Thursday, January 21, 2021

USA Under Martial Law


Note: The lockdown and the National Guard Troops within the Capitol have been converted into a Martial Law operation. Enforcement of the Military Intervention is now gaining momentum. The US Military a week ago raided the headquarters of the CIA as they, just like the Washington DC establishment have been operating as an illegal foreign controlled institution.  The troops on the ground were designed to eventually arrest for prosecution the fraudulent/illegal government where the illegally proclaimed leader is actually only the President or CEO of the Washington DC Corporation, a privately owned company; and not the President of the entire USA.  

The circumstances that are happening in the USA will serve as a prime example to the whole world about the global Infiltration Campaign perpetrated by the Globalist Cabal who started in the middle east in the ancient times then moved to Europe and then reached the whole world. Almost all governments of the world including local police, military, justice system have been infiltrated as the Globalist used their entire resources BRIBING the whole world to create a TOTAL GLOBAL CONTROL over everyone on every land and territories by installing their own puppets and minions.  

Its just a matter of time now that EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) will be activated and will broadcast all the CRIMES, treasons these Deepstate Democrats and some Republican puppets of the Cabal had been doing for a very long time.  

This will then paved the way for the debut of the Restored Republic of the US.   And the government will no longer reside in Washington DC area but will be relocated else where.  The previous plan was Colorado but that plan can change anytime. The US Military will most likely grant the temporary Presidency back to Donald Trump as he was the real winner in the last election, until such time that the Restored Republic can take over the control.  There will be a new Republic President and Trump will gladly hand over the leadership to this person which was expected to be a woman. There might be a 120 days or so before the Restored Republic is officially honored after the mass arrest take place.

Remember what Trump said before he left office saying in effect, "I will see you soon".  And so he will be back to set things straight and turn over the presidency to the Newly Restored Republic of the US.  

Side Note:
There are a few considerations to understand the masterplan.  

The US Military are more interested to capture/catch the HIDDEN "Big Fish" (so to speak).  This refers to those groups of people who are secretly controlling the minions and puppets particularly in the United States.  They call them DEEPSTATE for a reason as these big fish are swimming in the much deeper depths of the swamp. Joe Biden is a minion, a puppet of the cabal who obeys what they say, just like the previous Presidents such as Obama, Clinton, Bush and etc. They wanted to make sure that they have everyone of the Cabal Globalist leaders well accounted for.  Meaning, they want to be sure that all of those Puppet Masters/Controllers, the so called higher ups of the Cabal are identified.  Because in terms of evidences the NSA and the military already have significant proof that can take the cabal down.  But they dont want to rush things right away as they wanted to study thoroughly (double check) and make sure all of the hierarchy of the cabal are discovered, known and none of them are left behind as they might regrouped, grow once again else where and create a resurrection of their organization all over again.  And so you can think of the US Military like the great Angler Fishermen who are out to catch the biggest notorious cabal fish of all time and bring justice to the TONS of crimes these evil group have committed not just in the states but to the entire world. 

From the point of view of the Galactics, they wanted to EXPOSE the whole darkness of the Cabal for the whole world to see, glean upon and LEARN from the yukkiness and horribleness of the activities/corruption of the cabal and their minions.  They wanted us to be AWARE of what the evil group has done and learn from it.  And so thats the reason why they are somewhat allowing the slow motion pace of the mass arrest to take place.  But bottomline is, the mass arrest will eventually happen.  Because they know they can run but they cannot hide.  Theres no place for them to hide. 

So relax, calm down and be rest assured that the road is heading in the direction in favor of the Light as the era of darkness and evil is OVER.