always do a cover-up to either hide or divert people's attention away from their evil acts and or put the blame on someone else.  By now, the US Military, NSA and President Trump are aware of this group of people.  Their secrets have been busted as their worldwide communications/movements are being monitored.  Until such time that enough evidence was gathered to indict and prosecute these people and bring justice.  

When did the Cabal started back in ancient times and what was their objective for doing these evil things?  It goes all the way back in the time of Sumeria in Iraq.  They were called Cabala, a group of Annunakis that came to Earth for invasion and conquest.  They have an ally and they are called the Reptilians.  To make the long story short they were the ones who started the world's religion, capitalism, form of government, contract and slavery.  While the Reptilians are the ones who started the concept of Monarchy such as Kings and Queens.  

I don't want to offend the Jews but the truth must be told that Yahweh is actually an Annunaki.  Several years ago, an Israeli archaeologist was digging below the place where the Temple used to stand and they found a drilled hole which creates a small canal that drains the blood collected after all the sacrifices done in the Temple.  In other words,  it appears that there was a secret canal unknown to the Jews that collects all the blood that flows from the ark/horned altar which was located just outside the Temple where they grilled all the sacrificed animals. People thought in the past that all those blood that flowed from the temple just evaporated as it was released in the open air.  But the archaeologist found what seemed to be a tunnel and a basin underneath the Temple.  Meaning, someone was collecting all those blood that was flowing from the temple.  It was estimated that hundreds and hundreds of cattle and various animals were sacrificed every week in the temple.  And that could mean somebody was acting like the RED CROSS organization busy collecting the blood of animals.  Who in the world would need so much supply of blood?  They are the Reptilians.  They drink blood as though its the Kool-Aid juice drink.  The Reptilians were SECRETLY collecting the blood, not as a hobby, rather they need it to sustain their appearance to make them look like humans.  Once again to make the long story short there were Priest and members of the Council (not all) who were actually reptilians and incarnated Annunakis.  These two groups are what we call the ancient Cabal.  They were using religion to make themselves rich while pretending to be holy by hiding their secret activities.  

The Cabal was able to infiltrate the whole world.  This include the Romans beginning with Emperor Constantine.  And from Europe, they spread westward and became the Jesuit, Illuminati and evolved into the 13 bloodlines family.  They created the Kings and Queens in various territories worldwide.  All the while they continue doing their secret activities of both human and animal sacrifices.  This time though since they became very wealthy they can afford to create underground mansions and villages not just in Europe but all over the world.  And their Satanic sacrifices are done in SECRET in the underground locations. And they maintain communication with each other. They installed puppets (controlled minions) in all the governments worldwide.  

Fast forward to the present time, Hollywood is dominated by the Cabal and Deepstate minions.  And as always they needed the sacrifice of life by performing torture to the children, to terrorize them first before killing them in order to induce the secretion of Adrenochome serum which they need to maintain vigor, vitality and keep themselves looking young.  These children were taken either from kidnapping them or from foster homes or daycare centers and etc.  They pretend that they are adopting these children which eventually they will be sacrificed, and they just added the torture to force children to secrete the Adrenochrome that they needed.  

These people and loyal minions were given a token of membership which comes in the form of a ring, a red onyx.  They wear this as a sign of loyalty to the cabals secret club.  No wonder why there are so many children worldwide reported as missing year after year.  

To be continued.....

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