Friday, May 29, 2020

The Writers of the Simpsons Inspired by Time Travelers

The Simpsons have officially won the prophetic prediction award beating both the prophets of the Old and New Testament by several notches of accuracy. 

Back in the year 1997, the Simpsons aired an episode that predicted what will happen to New York City at the 9/11. 

The Simpsons also predicted back in the 1990s about the videophone.  And in the year 2013-14, it appeared as an actual technology.  Today, we use our smartphones to make a video call.

The Simpsons also predicted the arrival of the smartwatch in the future. 

On Episode 16, The Simpsons predicted that Germany will win the 2014 World Cup against Brazil.

Back in the year 1998 who would have known that the 20th Century Fox will be acquired by Disney? And that's exactly what happened in 2017 when Disney bought 20th Century Fox.

Unless the writers of the Simpsons either were inspired by time travelers or they have their own time machine. In the year 2013, this building in London was officially opened.  But how did they know about this building will be constructed at the exact location in London, England?

Lady Gaga was still virtually unknown in the year 1999.  But how did they know she will appear at the 2017 Superbowl Halftime show?

The Simpsons also predicted the candidacy of Donald Trump back in the year 2000.  

During the Election of 2020, the Simpsons reveal that the candidates are REPTILIANS.  And this is something to look forward to.  Could it be referring to Joe Biden?  We shall see! 

And finally,  this is yet to happen in the future.  The Simpsons also prophesied that the next President after Trump will be a woman.  It is still unclear who this woman will be.  On this episode, the woman president mentioned the previous president Trump, meaning they already knew that Trump will win the Presidency back in the year 2000.